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Sessions' offer to testify surprises, and concerns, intelligence panel


The letter did not say whether Mr Sessions planned to give public testimony or to appear before the panel behind closed doors. "This to me is smoke but there's no fire - the reason the Democrats must keep it alive is because they have no fire anywhere", said Stone, who said Sessions can ascribe any conversations with Kislyak to his work as a former member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Read More »

US AG to testify before Senate intelligence panel

The Justice Department has denied that, saying Sessions stressed to Comey the need to be careful about following appropriate policies. According to Politico , Sessions is sending Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to the public briefing and will instead speak to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees on Tuesday afternoon in a closed session. Read More »

N.Irish unionists agree 'confidence' deal with Tories

Prime Minister Theresa May is to stay in office with the support of her "friends" in the DUP after the Conservatives failed to win a majority in the snap election she called. A spokesman for Mr Johnson said: "The Foreign Secretary is 100% supporting the PM and working with her to get the best deal for Britain". Defense Minister Michael Fallon said on Sunday that the Conservatives were seeking an agreement with the DUP on the "big issues" like the economy and security, rather than a ... Read More »

" "Trump calls Comey "leaks" of memos "'cowardly'"

Mr Comey told the Senate panel he took meticulous notes of each meeting or conversation he had with Mr Trump because "I was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting, and so I thought it really important to document". Read More »

DUP to support minority Tory government after 'confidence and supply' deal reached


The prime minister maintained that the Brexit talks would begin as planned next week, but with her party's loss of 13 seats and its parliamentary majority, May will rely on the support of the DUP vote by vote. German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel said he hoped the election result would be seen as a message that the British people do not want a hard Brexit. Read More »

Statehood wins questioned Puerto Rico referendum


Puerto Rico's referendum on statehood delivered a weak turnout Sunday, with nearly four fifths of voters deciding not to cast a ballot, though those who did unanimously backed the territory becoming a USA state. "I hope the politics surrounding it doesn't dampen the parade and the spirit of the parade", Santiago-Ramos said. "U.S. states had to fight for it". Read More »

Three men arrested in connection with London attack


Le Parisien newspaper named the second Frenchman slain in the attack as 36-year-old Sebastien Belanger, while the other French victim was 27-year-old Alexandre Pigeard. Police investigating the terror attack at London Bridge, in which eight people died, have made another arrest. The third man, 29, was also arrested in Ilford late on Wednesday on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts. Read More »

Sen. Feinstein calls for investigation of matters related to obstruction of justice

Trump said his team emerged "very happy" after Comey's testimony, while also offering a blunt assessment of Comey's testimony before the Senate intelligence panel. "The American people deserve a full accounting of attempts to meddle in our democratic process and assurances the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation are operating without political influence from both within or outside the agencies". Read More »

Labour leader Corbyn sees possible new United Kingdom election this year or next


Under pressure from Conservative cabinet ministers, May accepted the resignation of her two top aides, her co-chiefs of staff Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, on Saturday. "The taoiseach indicated his concern that nothing should happen to put the Good Friday Agreement at risk and the challenge that this agreement will bring", the government statement said. Read More »

Korea 'not far away' from test-firing ICBM

The incoming minister is well suited to deal with North Korea's nuclear and missile threat, the presidential Blue House office said. In late May, North Korea launched a short-range ballistic missile which landed in the Sea of Japan, about 300km off the Japanese coast. Read More »

Pressure builds on Theresa May to quit


It's a fact that has concerned Davidson, the gay Tory leader in Scotland. He wrote on the ConservativeHome site: "The reason for the disappointing result was not the absence of support for Theresa May and the Conservatives but an unexpected surge in support for Labour". Read More »

Author eats his book on live TV after wrong UK poll prediction


Remember when Matthew Goodwin tweeted that he'd eat his own book if Jeremy Corbyn polled 38% in the general election? I'm saying this out loud. Despite the embarrassment of eating Brexit: Why Britain Voted to Leave the European Union live on television, the author gave a thumbs up after devouring several pages. Read More »

