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Saudi Arabia and allies release Qatar 'terror list'


The United States, France and Russian Federation have called for dialogue while Turkey has defended Qatar and said it would further "develop" ties with Doha . Government officials said the military would decide on the number of Turkish troops that would be deployed in Qatar and the length of their stay. This is surprising, given that Qatar is home to the second-largest U.S. Read More »

Talks to support May's Conservatives making progress, DUP says

It says something fairly grim about the Conservatives that, in their talks with the openly misogynist, sectarian and homophobic DUP , the DUP are the ones with major concerns. Arlene Foster's party backs Brexit , but wants to avoid any disruption to movements across the border with the Irish Republic. 'On reaching such an agreement we will make sure that the details of that are made public so that people can see exactly what that is based on'. Read More »

Memorial For Muslim Teen Murdered in Hate Crime Set Ablaze


A memorial for Nabra Hassanen , the 17-year-old Muslim girl who was murdered on her way back to her mosque for an all-night prayer session in Virginia on Sunday, was set on fire in Washington D.C. "It appears the suspect became so enraged over the traffic dispute it escalated into deadly violence". "The Muslim community has a lot of support out there, it's just that evil acts can overshadow that very quickly, which is sad". Read More »

Arab States Issue List of Demands to End Crisis With Qatar

Suspend all diplomatic ties with Iran . "Decisions concerning the Qatari internal affairs are Qatari sovereignty - and no one has to interfere with them". Arab countries have issued demand list to Qatar for ending the crisis. Earlier this week, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the USA was "mystified" as to why the Gulf states hadn't yet issued such a list of demands. Read More »

Five electrocuted at water park in Turkey


The park's manager and his son were killed when they dived into the pool to try and save the flailing children, Turkish media reported. The five victims were rushed to a hospital, however their hearts had already stopped due to the electrocution, according to the hospital. Read More »

Remnants of Cindy bring threat of flooding to Cincinnati area

Rainfall totals could exceed 3-4 inches in places by Friday evening. He expects cold air from the Great Lakes to collide later in the week with Cindy's remnants, clearing them from the region by Saturday. Delivered at 11 a.m. Monday-Friday. The former Tropical Storm Cindy will continue to interact and eventually be absorbed by a cold front moving in from the northwest, so as today and Saturday progress, it will continue to lose its structure and effects as a separate weather entity. Read More »

Militants occupy Philippine school, take hostages

He said it was possible the attack was meant to disrupt an ongoing military offensive against a separate group of militants aligned with the Islamic State group who laid siege on Marawi city. Both Pigcawayan and Marawi are on the large southern island of Mindanao. The militants involved in the Marawi fighting are mostly from the Maute and Abu Sayyaf organisations, which have united with the BIFF under the IS umbrella, according to the government. Read More »

Pakistan traffic police uses Jasprit Bumrah's no ball to warn drivers


Highlighting the importance of that no-ball by Bumrah, Jaipur Traffic Police made a decision to put up a massive billboard that reminded motorists the importance of not crossing the line. In a second tweeted, Bumran added: "But don't worry I won't make fun of the mistakes which you guys make at your work.because I believe humans can make mistakes". Read More »

USA says it shot down Iranian-made drone in Syria

A USA military official told AFP the drone was "on a run toward our folks to drop a munition on them", so the coalition shot the unmanned aircraft down in self defense. The official says the drone was a Shaheed 129 and appeared to have been operated by "pro-regime" forces. The U.S. military has repeatedly warned forces fighting on Assad's side to stay away from a "deconfliction zone", agreed with Russian Federation, near a garrison used by U.S. Read More »

UAE warns Qatar over neighbors' demands

Defense Minister Fikri Isik told broadcaster NTV that he had not seen a demand for the base to be shut. "I can say that the Turkish base in Qatar is for the training of Qatari soldiers and for the security of Qatar and the region". Qatar's neighbors have also accused it of backing al-Qaida and the Islamic State group's ideology throughout the Middle East. Formally declare those entities as terrorist groups. Read More »

Deadly London tower blaze began in fridge freezer

Only five victims have been formally identified so far, and the death toll may change. The Metropolitan Police said Friday that the massive blaze originated with a Hotpoint fridge freezer manufactured by Whirlpool subsidiary Indesit. Some of these calls are over an hour long and are truly harrowing in their content. We will make sure we recover everything we can. McCormack said the recovery of all bodies may take until the end of the year and that they may not find all the victims. Read More »

