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Stevenage's Lewis Hamilton secures victory in Canadian F1 Grand Prix


However, Vettel was under fire from Max Verstappen of Red Bull as he made a quick getaway from fifth and was looking to overtake Vettel in the opening lap. "Today I only had fun when I saw the flag", said Ricciardo. "Seeing the Ferrari further back, I thought, 'That's fantastic for us'. It was getting quite hot, so my concentration was being tested, but it's awesome to be on the podium again". Read More »

Iran says arrests seven suspects linked to Tehran attacks


Velayati went on to add, "the Islamic Iran has stood for nearly six years alongside the suppressed nations in the region against enemies who sought to undermine Islamic countries and their legitimate governments in order to achieve their own sinister goals". Read More »

Iranian security forces kill mastermind of Tehran attacks

Iranian Minister of Intelligence Mahmoud Alavi said over the weekend that "the terrorist had fled the country following the ensuing security operations after the attack, but was killed with the cooperation of friendly foreign intelligence services", according to the Iranian Students' News Agency . Read More »

Boris Johnson denies plot to topple tottering Theresa May


May's only hope of forming a government now is to win support from Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party , which won 10 seats. "He's in a permanent leadership campaign so I am not sure it qualifies as news", he said. "Discussions will continue next week to work on the details and to reach agreement on arrangements for the new Parliament". Under the confidence and supply deal, the DUP would not have any of its MPs become government or cabinet ministers but would support Conservative ... Read More »

May working to fill out ranks of minority government after disappointing election


It may well be able to form a minority government with the help of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party in the coming days and weeks, but the prime minister's ability to cling to the keys of Number 10 Downing Street is very much in doubt, and her stated goal of unifying the country behind her ahead of the upcoming Brexit negotiations with European Union leaders is utterly out of reach. Read More »

Iran calls Trump's reaction to ISIS attacks 'repugnant'

Five Iranian planes filled with food have landed at Doha airport as the blockade against Qatar by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries starts to bite. "Iranian people reject such USA claims of friendship", Zarif tweeted. He added, "groups like IS exploit disorder". Though most Iranians are Shiite, including separatists in Ahvaz, the eastern Baloch region is majority Sunni, although there are no recent census figures available. Read More »

Philippine police say casino attacker was indebted gambler

The lone gunman in the deadly Resorts World Manila incident that left 38 people dead , including the suspect, was a former government worker buried in debt, police said on Sunday. Albayalde spoke at a press conference with some of Carlos's relatives sitting next to him. "But we assured them in case they are bullied or someone hurts them, we are willing to provide assistance", Albayalde said. Read More »

Tim Kaine: Comey's Lynch comments 'pretty much irrelevant'

Then weeks before the election, Mr Comey , again acting on his own, briefly reopened the probe. The Republican National Committee and GOP lawmakers highlighted Comey's revelation about Lynch after the hearing, but Kaine said they should focus on the ongoing investigations into Russia's role in the 2016 election. Read More »

Lack of sleep blamed by McCain for strange questioning

What I was trying to get at was whether Mr. Comey believes that any of his interactions with the President rise to the level of obstruction of justice . According to Comey , it did not align with his understanding of the case as it was an open criminal investigation under the FBI. McCain went on: "At the same time you made the announcement there would be no charges brought against then-Secretary Clinton for any activities involved in the Russian Federation involvement in our ... Read More »

Ranbir Kapoor demands cash from Shah Rukh Khan


The film has been widely shot in Prague, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Budapest. SRK's victory dance!6. Umm, Sallu Met Harry is a parallel real-life plot. "The film travels a lot but it is not on travel". The film is not like that at all. "I think When Harry met Sally is more of a metaphor now, rather than a title", he noted. Rest that follows is an unabashed love story. Read More »

