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Fatal Australian siege called terror attack

Australian police on Monday shot dead a gunman in the city of Melbourne who had been holding a woman hostage, police said, a confrontation for which the militant group Islamic State claimed responsibility. Prime Minister Turnbull described the attack as "shocking" and a "cowardly crime". Two officers - including one with wounds to his face and neck - were taken to hospital while a third was treated at the scene. Read More »

Indonesia rife with ISIS sleeper cells, says military chief

In his report , Calida said "about 500 rebels marched along the main streets of Marawi and swiftly occupied strategic positions throughout the city" on May 23, adding that the gunmen had "strong combat capability, and seemingly limitless firepower and other resources". Read More »

Jeff Sessions testifies before the Senate on Russia

The former Republican U.S. senator, an early supporter of Trump's presidential campaign , will likely have to explain why he told lawmakers in January that he had no dealings with Russian officials a year ago. Sessions raised his voice to the Democratic senator pressing him for an answer, insisting there were no such reasons. "I have never met with any Russians or foreign officials discussing any kind of interference", he said. Read More »

No cause to fire special counsel Mueller: deputy attorney general

Mueller was interviewed both by the Justice Department and by the president personally for the director's position, according to a senior White House official. Should Trump want to go around the department, the president would need to repeal the regulations enacted in 1999 that protect the special counsel from being summarily fired. Read More »

Former US FBI Director James Comey testifies about President Trump

During Thursday's hearing , Comey explained his concern about his meetings with the president , saying he did not feel comfortable being in a room alone with Trump , as he felt the president was attempting to seek personal loyalty from the Federal Bureau of Investigation director, despite the department's duty to remain neutral. Read More »

Deputy AG Rosenstein sees no reason to fire Mueller

They say Trump did not collude with Russian Federation and see the investigation as a politically motivated sham that handicaps Trump's ability to execute his agenda, according to one person who advises the White House on how to handle the probe. Read More »

Trump on Comey testimony: 'No collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker'

That's another thing he said . "I asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel". WILLIAM BRANGHAM: He did tell President Trump several times that he wasn't specifically under investigation. The president's personal lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, plans to file a complaint asking the Justice Department to look into Comey's leaking of information. Trump later contradicted his own staff and acknowledged on May 11 he fired Comey because of the Russian ... Read More »

Trump says is willing to testify under oath about Comey claims

Taking a few questions after the joint appearance, Donald Trump went beyond his earlier position of praising James Comey's testimony for the few Trump-friendly statements it contained and offered a summary of the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director's testimony that included things Comey never came close to saying . Read More »

Hung parliament alliance between Labour and the SNP is branded 'nonsense'

Speaking about Scotland's place in the Brexit negotiations, Sturgeon said Scotland had voted No in the 2014 independence referendum in part "to protect its place in the EU". Gordon Brown is making another late campaign intervention in an attempt to entice former Labour voters back to the party. Willie Rennie will use a campaign visit to East Dunbartonshire on Sunday to say they will "sweep the SNP out" and stop another divisive independence referendum. Read More »

Kabul protest that left several dead enters second day


The deadly blasts continued a surge of violence that has swept through Kabul since a massive truck bombing in the Afghan capital on May 31. "Calm is now called for". Clashes broke out with the police and five people died , including a senator´s son. As well as stoking anger against the government, the protests also sharpened long-running tensions between rival political and ethnic groups and drew accusations that armed infiltrators had joined the protest to stir up trouble. Read More »

US, NK officials ahead of student's release


Warmbier's family was told that their son came down with a case of botulism soon after he was found guilty, and was subsequently given a sleeping pill. He was later charged with committing "hostile acts" against the North Korean regime. President Donald Trump ordered Warmbier's medical evacuation, and the North Koreans agreed. Read More »

Korea drone photographed US missile-defense site


The threats were made in the state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun , suggesting that although North Korea is more than 10,000 kilometers away from NY, "this is just not a long distance for its strike today". He said a war with the country would be "probably the worst kind of fighting in most people's lifetime". "We underscored the important role that China can play in this process, and also the important role that the UN Security Council and other organisations within the worldwide ... Read More »