Australia resumes air operations over Syria

The last time the US downed a manned aircraft was in 1999, during the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation intervention in Serbia, when a US Air Force F-16 shot down a MiG-29. The US appears to believe they are calling Russia's bluff, but every such incident raises the risk of Russia retaliating, and with the US having already directly targeted Syria's military once, another move against them especially would risk provoking a Russian reaction, which could quickly spiral out of control. Read More »

Republican health project comes to light


Or, more accurately, he released it to the public and his fellow lawmakers - some health care industry lobbyists got a sneak preview the day before. "It's about the character of our country - who we are, and who we aspire to be", Obama said. Some from states that have expanded the program have battled to prolong the phase-out, while conservative Republicans have sought to halt the funds quickly. Read More »

USA doctors dispute North Korean coma story


Doctors plan to provide an update on his condition Thursday afternoon. Fred Warmbier said he and his wife, Cindy Warmbier , worked tirelessly for the release of their son, who he said was detained at an airport in Pyongyang in January 2016. Read More »

Angel di Maria settles Spanish tax case and pays 2m euros fine

Before they decide to close the case and to reveal the final verdict, Cristiano Ronaldo has 60 days to pre-pay the amount of 14.8 million euros - a solution apparently suggested by his legal team. Other prominent football figures have been accused of tax fraud in Spain in recent months. The state prosecutor based the accusations on information provided by Spain's Tax Office, which indicates that Mourinho used shell companies in the Virgin Islands and Ireland to "hide profits made from ... Read More »

UK offer to EU citizens "very fair", "very serious" - May

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called May's offer a "good start" but made clear that her focus was on the EU's future without a Britain many view as politically crippled by rows over Brexit that have been inflamed by May losing her majority in a June 8 election. Read More »

Shut Al-Jazeera, Isolate Iran: 13 Demands on Qatar to End Crisis

Reuters cited an official from one of the four Arab countries. "Qatar may not fully comply with the list , but it has to take these demands into consideration and finally make a move toward reviewing its foreign policy and the editorial line of the main media outlet, Al-Jazeera", Nader said. Read More »

Arab nations send Qatar list of demands

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has tried to mediate and earlier this week urged the Arab nations to limit themselves to "reasonable and actionable" demands on Qatar. And they have 10 days to comply . Terrorism: Qatar declares that it cuts relations all terrorist, sectarian, and ideological groups, on top of them Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Qaeda, Fateh Sham (Nusra), Hezbollah. Read More »

May seeks to reassure EU citizens

It shows how cold and heartless she is", Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said . She stressed that the dialogue would continue. "No-one will face a cliff edge", she said. This is partly, they say because she has written the offer in the "language of immigration law" and not the cast-iron, set-in-stone European Union law, which changes everything. Read More »

Record 65.6M people forcibly displaced worldwide


The total number represents the enormous population in need of protection by worldwide agencies and states, according to the UNHCR . The figure of 65.6 million comprises three important components. Syria is the biggest source of refugees in the world, followed by Afghanistan , Somalia and South Sudan. Take a look at the World Refugee Day Facts on this day. Read More »

North Korea carried out another rocket engine test

Kye added, "Let's talk about how to solve the Korean issue peacefully". "In May, another state newspaper suggested Trump was ignorant about North Korea , while earlier this month an unidentified Foreign Ministry spokesman told Korean Central News Agency that Trump's decision to pull out of an worldwide climate change agreement was "'the height of egotism". Read More »

Winning Powerball ticket worth $447.8 million sold in California

A small liquor store located 70 miles north of San Diego has vaulted into the history books for selling one of the biggest lottery tickets in history - a Powerball ticket worth about $448 million. Lottery officials said the earliest the $447.8 million ticket could be redeemed is 8am tomorrow. The victor has a year to come forward and claim the prize, and can choose to cash in a prize of $279.1 million or to receive the full amount in installments over 29 years. Read More »

Al-Jazeera says call to shut it attack on 'freedom of expression'

Kuwait presented Qatar a list of demands from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt, Saudi-run Al-Arabiya TV reported on Friay. Launched in 1996 with financial support from Qatar's rulers, Al-Jazeera has over the years grown into one of the Middle East's most influential and controversial media outlets. Read More »