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Moon sighted in Hyderabad, Eid-ul-Fitr tomorrow

Muslims across the word observe a month-long fast every day from dawn until sunset - this establishes the principle of abstinence during these hours. According to media reports , a 42-year-old woman was detained and questioned by police. Eid is a day of joy and thanksgiving. "Several testimonies have been received from across the country and the Shawwal moon has clearly been sighted", he said while addressing a press conference at the committee room of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Read More »

UN offer to resolve crisis b/w Arab states and Qatar

The 13 demands from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE include closing the Al Jazeera satellite television network, curbing relations with Iran, shutting a Turkish base in Doha and paying reparations. "During my recent trip to the Middle East I stated that there can no longer be funding of Radical Ideology", he tweeted . In a sign that the United Kingdom does not regard the demands as reasonable, foreign secretary Boris Johnson said on Friday: "Gulf unity can only be restored ... Read More »

Iran's Khamenei hails Iraq's 'success' against jihadists


Iranian media reported that it was the first time the country's armed forces had used such missiles outside its country in thirty years. Iran's attack on Syria failed, as the majority of the Zulqifar missiles missed their target . He added, "Regional and global sponsors of terrorists must understand the warning message of the missile operation". The military said Binali was killed in Mayadeen, an IS-held Syrian town near the Iraqi border. Read More »

Rouhani: IRGC Attack on IS Was Necessary

He said it took just 11 days for IRGC forces to pinpoint the command and planning posts used to spearhead the Tehran terror attacks, most of which lied in Deir Ezzor. The location where the sixth missile struck is unknown. In February, Michael Flynn, who was then USA national security adviser and has since resigned, said the Trump administration was "putting Iran on notice " following an Iranian missile test and an attack on a Saudi warship by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. Read More »

Let special counsel 'do his job'

He added that "if there were good cause, I would consider it". Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made his second appearance before a Congressional body on Tuesday when he answered questions from the House Appropriations Committee. Read More »

Much remains unclear about London tower block fire

Following his announcement, a minute's silence was held across Britain to remember the victims of the fire, which ripped through the 24-storey London tower last week. Only five victims have been formally identified, and Cundy said that because of the fire's intensity and the devastation it caused, authorities may not be able to identify everyone who died. Read More »

Terrorist suspect shot dead after failed bombing in Brussels


The suspect first attempted to detonate his bag, setting off a "partial explosion" as he ran toward a group of people in the mezzanine level of the station that descends to the tracks, Van der Sypt said. Van der Sypt said the man did not have an explosive belt. The suspect was initially reported to have been wearing an explosive belt and had wires coming out of his clothes, according to some media. Read More »

Sapochetti: Changing the Democratic Party should start at the top

It's no surprise that the Dems tanked, given the inept leadership they have in Congress, especially in the House, where Nancy Pelosi calls the shots as the minority leader. 'You know what, the honest answer is in some areas of the country - yes, she is. Rep. Cedric Richmond, the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, who many have touted as a rising star in the party, attended the session, according to three Democrats who also attended. Read More »

Erdogan: Request to Close Military Base in Qatar Disrespectful

The US State Department had expressed in a Wednesday statement that "the list of demands will soon be presented to Qatar and will be reasonable and actionable". Sean Spicer, the U.S. press secretary, said the USA will not intervene unless it is "asked to join. and facilitate" discussions between the countries involved. Read More »

Trump govt not ignoring India: White House official

The US restrictions on H-1B visa may have the unintended effect of freeing up Indian talent there, who can then focus on building software for Indian problems and needs. "It's the White House Energy Week, so civil nuclear energy cooperation is bound to come up", the official said in response to a question and dismissed reports that it has been suspended. Read More »

Gerrymandering gave GOP 1 extra legislative seat


The district is safely Democratic, but any smattering of GOP votes would have boosted the party's total share of the state vote. At the time, Democrats controlled the House while Republicans controlled the Senate. "It just wasn't always possible", he said. Although most of Missouri's unopposed candidates were incumbents, some newcomers seeking open seats also cruised to victory without major-party opponents. Read More »

Modi arrives in US; Trump calls him `true friend'

We will also increase tourism from India to Israel - this has very great potential. Meanwhile, a senior White House official preparing for PM Modi's maiden meeting with Trump, said that the U.S. Earlier, the Portuguese Prime Minister in his remark said that in the past maritime link connected the two people and in future it will be the digital link. Read More »

Wisconsin senator wants health care vote delayed

The Senate parliamentarian will make that decision. Dewane criticized the "per-capita cap" on Medicaid funding, which would no longer be an entitlement but have its own budget line item under the Better Care Reconciliation Act. A reduction in federal funding for newly qualified Medicaid recipients would leave expansion states with a hard decision: drop new enrollees entirely, or pay a much larger share of the bill for their coverage. Read More »

Muslims in Asia pray for peace as Ramadan holy month ends

The Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh in his felicitation message, Dr Singh hoped that the Eid ul Fitr would be the harbingers of peace, progress and prosperity for the State and its people. Most people use the three days of Eid to pay visits to each other. It is pertinent to mention here that Shawwal 2017 moon was sighted yesterday in Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries including USA, UK, Germany, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan. Read More »

GOP rep: Before shooting, man asked whether we were Dems or GOP


The hospital said he would require additional operations and said he remained in critical condition as of Wednesday evening. Medstar Washington Hospital Center released the update on behalf of the Scalise family. And even as the fans rose as one to cheer Mr Scalise's name and the Capitol Police, there was no mistaking the lusty cheers for their own side as the game progressed. Read More »

UK Will Allow 3 Million EU Migrants To Stay After Brexit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it was a "good start" but "not a breakthrough, to say the least". "So we've got to strengthen the stability of Libya and help this country as the prime minister asked yesterday, but also act in Sub-Saharan Africa", he said. Read More »

Sultan of Sokoto Declares Sunday Eid-El-Fitr

Therefore, it is likely that Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated on June 26 across the country. Muslims in other parts of the world enjoyed the religious holiday and marked it with different celebrations but it always started with prayers first. Read More »

Terror victim who fell ill moments before attack is identified


The BBC reporter asked an orthodox Jew, Hananja Fisher, who was at the vigil what had brought him there, and, pointing to his eyes, replied: "My tears". Speaking to Sky News, Mahmoud said: "My faith is an integral part of me and it dictates everything about my decision-making, but at the same time as a human I can't allow another human to be harmed unnecessarily". Read More »

Campaign for Georgia House seat wasn't that special, says Jonathan Bernstein

And here in Florida, the state's Democratic Party chairman, Stephen Bittel, badly alienated black Democratic lawmakers by calling them "childish", sparking accusations of racism. But, Vela insisted "that would all change now", adding that while the House Democratic Caucus ultimately determines who the new leader would be, "if it's somebody like Tim Ryan, I would certainly support him". Read More »

Albania votes in election seen as key toward EU


When the polls closed, the preliminary turnout from the 19 percent of stations reporting participation figures was 43.9 percent, compared to 53.5 percent four years ago. Police investigating the incident said they found a cartridge but no injured person was taken to the hospital. They have not said whether they might rule together in coalition. Read More »