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More funding may be added to GOP health bill


While they can spend more money on certain areas, they still have to hit the $133 billion marker to comply with Senate rules . McConnell is caught between trying to negotiate with conservative senators like Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on one end, or moderate senators like Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) on the other, in attempting to piece together votes throughout the week. Read More »

Trump On Comey Hearing: "No Collusions, No Obstruction, He's A Leaker"

News said Trump lawyer Marc Kasowitz will file a complaint with the Justice Department and the Senate Judiciary Committee. Trump told reporters during a joint press conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis that he never asked Comey for a loyalty pledge or urged him to scuttle an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn . Read More »

Trump's revised travel ban blocked by second U.S. court

Now, he's taken to Twitter The panel of three judges ruled Monday that Trump's revised travel ban discriminated against people for their nationality without justification, violating US immigration law. All of this leads us to pose the question: Is the Trump administration incompetent or does it merely want the issue - not the underlying policy? It was the second time the 9th Circuit Court heard and ruled against the same president's travel ban. Read More »

North Korea Releases US Student Otto Warmbier

Warmbier's release comes at the request of President Donald Trump, who after being informed last week that Warmbier was in a coma , ordered that the us work to bring Warmbier back stateside. President Donald Trump ordered Warmbier's medical evacuation, and the North Koreans agreed. "Mr. Warmbier is en route to the US where he will be reunited with his family". Read More »

Trump Tells Senators House Health Bill 'Mean,' AP Reports

Some 20 Republican senators are in states that chose to expand Medicaid under Obamacare, and many are concerned about the number of Medicaid recipients who would lose coverage under the House bill. The Medicaid expansion gradual phaseout reportedly garnered some moderate Republican support , including from Ohio Governor John Kasich , whose state expanded Medicaid . Read More »

Israeli Cabinet Approves Abbas' Request To Cut Power Supply To Gaza


Meanwhile, prisoners affairs expert Abd al-Nasser Farawaneh told Ma'an that the case of missing Palestinians remained unaddressed because of both Israeli and Palestinian leadership. Any further cuts to electricity supply in Gaza will therefore have potentially disastrous effects. Dr. Asa'ad Abu Skarekh, a professor at al-Azhar University of Gaza, called the move a " collective punishment " of Palestinians by Israel, saying that people depending on electricity for life support and ... Read More »

Jury in Bill Cosby sex assault case studies his deposition


They will decide if the comedian sexually assaulted accuser Andrea Constand in 2004. If convicted, Cosby could face up to 10 years in prison. "There was talk of tension, yes, about relaxing, and Andrea trying to relax the shoulders, the head, etc.", Cosby stated in the part of the deposition read to the jury on Monday night. Read More »

Amid Outrage And Controversy, Megyn Kelly Defends Alex Jones Interview

Speaking to CNN on Monday, Liz Cole, the executive producer for Kelly's show, defended the decision to give Jones airtime, saying "He is someone who is worthy of examination, by sitting down with him, there's value in that". "I agree with the families of the victims of Sandy Hook ", Jones said in the video. " Megyn Kelly lied to me several weeks ago", he said. However, Jones himself has also called on the interview to be canceled, claiming that Kelly misrepresented his views. Read More »

May starts DUP talks in bid to keep power

But after gambling away a majority in parliament in an election she did not need to call, Mrs May needs to unite a disillusioned party around her to not only support her in the Brexit talks but also to strike a deal with a small Northern Irish party that will enable her to stay in power. Read More »

Warriors fans celebrate NBA title with rowdy street party

But seriously, we're all here for Curry and Durant's bromance. "Our perspective, being blessed to play on this stage three years in a row". "I'm trying to build a second part of my life as a man living in a different part of the country, just trying to do different things", he told The Washington Post earlier this year . Read More »

May's United Kingdom election gamble backfires as Tories lose majority

The DUP won 10 seats in northern Ireland. There was no need for her to put her position on the line, and she had said earlier that an election was not needed. "She's then got to present a programme to parliament", he said. Britain's largely pro-Conservative press questioned whether May could remain in power. Read More »

Trump dismisses 'leaker' James Comey's version: 'I didn't say that'