ISIS thugs in the Philippines TORCH a Catholic Church


Lorenzana said air strikes might be suspended, describing the rebels as a small force that "cannot hold that long". "We don't have any record of them coming through the proper channel, through the airports". Two soldiers were wounded while escorting humanitarians in entering Marawi City on Sunday, the Armed Forces of the Philippines ( AFP ) said. Duterte's troops have been bombing the city in a bid to liberate it, though Reuters noted on Thursday that a government airstrike ... Read More »

North Korea says leader Kim supervised test of new anti-ship missiles

He had said during his election campaigning that he would review a system that has enraged not only North Korea but also China , South Korea's largest trading partner. The missile first appeared in June 2014, when a brief, one-second clip (see below) of what appeared to be a Kh-35 was included without comment in a North Korean propaganda video. Read More »

Ukrainians cheer on first day of visa-free EU travel


Ukrainians can now travel visa-free to the countries of the Schengen Area, if they have an EU-compliant biometric passport. "'The decision of the EU is so important, a long process has been completed, first of all, it goes about the return of Ukraine to its historic place among the European countries, not only about the visa-free border crossing", he added. Read More »

Philippines' Duterte Not Aware Of US Support Against Islamists In Marawi

Duterte told reporters on Sunday that he "never approached America" for military assistance and was "not aware of that until they arrived", according to a Reuters report . Maute's husband, Cayamora, was arrested Tuesday at a police checkpoint in the southern city of Davao. "I did not realize that it was that bad because now it appears that Baghdadi himself, the leader of the ISIS , has specifically ordered terroristic activities here in the Philippines", Duterte said, without elaborating. Read More »

Tony Awards: 'Dear Evan Hansen' wins best musical


Best play went to Oslo , a three-hour show about diplomatic meetings between Israel and Palestine which will head to London in September. It also won best score when the song-writing duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul added the Tony to their trophy cabinet which contains their recent Oscar for the City Of Stars song from La La Land . Read More »

Brother of man who dismembered boy found dead in home


The corpse of Tzvi "Jack" Aron, 29, was in a basement closet at his family's home in Kensington - where Leiby's body had been found six years before. When he noticed fliers with the boy's photo, he says he panicked, suffocated the boy and dismembered him. Read More »

Trump flatly denies Comey accusations, willing to respond under oath

Regarding Qatar, home to USA military facilities and a diplomatic imbroglio with its Gulf Region neighbors, Trump said, "We ask Qatar and other countries in the region to do more , and do it faster". They claim that Comey is a liar who provided Congress with an inaccurate account of his interactions with Trump, specifically with regard to former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and the "loyalty pledge;" at the same time , however, they claim Comey's testimony also totally ... Read More »

Backed Syrian fighters seize parts of IS 'capital' Raqqa


Al-Baghdadi has a £20 million bounty on his head because of his hate-filled sermons that inspired suicide attacks across Europe. According to The Sun, Syrian state television has reported that al-Baghdadi was killed in the air strike with heavy artillery. Read More »

Britain's PM May to face party lawmakers after election disaster


May is preparing to name the rest of her cabinet, after revealing Friday that her five most senior ministers would stay in their posts. - Northern Ireland talksThe DUP and Irish nationalists Sinn Fein are due to restart talks to form a new power-sharing government in Northern Ireland and avoid devolved power reverting to the British parliament in London for the first time in a decade. Read More »

No civilian casualties officially reported in Afghan incident


In Kabul, Afghanistan, on Saturday, an attack raged on the eastern sector of the country, where three soldiers killed and one wounded on the U.S. military side, the exact status of the action is still not clear, says the Pentagon. Though there were no claims made in the attack, it is for sure the attack was made by either the Taliban or the Haqqani associative, due to their presence in the region. Read More »

Theresa May completing Cabinet after election disappointment leaves PM weaker


Theresa May has sent her Chief Whip Gavin Williamson to hold talks with the Democratic Unionist Party as she seeks to shore up her position in Number 10, while one of her closest aides has quit. Amid reports senior Tories were sounding out potential replacements for Mrs May, prominent Conservative MP Heidi Allen said the Prime Minister had six months at most left in Downing Street. Read More »