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Extra Weight Of Heat Shield Dragged Down IRNSS-1H Navigation Satellite


Indian Space Research Organisation ( ISRO ) on Thursday suffered a setback after its workhorse rocket Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) failed to deliver India's navigation satellite, which is the first satellite to be jointly assembled in partnership with private sector, in its intended orbit. Read More »

Sun Valley fire prompts road closures and home evacuations in Los Angeles


The so-called La Tuna fire started Friday afternoon amid hot, windy conditions. About a half-acre of medium brush was on fire when the first crews arrived. The blaze was first reported Friday at about 1:30 p.m. local time and grew to 500 acres in about four hours , said. About 260 of those were from the LAFD, she said. Read More »

Local, state enforcement begins for texting law


Under the new law , the first offense carries with it a $99 fine, followed by subsequent financial punishments of up to $200. There are particular restrictions for school bus drivers, and he emphasized the blanket prohibition on young drivers. Read More »

White House Says Trump Will Donate $1M To Hurricane Aid


No specific dollar figures or timing was discussed, according to a House GOP aide who was not authorized to be quoted by name discussing details of the private conversation and spoke on condition of anonymity. White House homeland security adviser Tom Bossert told reporters on Thursday aid funding requests would come in stages as more became known about the impact of the storm. Read More »

Spain expels N Korean diplomat over missile tests


But despite Pyongyang's propaganda in favour of the ICBM Hwasong-14, the weapon of choice has recently been the intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM) Hwasong-12. The United States has agreed to help South Korea build up its missile capabilities in the face of what the two countries describe as threats posed by North Korea. Read More »

The Crow Reboot Is Now Owned By Sony, Nothing Else New


The film had been in development Relativity Media with various directors and actors for almost a decade. The new Crow movie, which spent nearly a decade in development at Relativity, has landed at Sony Pictures, according to The Hollywood Reporter . Read More »

What Would Happen If North Korea Launched A Nuclear Attack?


Seoul/Tokyo - South Korean and Japanese jets joined exercises with two supersonic US B-1B bombers above and near the Korean peninsula on Thursday , two days after North Korea sharply raised tension by firing a missile over Japan . "We're not talking to the North Koreans right now". The missile defense systems are created to defend US territory or that of an ally from incoming missiles. Read More »

Kim Jong-un Third Child Shows He Loves More Than Nukes


According to previous intelligence reports from Seoul's spy agency, Ri married Kim in 2009 and gave birth to their first child the following year, with their second born in 2013. Rodman was also interviewed recently by Dujour , where he only had good words to say about the chairman of the Worker's Party of Korea. His father, Kim Jong Il, and grandfather, Kim Il Sung, were both dictators of the communist regime. Read More »

US Tests Ballistic Missile Defence System Off Hawai Coast

The successful interception of missile targets during the defence test would boost the naval component of the Arleigh Burke-class defence systems during the terminal phase, the MDA added. The test was immediately denounced by Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga , as "a grave and serious threat to the security of Japan". The test comes a day after Pyongyang test-launched a ballistic missile over Japan. Read More »

Ogun Hajj Board Denies Death Of Pilgrims


It was the worst disaster to strike haj for at least 25 years. Noura Sulieman, a pilgrim from the Philippines, said she had been to the Hajj several times before and was praying for her family. The physically demanding journey tests pilgrims' patience as they withstand long waits and thick crowds on their path to achieving spiritual purification and repentance. Read More »

Harvey knocks out Beaumont's water supply


The military is working to get clean drinking water to Beaumont residents, according to NPR . As news of the water system spread people began buying up water wherever they could find it. The city's backup water source also failed, according to the report. Early Thursday morning, officials of Beaumont, Texas , announced the city lost both the primary and secondary sources for its water supply system. Read More »

Spain cuts number of North Korean diplomats in Madrid


A USA ban on travel by Americans to North Korea comes into effect on Friday, a step announced after the death of a US student shortly after his release from a 15-year prison sentence in the country, where three other Americans are still detained. Read More »

Trump, top USA officials differ on dealing with North Korea


It fell into the Pacific Ocean. On Wall Street, stocks were slightly higher as the strong US data helped offset worries over tensions with North Korea . Tokyo plans to build two Aegis Ashore batteries, costing around $700 million each without missiles, the sources said. Theresa May will have to follow Japanese emergency procedure in the event of a 10-minute warning of a North Korean missile attack. Read More »

AAA: Gas prices expected to keep rising in Florida


In Toronto, prices rose an average of five cents a litre to $1.23 on Friday. AAA reports the current average in New Orleans is $2.25 a gallon. According to Patrick DeHaan, an analyst at GasBuddy , it is important not to rush to the pump. Read More »

Storm Harvey cost to hit thousands of uninsured in Houston


Water released from the Addick and Barker reservoirs was being blamed for flooding in Houston neighborhoods during Tropical Storm Harvey , even as levels decreased. Still, the Corps in recent years has implemented only piecemeal fixes to the earthen dams, including a $75 million upgrade that was underway before Harvey hit this weekend. Read More »

North Korea Orders The Death Of Two Reporters Over Book Review


One journalist from each newspaper and the presidents of both publications were sentenced to capital punishment, it said. Song also met with U.S. Pacific Command (Pacom) chief Adm. The show of force came as the allies are wrapping up their annual computer-based military exercise known as Ulchi Freedom Guardian, where some 50,000 South Korean and 17,500 U.S. Read More »

Russia warns US against news sanctions on North Korea


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Friday warned that Moscow may retaliate against a USA order closing the Russian consulate in San Francisco but then appeared to extend an olive branch to President Donald Trump, saying the Kremlin was still eager to take him up on his pre-election promises to improve relations. Read More »

Trump to propose initial $5.9B in Harvey aid


As opposed to other billionaires in the United States , Donald Trump does not have a great record when it comes to donations, and the announcement came as a pleasant surprise for all concerned. Texas has more than 230 shelters housing some 30,000 people, he said. Asked Thursday whether the donation would come from Trump's own fortune or from the coffers of the Trump Organization, Sanders indicated she wasn't sure legally where the donation would originate, but that it would be the ... Read More »

Mother, toddler reported missing have been found and are safe


Investigators said Mauricio Venzor-Gonzalez forced his ex-girlfriend and their son at gunpoint from a home near Commerce City and into his vehicle. Adams County investigators are looking for Mauricio Venzor-Gonzalez, 22, suspected of abducting his former girlfriend Samantha Adams and 18-month old Zayed Adams. Read More »

Trump's Lawyers Told Mueller the President Didn't Commit Obstruction of Justice

The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, has obtained a letter that President Trump and a top political aide drafted in the days before Mr. Trump fired the F.B.I. But it was met with opposition from White House counsel Don McGahn, who saw its contents as "problematic", the Times reported . That investigation, which had been overseen by Comey, is also looking into the financial dealings of several Trump associates. Read More »

Donald Trump mistakes one Finnish journalist for another


President of Finland Sauli Niinisto has denied President Donald Trump's remarks that the Finnish armed force was buying a fleet of F-18s from American aircraft maker Boeing. "I would have to grade the federal government's response as an A-plus", said Abbott. Niinisto said a boost in alliance operations around the Baltic Sea are "most important" for Finland, a non-NATO member but close USA military partner. Read More »

Republicans won't acknowledge Trump is a really bad person

Do you think Donald Trump is drawing the country together or tearing the country apart? The impending destruction of the US welfare state has thrown the Democratic Party and most of the mainstream news media into a frenzy because, although President Obama had expanded it throughout the eight years of his presidency, the Democrats needed Hillary Clinton to win the election to continue the expansion. Read More »