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The North Korean nuclear 'crisis' is an illusion

He again raised the Chinese and Russian proposal of a dual suspension of North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile testing along with US and South Korean military exercises in a bid to kick-start talks. "The forthcoming measures by DPRK will make the United States suffer the greatest pain it ever experienced in its history", the ambassador added. Because of its lack of control and secretiveness, bitcoin is a useful tool to accelerate North Korea's military operations. Read More »

Where to Get Gas in Tampa, Florida Following Hurricane Irma


And despite that, some Floridians have chose to return to their state to be together. Georgia, Alabama, and the Carolinas have had widespread power outages, too. An estimated 13 million Florida residents were without electricity - two-thirds of the state - as sweltering heat returned across the peninsula in the storm's wake. Read More »

North Korea sanctions 'small step,' warns of more

The latest threat comes following sanctions that were approved by China and Russian Federation. They also reduce by about a third the amount of oil North Korea can import. She said North Korea was "begging for war". "The DPRK has developed and perfected the super-powerful thermo-nuclear weapon as a means to deter the ever-increasing hostile moves and nuclear threat of the US and defuse the danger of nuclear war looming over the Korean peninsula and the region". Read More »

US Supreme Court Permits Trump's Travel Ban Enforcement Against Refugees


The US Supreme Court decided in favor of the Trump administration's request to block the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' restriction on banning refugees from entering the US. If the measure is considered to have taken effect when the Supreme Court allowed partial implementation, the 90 days will have passed by the time the justices hear arguments October 10, and the 120 days are very likely to have passed by the time they issue a decision. Read More »

Hurricane Katia Makes Landfall on Mexico's Gulf Coast


Tropical storm Katia left at least two people dead in Mexico's Gulf Coast state of Veracruz, and threatened to inflict more landslides and flooding from heavy rains and overflowing rivers, governor Miguel Angel Yunes said on Saturday. Katia, located over Mexico, dissipated on September 9, 2017. The quake, the strongest to strike Mexico in more than 80 years, killed at least 61 people. Read More »

Irma lashes Florida's west coast, heading northwest as Category 1 storm


Damage appeared to be severe in the Florida Keys , where Irma first came ashore as a category four hurricane with sustained winds up to 215km/h early on Sunday. The Tampa resident brought her two children to Bayshore Boulevard to witness the phenomenon that exposed mud flats and sea grass beds. Collier, Lee, Volusia, Brevard and Hillsborough counties each had more than 200,000 customers in the dark. Read More »

Juncker calls for combining two European Union presidencies into one


EU officials and diplomats expect May to make a keynote speech around September 21 and believe she may use it to outline the kind of transition arrangements Britain wants once it leaves the Union in March 2019 and before a long-term treaty setting out a free trade pact can be fully negotiated and implemented. Read More »

Coutinho in Line for Sevilla Match, Confirms Klopp

I'm very happy to be here, it's like my family. "You cannot play these passes better, you have only to make a little more of it. [Coutinho's] a fantastic player, that's really good, hopefully we can use him as quick as possible, but that's how it is". Read More »

Katia dissipates over Mexico but heavy rainfall continues


Although the storm has lost strength, forecasters caution that large amounts of rainfall are still occurring. Katia is a much smaller storm than Hurricane Irma , which is causing devastation in the Caribbean and is expected to arrive in Florida this weekend . Read More »

Rishi Kapoor 'Irked' By Rahul Gandhi's Comments On Dynasty Politics


Why not Mahatma Gandhi or Bhagat Singh Ambedkar or on my name Rishi Kapoor. Gandhi has sparked this row, all by his own, on Tuesday, as he took a jibe at those who accused him of reaping the benefits of " dynasty politics". Prithviraj Kapoor. Raj Kapoor . "You have to earn peoples respect and love through hard work not zabardasti (forcibly) and gundagardi". "Most of the country runs like this". Read More »