EU Ready For Brexit Negotiations

In the wake of last year's Brexit referendum, called and lost by Prime Minister David Cameron, Britain's Conservative party took a long time to reorganize itself before it finally triggered the Brexit negotiations on March 29. Now, all remains unclear. This is because the United Kingdom must seclude from the EU two years after telling the European Council that its wants to go. Read More »

Jeff Sessions To Testify Before Senate Intelligence Committee

Ahead of the hearing there had been suggestions that Sessions might have had a third , unreported, encounter with Kislyak, at the Mayflower Hotel in April 2016, where candidate Trump was giving his first major foreign policy speech. "At all times throughout the course of the campaign, the confirmation process, and since becoming Attorney General, I have dedicated myself to the highest standards". Read More »

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Testifies About Russia Investigation

As FBI and congressional investigators have examined the Russian operation to boost Trump's 2016 electoral prospects, Sessions has emerged as a central figure as a result of undisclosed meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Comey said the attorney general didn't say anything, but the attorney general's body language "gave me the sense like 'what am I going to do?'". On Tuesday, Sessions defended his role. Read More »

Macron's party set for decisive majority in French parliament


His fledgling Republic on the Move! - contesting its first-ever election and fielding many candidates with no political experience at all - was on course to deliver him a legislative majority so crushing that Macron's rivals fretted that the 39-year-old president will be able to govern France nearly unopposed for his full five-year term. Read More »

Five facts about Attorney General Jeff Sessions

This was after a February meeting in which Comey said Trump told Sessions and others to leave the room before asking him to drop a probe into National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's contacts with Russian Federation. At the hearing for Attorney General Jeff Sessions Tuesday afternoon, Harris was asking about a Department of Justice policy Sessions repeatedly referred to when Sen. Read More »

Sessions: Reports of third Kislyak meeting are false


When asked by Sen. Sessions' hearing Tuesday made it clear he and Comey have two very different takes on the state of the Federal Bureau of Investigation under Comey. "I recused myself from any investigation into the campaigns for President, but I did not recuse myself from defending my honor against scurrilous and false allegations", Sessions said. Read More »

Rosenstein Says He Wouldn't Fire Special Counsel Without Good Cause

The White House finally said Tuesday evening that Trump has "no intention" of firing Mueller, amid speculation and concern that he was weighing that option. And I believe we can rely on Director Mueller to do that. The Justice Department sent Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to testify about the budget instead. Read More »

Trump says Qatar funding terrorism at 'high level'


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has approved legislation for increased military cooperation with Qatar, including a deal for the deployment of Turkish troops there. Trump, speaking in the White House Rose Garden yesterday, said his concerns about Qatar's support to terror groups was raised during his meeting weeks ago with Arab and Muslim leaders. Read More »

Ryan: "Let Mueller do his job"

Buchanan, a senior adviser to Presidents Richard Nixon , Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, also said the atmosphere surrounding the probes into Russia's interference with the 2016 presidential race and whether there was collusion with the Trump campaign is beginning to look like déjà vu. Read More »

North Korea frees U.S. prisoner Otto Warmbier 'in a coma'

Tillerson says that Warmbier is on his way back to the be re-united with his family, but he did not talk about his condition. Tillerson said the State Department is still working to secure the release of three other USA citizens detained in North Korea. Read More »

Attorney General Sessions Set to Testify in Russia Probe Hearing

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is testifying before members of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill. He vowed to defend his honour "against scurrilous and false allegations". Sessions' testimony came on the heels of Comey's explosive testimony last week on Russia's medding in USA elections and allegations that Trump tried to kill the investigation. Read More »

Turkey's Erdogan slams 'inhumane' isolation of Qatar

Qatar denies sponsoring terrorism and accuses the Saudis of seeking to dominate smaller neighbors. Qatar is the most determined country that fights against IS terror organization alongside Turkey , rather than supporter of terrorism, Erdogan stressed. Read More »