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Korea trip off to uncharacteristic low-key start

Speaking to reporters in Beijing before his arrival in Pyongyang on Tuesday, he said that the issue of several Americans detained by North Korea is "not my objective right now". Yun then met last week with the North Korean ambassador at the NY, where Yun learned about Warmbier's condition. Otto Frederick Warmbier, a University of Virginia student who was detained in North Korea, being taken to North Korea's top court in Pyongyang previous year. Read More »

United Kingdom election: Brexit plans in disarray


The Conservatives are forecast to win 314 seats, followed by Labour with 266 seats. Jeremy Corbyn could have been Britain's next Prime Minister - if it wasn't for the performance of the Conservatives in Scotland. In light of the fact that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called on the Prime Minister to resign as she had sought a mandate and not got it, and has asserted that his party is ready to form the government (with the help of others), it remains to be seen if the Tories can command a ... Read More »

Mattis: 'We are not winning in Afghanistan,' new strategy is weeks away


In contrast to the lack of a strategy in Afghanistan, there is a " defeat ISIS " strategy in Syria which the US-led coalition seeks to " encircle and destroy " Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) fighters. Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said the Defense Department needs a continued base budget increase of at least 3 percent above inflation to maintain the USA military's competitive advantage, DoD News reported Monday . Read More »

Stunning blow for May in United Kingdom exit poll

The Conservatives can form an alliance with Northern Ireland's right-of-center Democratic Unionist Party to form a majority. May faced Conservative party lawmakers at a meeting of its 1922 Committee. Meanwhile the Scottish National Party of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, which has dominated politics north of the border for a decade and called for a new independence vote after Brexit, was tipped to lose around 21 of its 54 seats. Read More »

North Korea releases US student in coma

Yun discussed the situation with Secretary of State Tillerson and President Trump, who sent him to North Korea to bring Warmbier home. He has visited North Korea four times , including a 2014 trip where he was shadowed by a crew from Vice. Read More »

PM May nears DUP deal

Barnier has said he wants to wrap up a Brexit deal by October 2018 so it has time to get through national parliaments and the European Parliament in time for Britain's departure from the bloc at the end of March 2019. I think May herself plans to stay in power for the foreseeable future. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn countered with a bit of previously unseen swagger, wearing a huge red rose - his party's symbol - in his lapel as he sparred with May and taunted her about the uncertainty ... Read More »

USA college student released by North Korea home, but in coma

Tillerson did not elaborate on Warmbier's current health condition, and said he would not be offering additional comment out of respect for the family's privacy. In the past, North Korea has held out until senior US officials or statesmen came to personally bail out detainees, all the way up to former President Bill Clinton, whose visit in 2009 secured the freedom of American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling. Read More »

Brazil's president denies spying on judge investigating him


Brazil's top electoral court dismissed a case on Friday that threatened to unseat President Michel Temer for alleged illegal campaign funding in the 2014 election, when he was the running mate of impeached President Dilma Rousseff . The campaign finance case was first filed in 2014 alleging the Rousseff-Temer ticket received unfair and illegal campaign contributions from corporations. Read More »

USA attorney general Jeff Sessions to give evidence in Russian Federation 'meddling' probe


On Saturday, he abruptly canceled. During his testimony, Comey said the FBI had learned about something regarding Sessions "that would make his continued engagement in a Russia-related investigation problematic". It was a sign of escalating fallout from testimony from Comey last week of undue pressure from Trump, which drew an angry response from the president on Friday that Comey was lying. Read More »

Dennis Rodman following Trump's orders in North Korea?

Tillerson said the State Department is continuing "to have discussions" with North Korea about the release of other three American citizens imprisoned there. On this trip, he has already been roundly criticized by some for visiting during a time of high tensions between the USA and North Korea over its weapons programs and recent missile launches. Read More »

Sessions: All I Know About Russian Meddling 'I've Read In The Paper'


That includes the man who hired the special counsel and would have to do the firing. Some of Trump's closest allies, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, have questioned Mueller's fairness and the need for a special counsel. But I have to tell you, Sen. At one point, the normally soft-spoken Sessions tangled with Sen. But Sessions appeared to have been invoking executive privilege on behalf of the president. Read More »

