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Turkey rejects Arab terms to Qatar, US urges sides to talk

ISTANBUL (AP) - Turkey's president on Sunday rejected a demand by major Arab states to remove Turkish troops from Qatar, among a sweeping list of ultimatums that the United States has described as "difficult to meet". A Turkish foreign ministry statement Sunday reiterated that the deployment of Turkish troops in Qatar contributed to regional security and was not aimed at a specific country. Read More »

GJM observes 'Black Sunday', Darjeeling braces for another shutdown

He is not dead". Her remarks drew a derisive response from BJP chief Amit Shah, who said she saw "conspiracy in everything". Hundreds of protesters on Sunday paraded with coffins containing the bodies of two men they claimed were killed in clashes with Indian security forces in Darjeeling , as the hill resort reels from separatist unrest. Read More »

Aus flies out of Syria amid US-Russia tensions


While Russia has demanded an accounting of the weekend incident, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov asserted on June 20 that the presence of USA forces in Syria was "absolutely illegal". With pro-Syrian government forces now between USA -backed fighters at at-Tanf and predominantly Islamic State-controlled areas, any future offensive in the area will be hard. Read More »

Iran's president condemns 'siege' of Qatar by Arab nations

While the Qatari Foreign Ministry has yet to issue an official reply, the director of the government's communications office, Sheikh Saif Al-Thani, called the Gulf States' demands " unrealistic " and said they were aimed at limiting Qatar's sovereignty. Read More »

Pride Flags Bearing Star of David Barred in Chicago Dyke March


A Dyke March collective member told the paper that the march was pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist and claimed the flags made people feel unsafe. One marcher defended the flags in a post on the Chicago Dyke March Facebook page. The fracas prompted a backlash by members of the Jewish queer community against the organizers on Sunday, as debate raged about whether the organizers' motives were anti-Semitic. Read More »

Trump Confirms He Called House Repeal Bill 'Mean,' Claims Obama Copied Him

Yet 80 percent of Medicaid recipients are children, the handicapped and the elderly. "I don't think we're that far off..." I actually think that's better for patients. The bill proposed Thursday is viewed as slightly more moderate than the House bill, which some believe could alienate the conservative wing of the party. Read More »

Crowd beat police officer to death


The Hindu reported that Friday prayers, the last Friday of Ramzan, won't be allowed in the Jamia mosque. "People there said he was from outside the state, had come to kill Mirwaiz and perhaps worked for the army", he said. Over the past year the violence has increasingly drawn in civilians, with young students holding mass protests and whole communities coming out to throw stones at government forces engaged in anti-militant operations. Read More »

Sens. Susan Collins, Rand Paul express doubts about Senate health care bill

On ABC's "This Week," Collins stated concerns about the cost of premiums and deductibles, the elimination of funding to Planned Parenthood , and what she terms Medicaid cuts. The Senate plan repeals the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate , slashes federal support of Medicaid and eliminates taxes on the wealthy and insurers that now help pay for care for the poor. Read More »

Sabarimala temple flag post damaged, three detained


It is suspected that a cloth piece dipped in mercury was thrown on the base of the flag mast, causing damage to it, that was installed earlier in the day. He said the persons were handed over to police and further details would be known only after a detailed probe. While local reports say the mast was destroyed with mercury - visuals from the spot definitely make the substance look like one of the two metals that can exist in liquid state at room temperature - subsequent reports have claimed ... Read More »

A key Republican senator has 'serious concerns' about the Senate's healthcare bill

Charlie Baker, the Republican governor in heavily Democratic Massachusetts, and Tom Wolf, a Democratic governor in Pennsylvania, had similar concerns. At that point, the rates at which the federal government assists states changes and becomes tethered to the consumer price index. During discussions of the health care bill released by Senate Republicans this week, several of the Sunday morning political talk shows failed to cover some of the detrimental consequences the bill could impose on ... Read More »

United States appeals court upholds decision to block Donald Trump's travel ban

A ruling from the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals marks the second appeals court decision against Trump's revised 'travel ban.' This is a blow for the Trump administration which has repeatedly defended the ban. Trump's visit to the court would be his first since he became president on January 20 and would put him face-to-face with the nine justices as they consider the fate of his immigration ban unless the court acts before then. Read More »