Authorities complete investigation into fatal police shooting


In a statement Tuesday, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said his office has received the case and "several senior prosecutors will now carefully review the case file to determine what, if any, charges might be brought". One of the two responding officers, Mohamed Noor, fired at her as she approached the squad auto he was riding in. Both Noor and his partner are on paid administrative leave. Read More »

UN Security Council Approves New Sanctions Against North Korea


The South Korean Foreign Ministry in a statement also lauded the adoption of UNSC Resolution 2375 as a response to the Pyongyang's latest nuclear test , which it said "showed the strong will of the global community that it will not allow North Korea's reckless and irresponsible nuclear weapons development, a serious provocation to worldwide peace and security". Read More »

NATO urges tougher implementation of North Korea sanctions


BEIJING/VLADIVOSTOK-China agreed on Thursday that the United Nations should take more action against North Korea after its latest nuclear test, while also pushing for dialogue to help resolve the standoff. However it remained unclear whether Beijing, the North's key ally, would be willing to back, or enforce, new sanctions at the UN Security Council, where it is a veto-wielding permanent member. Read More »

Korea Slams New UN Sanctions, Warns US of 'Greatest Pain'


The US, which had pushed an oil embargo, for instance, had to settle for a compromise with China , only setting limits to exports of oil and petroleum products to the North. "China is consistently committed to the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, to the peace and stability of the peninsula and to the solution of the issue through dialogue and consultation", said Chinese Ambassador to the UN Liu Jieyi after the vote. Read More »

Crane collapses as winds howl in South Florida


Although Miami has been spared the worst of the hurricane, rescue crews were told to begin using judgment when deciding whether to respond to emergency calls, reports the Miami Herald . "The idea behind this belief is that the amniotic sac is like a balloon, and if you lower the external pressure on it, there is an increased risk it can 'pop'". Read More »

Power of Hurricane Irma changes color of Caribbean (SATELLITE IMAGES)


Dazed citizens like Yanmara Suarez surveyed the devastation in the historic old town of Havana , largely submerged by a wind-whipped tidal surge that left many people wading in waist-high water over the weekend. He was set to travel on to Sint Eustatius, which suffered severe damage. The overall death toll has risen from Irma's powerful rampage through the Caribbean to 38. Read More »

Merkel in diplomatic push on North Korea, to speak with Putin: spokesman

The US had originally proposed harsher sanctions, including a total ban on oil imports by North Korea . In recent weeks, North Korea had threatened the United States over the sanctions. Security Council diplomats, who weren't authorized to speak publicly because talks have been private, told The Associated Press the USA and China were still negotiating the text late Sunday. Read More »

North Korea: War isn't rogue state's first option

Treasury Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing Marshall Billingslea credited China and Russia's support of the United Nations resolution but said both countries "must do much more" to implement and enforce the sanctions, in the face of Pyongyang's ability to evade restrictions that have been progressively tightened for a decade. Read More »

Kim Jong-un calls North Korean n-test 'great victory'


She said the world would not accept a nuclear-armed North Korea . The U.S. president has wavered between criticizing China for not doing enough on North Korea to heaping personal praise on the Chinese President Xi Jinping. China's big four state-owned banks have also stopped providing financial services to new clients from North Korea , according to branch staff. The new resolution drops sanctions on the airline and army and would only add the Central Military Commission of the ... Read More »

Iran will never allow foreigners to inspect military sites: Velayati


Various Israeli officials joined the IDC institute of Counterterrorism annual conference to discuss the development of terrorism and ways to counter, where Israeli minister of education, Naftali Bennet emphasized that "modern Zionism has created a safe haven for Jewish people, and Iran threatens this" and continued "I have no doubt that the nuclearization of Iran is the number one existential threat to the state of Israel". Read More »

Biracial 8-year-old boy almost hanged by teens, family says


Say what you want, but when the USA president defends avowed white supremacists, one can't be surprised when bullying takes on a decidedly racist tone as it did with an 8-year-old biracial boy who was hung from a tree in the year 2017. This has, understandably, caused outrage among activists who feel that the perpetrators are being protected by police instead of punished for being so careless with the life of another person. Read More »