Former NBA player Rodman is back in North Korea

Warmbier's parents told The Washington Post on Tuesday that their son has been in a coma for more than a year since his last public appearance at a North Korean trial in March of 2016. Rodman, one of the few people to know both of the nuclear-armed leaders, sported a black T-shirt advertising a cybercurrency used to buy and sell marijuana as he talked to reporters briefly before boarding his flight from Beijing to the North Korean capital. Read More »

United States student released by North Korea is in coma, family say

Before arriving this time, Rodman told reporters that Trump would be happy with the trip, since he was "trying to accomplish something that we both need", sparking speculation that he may be operating as an unofficial envoy. His entourage includes Joseph Terwilliger, a professor who has accompanied Rodman on previous trips to North Korea. In the past, North Korea has held out until senior USA officials or statesmen came to personally bail out detainees. Read More »

Student released by North Korea arrives in Ohio

Tillerson announced that the Department of State had secured Warmbier's release at the direction of the Republican president. An American college student has arrived in OH after being released by North Korea, where he was serving a 15-year prison term with hard labor for alleged anti-state acts. Read More »

Comey says Trump's lying, Trump says Comey's lying

Remember that Flynn was under investigation at the time , as was Trump's campaign, though apparently not Trump himself. "Why leave open this question of whether there are tapes? ". Bharara says Trump called him twice before the inauguration, to "shoot the breeze". "He's a leaker", Trump said dismissively. "Security and defense represent a key component of the U.S". Read More »

Jeff Sessions speaks about Russia before US Senate panel

As attorney general, Sessions is unlikely to answer in detail questions about conversations he's had with Trump. "You're impeding this investigation by refusing to answer questions", Sen. He does not acknowledge the unanimous conclusions of the USA intelligence community that Russian Federation massively intervened in our election. The deputy attorney general, a civil servant, assured a congressional committee he would resist an unwarranted dismissal order: "I'm not going to follow any order ... Read More »

May seeks to allay peace process fears over DUP alliance

Brexit minister David Davis has insisted the approach to the European Union divorce has not changed, but May has recognized that a broader consensus needs to be built for Brexit and has made clear she would listen to all wings of the party on the issue. Read More »

US student released by North Korea is in coma, family say

Monday last week that Warmbier is in a coma , and President Donald Trump was immediately informed of the fact and ordered his medical evacuation, according to the Washington Post . Warmbier was given a show trial at which he begged forgiveness for the crime of removing the banner which, like everything in North Korea, was promoting state communism. Read More »

DUP and Conservatives hold talks


May apologised to Conservative MPs on Monday, accepting personal responsibility for failing to win an outright victory and sacrificing the parliamentary majority she inherited from her predecessor David Cameron when she came to power past year following the UK's vote to exit the European Union (EU). Read More »

Republicans warn Trump not to fire special counsel Robert Mueller

White House frustrations with the Justice Department spilled into public view last week, when Trump on Twitter criticized the legal strategy in defending his proposed travel ban. Spicer, the spokesman, declined to say then that Sessions enjoyed Trump's confidence, though spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said later in the week that the president had confidence "in all of his Cabinet". Read More »

Pictures of USA missile site in South Korea found on downed drone

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that the soldier was being questioned about the reasons for his defection. The officials said they had not yet determined whether the drone transmitted the photos to Pyongyang prior to crashing, and that additional photos stored on the camera were mostly of residential areas and agricultural fields. Read More »

Spain and India PMs meet to boost economic, security ties


There are more than 40 Indian companies in Spain , in the fields of technology, pharmaceuticals, automotive and energy . Two-way trade totaled 4.72 billion euros ($5.27 billion) in 2016, an 8.5 percent increase over the previous year, of which Spanish exports made up almost 1.26 billion euros. Read More »

Queens Of The Stone Age tease new album


Around the TV are stickers with various words on, which could be song titles. Now, the band have updated their website with new teasers. Each channel is now filled ear-grating static (you might want to turn your speakers down) along with various phrases, which could be song titles or might be gobbledygook: "Mumbo Jumbo", "13", "Tutti Frutti", "Reclaim Everything", "It's a "Beautiful" Day in the U.S.A.", "Askew", "Gold Standard", "Enteen", "1976 Evil", and " All My Confusion Is Waving ... Read More »

United States university student released by DPRK returns home

Tuesday. A senior State Department official told CNN that the USA has not yet accepted the North Korean version of events in terms of the timing and cause of how Warmbier went into a coma . He had been arrested two months earlier for attempting to steal a propaganda sign from a hotel. He was charged with "hostile acts against the state". Read More »