South Korea Leader Hopes for Unified Olympic Team With the North


US President Donald Trump has said he would like to solve the North Korea crisis diplomatically, but has previously warned that a "major, major conflict" is possible. "It's true that some officials expressed concerns that the president attending the event might end up provoking North Korea", Park said. President Moon Jae-in on Friday observed the successful test-firing of a 800-kilometer (497 miles) surface-to-surface missile known as the Hyunmoo-2C, a signal to North Korea that South ... Read More »

Moon: Form joint teams with North for Olympics


This comes after President Moon Jae-in announced his intentions to pursue diplomatic talks with North Korea regarding the cessation of North Korea's nuclear weapons program since sanctions have not been effective. South and nuclear-armed North Korea are separated by one of the world's most heavily armed borders, and remain technically at war. "As long as North Korea continues its provocations, I believe that we will have no choice but to apply additional and strong pressure on it", he ... Read More »

The Russia investigation is now inside the Oval Office

It cited five people briefed on the requests by Mueller's team who spoke on condition of anonymity. A spokesman for Trump's personal attorney had strong words in response to the news. The Thursday morning tweet was Trump's first about the investigation since the shooting Wednesday at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Va., in which House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) was critically injured . Read More »

Thousands gather to mourn Otto Warmbier at public funeral service

President Barack Obama whose government never requested his release, according to comments carried by the official KCNA agency. Warmbier was returned to the United States last week in a coma. Kenneth Bae, an American who was jailed for almost two years in North Korea, told CNN he believed Warmbier could have been tortured, and cautioned other Americans against going to North Korea. Read More »

Puerto Rico overwhelmingly votes for possible statehood


That would mean a 30 percent cut to the administrative budget of the University of Puerto Rico . Statehood supporters were expected to dominate the vote because three parties that favor other options were boycotting , including the island's main opposition party. Read More »

Trump wages battle against regulations, not climate change

The United States' partners in the G-7 club of wealthy democracies vowed Sunday to pursue efforts to curb climate change despite a rift caused by the American withdrawal from the Paris accord. "I believe engaging in worldwide discussion is of the utmost importance to the United States when it comes to environmental issues", he said in the statement. Read More »

DHS: Russians Tried to Hack 21 State Election Systems

President Trump in a tweet Thursday singled out former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson's testimony before a House panel investigating Russian Federation as proof "no grand scheme" existed between him and Moscow. Michael Hass, the Wisconsin elections commissioner, said DHS could have been more timely - and provided more detail - on election security and threats to elections systems at the local level. Read More »

Theresa May Looks Exhausted As She Leaves EU Summit In Brussels

European Council President Donald Tusk even invoked the lyrics of John Lennon to imagine a Brexit rescinded. Some other arbitration body may need to be set up to rule on disputes over the rights of EU citizens, "but it's not going to be the European Court of Justice ", Davis said in an interview with the BBC's " Andrew Marr Show " on Sunday. Read More »

Police investigate 2 possible hate crimes against mosques


The burned Quran was found hanging from handcuffs outside the Masjid Annur Islamic Center on Saturday, which was the final day of the holy month of Ramadan. " That's important for these types of incidents ", Turnbull explained . Mohamed Kheiter, the Islamic Center's treasurer told the Davis Enterprise that while he forgave Kirk-Coehlo, he anxious her release could inspire similar hate crimes because people would know, " in the end they walk out ". Read More »

Britain's Davis 'pretty sure' he'll get good deal to leave EU

Asked by Andrew Marr whether another leadership contest would be catastrophic to the Tories, Davis responded: "Yes". "I think she is very good". Reports are swirling of Conservative MPs promoting both Mr Davis and Philip Hammond as potential Prime Ministers in a bid to keep Boris Johnson out of Number 10. Read More »

More than 120 dead in Pakistan after oil tanker flips and explodes

The tanker was driving from the southern port city of Karachi to Lahore , the Punjab provincial capital, when the driver lost control and crashed on the national highway outside Bahawalpur . Another 50 people have been seriously injured. But the tanker burst into flames, leaving many suffering serious burns. "The people from nearby village Mauza Ramzan had also gathered there". Read More »