QUESTION: He did say under oath that you told him to let the Flynn - you said you hoped the Flynn investigation, he could let go. The Trump administration disparaging Comey as "a leaker" is the colander calling the cheese grater leaky. Mr Lankford said Mr Sessions's testimony on Tuesday will help flesh out the truth of Mr Comey's allegations, including Mr Sessions's presence at the White House in February when Mr Trump asked to speak to Mr Comey alone. Read More »

James Comey's Dad Says Fired FBI Director 'Holding Up Well'

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says the administration is confident that President Donald Trump's travel ban will be upheld by the Supreme Court after its latest legal blow. "Well, I'd like to invite the president to testify before the Senate". The shortages for specifically-trained workers cut across multiple job sectors beyond Trump's beloved construction trades. Read More »

Ryan on Mueller: Let special counsel 'do his job'

And leading Republican legislators on Tuesday waved off the idea of firing Mueller, with House Speaker Paul Ryan saying that his advice was to "let Robert Mueller do his job" and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell voicing confidence in the special counsel. Read More »

Swanston St driver 'known to police'


Footage shows pedestrians yelling and frantically dodging the auto as it hurtled toward a Commonwealth Bank and smashed into its glass doors, according to 7News. It comes just a week after the city placed concrete bollards in Bourke Street Mall to prevent cars from being able to drive up onto the pedestrian area. Read More »

South Korea Names New Unification Minister To Handle North Korea Ties

The drone was analyzed by the military and confirmed to have taken photos of the site. KFA president Chung Mong-Gyu told reporters that the North - which does not have formal diplomatic ties with Japan or South Korea - would likely be keen to host if the other countries all agreed to participate. Read More »

UK's Theresa May pays heavy price for gamble

That raised the odds that an election called by May to provide "strong and stable government" would bring instability and the chance of yet another early election. The former prime minister of Finland, Alexander Stubb, tweeted , "Looks like we might need a time-out in the #Brexit negotiations". May, who took over after last year's Brexit referendum, began the formal two-year process of leaving the European Union on March 29, promising to take Britain out of the single market and cut ... Read More »

Conservatives and DUP start talks to agree 'programme for government' within days

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams hailed what he described as an historic result for his party. It is expected that he will be appointed as taoiseach next week following the approval of Dail Eireann, lower house of Irish parliament. Earlier Mr Brokenshire appeared to rule out an independent mediator to chair the Stormont talks amid criticism his impartiality has been compromised by the anticipated Democratic Unionist/Conservative parliamentary deal. Read More »

Video shows successful missile-intercept test over Pacific


The U.S. Missile Defence Agency ( MDA ) is reporting that its Ground-based Midcourse Defence ( GMD ) system has succeeded in its first attempt to shoot down an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile target ( ICBM ), the U.S. The Pentagon says it has shot down a mock warhead over the Pacific in a success for America's missile defense program. While Tuesday's test wasn't designed with the expectation of an imminent North Korean missile threat, the military wants progress toward the stated goal ... Read More »

South Korea's Moon asks for Japan's patience in resolving 'past history'

North Korea has so far shown no sign of responding, however, instead conducting missile tests at an unprecedented pace in defiance of the global sanctions imposed on it. "I will see if I can create such an opportunity for the 2030 World Cup", the South Korean president was quoted as saying. But he came under fire from South Korean civic groups for what appeared to be criticism of people who support scrapping the 2015 agreement. Read More »

AG Jeff Sessions testifies before Senate Intelligence Hearing

At the conclusion of a February 14 meeting, the sacked Federal Bureau of Investigation chief testified, Trump urged everyone else but Comey to leave the Oval Office, including Sessions. That was not so, he said. Sessions said he agreed with a letter drafted by his deputy, Rod Rosenstein , that Comey should be replaced. He also said that Mr Comey later told him he was concerned about the meeting, but he did not say that something improper occurred. Read More »

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Testifies In Russia Investigation


Sessions added that, "to suggest that a recusal from a single specific investigation" would render him unable to manage the leadership of the FBI would be "absurd". During his confirmation hearing for Attorney General before the Senate , Sessions lied about meetings with the Russian ambassador. Ahead of the hearing there had been suggestions that Sessions might have had a third , unreported, encounter with Kislyak, at the Mayflower Hotel in April 2016, where candidate Trump was ... Read More »