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South China Sea, North Korea tensions at security forum


Beijing claims almost all of the South China Sea , despite partial counterclaims from Taiwan and several Asean members, including the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam. "The role they play is just to make sure that China just doesn't do what they want to do", Romualdez said on Thursday in Manila , referring to the United States military. Read More »

Court complicates Trump's threat to cut 'Obamacare' funds


Administration officials, he said, have had discussions with vulnerable Senate and House Democrats. Most observers expect both chambers to buckle down and pass the dozen spending bills they need to finish each year. House Republicans trying to thwart the ACA sued the Obama administration in federal court in Washington , arguing that the law lacked specific language appropriating the cost-sharing subsidies. Read More »

Corpo de Luiz Melodia será enterrado ao lado do Estácio


O álbum que projetou Melodia ergueu uma ponte tropicalista que ligava o samba do Estácio ao blues, passando pelo choro, pelo soul e pelo rock ao cair em suingue singular. Pérola Negra chancelou a entrada de Melodia no panteão da MPB. Havia algo que era só dele na sua música, tão dele, tão peculiar e crucial que nem o próprio conseguiria repetir. Read More »

Senators must deliver on healthcare bill

John Thune , R-S.D., the Senate's third-ranking Republican. Meanwhile, McConnell squashed yet another one of the president's latest suggestions, that Senate rules be changed to allow major laws to only require 51 votes and not 60. "Alexander", said the top Democrat on that panel, Sen. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the individual exchanges. "Without payment of these cost-sharing reductions, Americans will be hurt". Read More »

ABQ Mayor Berry to Jeff Sessions: Albuquerque is not a sanctuary city


The mayor's remarks came in response to the attorney general's threat this morning to withhold federal law enforcement resources from the high-crime cities of Albuquerque, Baltimore and Stockton and San Bernardino, Calif. "By taking simple, common-sense considerations into account, we are encouraging every jurisdiction in this country to cooperate with federal law enforcement", Sessions' continues. Read More »

U.S. grand jury in use by Mueller


Even if he doesn't find damming evidence, anything short of total exoneration (unlikely given Mueller's conduct so far) could be deeply damaging to the Trump family, the Trump presidency, and, perhaps most importantly for Donald, the Trump business empire. Read More »

Surveillance drone to fly at Trump golf course


Trump's vacation has been scrutinized by worldwide and local media. Meanwhile, a White House adviser raised the possibility of lie detector tests for the small number of people in the West Wing and elsewhere with access to transcripts of President Donald Trump's phone calls. Read More »

Leaders vow to restore peace in Kannur

Dattatreya said, "The RSS has always tried to get into a dialogue with the CPI (M) despite being on the receiving end, but each time the offers were spurned by either ridiculing or backstabbing by another killing within months". "The game plan is clear - resort to provocative actions and uncalled for physical assaults against CPI-M workers and then cry that the CPI-M is resorting to violence and also blame the Kerala government for not stopping such attacks", the CPI-M said. Read More »

Activists Not Waiting for Next Republican Health Care Attack


The federal money that goes to insurers in these payments, known as cost-sharing reductions , or CSRs, offsets the money insurers lose by lowering the deductibles and co-payments they require of these policyholders. And that will lead the Treasury to spend more on subsidies to policyholders who qualify, according to an analysis by the consulting firm Oliver Wyman. Read More »

Australian Police Reveal Abandoned Airport Terror Plot


The 50-year-old man was released from police custody overnight while the other THREE remain behind bars. One of the men - Khaled - attempted to have his brother take it onto the flight, his sibling having no knowledge of the explosive in the bag. Read More »

UN to vote on tougher North Korea sanctions

The draft envisions a ban on the exports of a range of minerals and products to the DPRK, including coal, iron, lead, and seafood. The United States has been negotiating the proposed new measures with China, North Korea's main trading partner and ally, since Pyongyang launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile on July 4. Read More »

Trump to Turnbull in call: I have had it

Trump repeatedly asked why it's so important for the take in these refugees, and why Australia refuses to do so. By "local milk people", Trump was likely referring to dairy farmers in states such as NY and Wisconsin, who rely heavily on immigrant labour. Read More »

Bigg Boss Tamil: Popular contestant Oviya quits the show?


She falls in love with Arav from the beginning and now she realized that she got cheated and wanted to get out of the Bigg Boss house . But later she said not to over act towards her. Bigg Boss asked Oviya to pack her things. In the nomination list, Oviya, Vaiyapuri and Julie are listed in the danger zone. Oviya Helen 77% supports from people. Read More »

BJP still attempting to lure Gujarat Cong MLAs: Shaktisinh Gohil


IT officials raided Shivakumar's home in Delhi's Safdarjung area on Friday morning. Income tax sleuths have seized Rs8.33 crore cash from his Delhi properties, while Rs2.5 crore was seized from Bengaluru . Chandra also said that people in Karnataka are not at all happy and already protests have taken place. CM Siddaramaiah took the intel wing head to task for failing to inform in advance about the shock raids. Read More »

United Nations to vote on tougher North Korea sanctions


Four export sectors are targeted in the resolution - coal, iron and iron ore, lead and lead ore, and seafood. While a draft resolution has yet to be formally presented to the Security Council, an agreement between the five permanent council members - Britain, China , France , Russia and the United States - would pave the way to a quick vote on the sanctions. Read More »

624 civilians killed in US-led c oalition strikes in Iraq, Syria


The SDF has been making strides in the battles against IS in Raqqa, whose countryside is also subject to a military offensive by the Syrian government forces. "That is why we will be in fairly detailed discussions with the Russians through military channels on that". Taking control of the southern districts of the city would sever Isis's last remaining path to the Euphrates River which is to the south of the city. Read More »

Trump extols corporate profits while seeking corporate tax cut

Sen. Lamar Alexander , R-Tenn., said the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, which he chairs, will hold hearings starting September 4 "so that Americans will be able to buy affordable health insurance". As chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs panel, he said he can hold oversight hearings to "lay out the realities" on health care. Read More »

Pakistan experiences slow internet owing to fault in submarine cable


Three out of the total six cables connecting Pakistan to the world have developed faults one after the other in the last couple of months. Due to the fault in SEA-ME-WE-4 cable, many PTCL users were facing slow browsing at peak hours. Internet speed in most of the areas of Pakistan has reportedly slowed down or suspended leaving users, especially those are using services of Pakistan Telecommunication Limited ( PTCL ), in mental agony. Read More »

San Bernardino, Stockton among 'Sanctuary Cities' Targeted by Sessions


None of the four has declared itself a "sanctuary city", a mostly symbolic term that nevertheless is strongly associated with ordinances aimed at shielding illegal immigrants. Resistance can take the form of limiting access to jails or refusing to honor federal requests to continue detaining immigrants after their release dates. Read More »

British model kidnapped in Milan, Italy, to be 'auctioned', police allege


A British model was drugged and abducted for a week in Italy last month by a British-based Pole who allegedly tried to auction her off as a sex slave on the dark web, Italian police said on Saturday (Aug 5). The woman was eventually released after six days in captivity when he kidnapper realised she had a child. The model was reportedly told she would be killed if she reported the ordeal to police. Read More »

Putin goes fishing in Russia's Siberia mountains


According to the Kremlin official, the Russian head of state hiked in a dense Siberian forest, went fishing on a cascade of mountain lakes and spent two hours in a diving suit underwater chasing an evasive pike. These latest images, provided by the Kremlin, captured his two-day stay in the remote Tuva area of southern Siberia. All video and photo materials of the trip, including the pike hunting footage, are going to be available for the general public in the nearest future, Peskov said. Read More »