Qatar says Gulf citizens can stay despite crisis

Kuwait, which has not joined its neighbors against Qatar , has led mediation efforts and on Sunday Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Khaled Al-Sabah said that would continue. US President Donald Trump at first offered to host Qatar and its adversaries - all US allies - at the White House, but on Friday said Qatar has been a high-level sponsor of terrorism and backed the Gulf pressure. Read More »

Pressure mounts on May to resign after election stumble

Senior party figures have cautioned against any immediate leadership challenge, saying it would cause only further disruption as Britain prepares to start talks with Brussels as early as June 19. In the meantime, I want to place on record my sorrow for the Conservative Members of Parliament who lost their seats, several of whom are close friends. Read More »

Gavin dominant for Titans in 12-0 win over Long Beach State


After Brett Conine struck out David Banuelos for the final out of the game to earn a two-inning save - his 15th - the Titans embarked on a wild celebration in the middle of the infield. "And they hit some of the good ones too". Quincy Nieporte, who also drove in four runs, had a three-run homer to left in the second and pinch-hitter Kyle Cavanaugh homered to lead off the eighth. Read More »

Qatar willing to listen to Gulf concerns, Kuwait says


Mr Qahtani said: "I think this is not about counter-terrorism, it's not about terror financing". "This policy of domination and control is not going to work". Moscow on Saturday joined other nations in calling for dialogue, after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urged Saudi Arabia and its allies to ease their "blockade" of Qatar. Read More »

Across US, thousands rallying and marching for LGBT rights


Damian Jessup, 30, who travelled from Norfolk, Virginia, to march with gay Republicans, defended Trump and his support for gays. Democratic Rep. David Cicilline , the co-chairman of Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus said that she is now working to get Congress to pass laws prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination and she added that the Trump administration had forgotten what #Lgbt Community has previously accomplished and positively contributed in the country in the recent years. Read More »

Trump blasts ex-FBI director James Comey on Twitter as 'cowardly'

Another Republican senator, Lindsey Graham of SC, told CBS he thought it would be "inappropriate for the president to testify publicly". A Democratic senator says he expects tough questions for Attorney General Jeff Sessions about his involvement in the firing of FBI Director James Comey when he testifies to Congress on Tuesday. Read More »

Angela Merkel says European Union ready for Brexit negotiations and wants quick resolution

Elected EU officials and members of the European Parliament aimed their fire squarely at Theresa May - who called the snap election in an attempt to strengthen her hand in the Brexit talks - and the wider Conservative Party. The shock election projection sent the pound lower against the US dollar and other currencies. European Union leaders expressed concern that May's loss of her majority would raise the risk of negotiations failing, resulting in a legal limbo for people and business. Read More »

Puerto Ricans vote overwhelmingly to apply for USA statehood


John Bravo, 36, who marched with a pro-independence delegation in black, holding up placards denouncing colonialism, blamed Puerto Rico's crippling debt crisis and poverty on its ambiguous status as a commonwealth, where people have US citizenship but can not vote for Congress or the president. Read More »

Trump offers 'support' to May after polls setback

May's Conservatives won 318 seats in the election , falling short of the 326 required for an absolute majority. In a resignation statement on the Conservative Home website, Timothy conceded that the campaign had failed to communicate "Theresa's positive plan for the future", and missed signs of surging support for the opposition Labour Party. Read More »

Iran sends five planes of food to Qatar amid Gulf crisis

The country is trying to mediate a solution to the worst regional crisis in years. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are bent on avoiding a repeat of 2014 when Qatar failed to respond to the withdrawal of the Saudi, Emirati and Bahraini ambassadors from Doha by caving in to their demands that it halts its support for Islamists and militants. Read More »

Syrian Army, Allies In Southeast Syria Reach Iraqi Border


Jordan is part of an worldwide coalition that allegedly fights Daesh Takfiri group in Iraq and Syria. But observers have dubbed their efforts a "race for eastern Syria". Regional diplomats say that Russian officials had previously seemed wary of intervening in the internationalised scramble for eastern Syria. They are advancing in the direction of Boukamal, according to Col. Read More »

DUP agrees principles to back UK Conservatives


The British election results for the record this time around saw the Labour party garnering 262 seats (an increase of 30 from the previous election), the Scottish National Party winning 35 seats ( losing 21 seats) and the Liberal Democratic Party's seats rising to 12, from the previous eight. Read More »