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Beaten Pep Guardiola must be sick of the sight of Jürgen Klopp


The goal was wrongly disallowed for offside by referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz and his officials. Yesterday morning's win came after the worst possible start as City took a second-minute lead through Gabriel Jesus . "I didn't insult the referee", Guardiola said . And a different Liverpool emerged for the second half, with their increased attacking intent being rewarded when Salah produced a classy dink to draw them level on the night shortly before the hour mark. Read More »

Trump Deputy National Security Adviser Nadia Schadlow Announces Resignation


Schadlow for her service and leadership in crafting the President's "America First" national security strategy". Michael Anton, who served as a spokesman for the National Security Council, resigned on Sunday . interventions overseas. Schadlow is the third senior national security official to leave the administration this week following Bolton's arrival. "We wish Nadia and her family the best", Shah added. Read More »

Top State Dept. nominee: Soft policy toward Russian Federation 'over'


The list of this administration's actions to raise the cost for [Russian President] Vladimir Putin is long", Pompeo said in his prepared testimony before the Senate. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.). More than 200 USA environmental groups from across the country have signed a letter to senators urging the rejection of the nomination of Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State, citing his long history of climate change denial and "extreme anti-environment, anti-consumer safety agenda". Read More »

Moscow calls for meeting with Israeli ambassador after T4 Airbase strike


But initial speculation that the United States had carried out the missile strikes were swiftly quashed by the Pentagon, which said U.S. forces had not launched an attack. Iran has always been a close ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday his country would not accept Iranian entrenchment in Syria after missile strikes on a Syrian regime air base blamed on Israel. Read More »

Israel Foreign Ministry Condemns Chemical Attack on Douma


The worldwide chemical weapons watchdog said it will send "shortly" a fact-finding mission to the Syrian town where the suspected gas attack took place, after receiving a request from the Syrian government and its Russian backers to investigate the allegations. Read More »

Chad welcomes removal from U.S. travel ban list


The department said the landlocked African country is a "critical US counterterrorism partner" - and that its improvements "meet important baseline" USA requirements. Chad's restriction was initially imposed with others among Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Chad, North Korea and Venezuela. U.S. officials said Chad has addressed the deficiencies in vetting outward-bound travelers and cooperating with United States security bodies. Read More »

Emmanuel Macron to visit Australia in May to discuss trade, submarine program


Trump suggested Monday he had little doubt that Syrian government forces were to blame for what he said was a chemical attack , but neither he nor other administration officials have produced hard evidence. Shortly after saying missiles were coming, Trump tweeted that the US "relationship with Russian Federation is worse now than it has ever been, and that includes the Cold War". Read More »

Here's How To Check If Your Facebook Data Has Been Stolen

In a series of questions on how people can remove data from Facebook , Zuckerberg said the company does "collect data on people who are not signed up for Facebook , for security purposes". And "if you've messaged anybody this week, would you share with us the names of the people you've messaged?" the Illinois Democrat persisted. Facebook already lets you access a log of the data they have collected through your account. Read More »

IRNSS-1I up in orbit, completes navigation fleet


Now orbiting in a temporary sub-geosynchronous elliptical path about 284 km x 20,650 km, it will be gradually pushed in the coming days into a geostationary circular orbit 36,000 km away from Earth, at an inclination of 29° over 55° East longitude, ISRO said. Read More »

Trump to skip South America summit to focus on response to Syria


Security Council . The broadcaster, citing "well-placed sources", reports that May believes there is an "urgent" need for a response. Mrs May, who spoke to President Macron on Tuesday morning, sidestepped questions about whether Britain would be involved in military action during a visit to Cambridge. Read More »

Israel Targets Gaza After Border Blast

The statement did not give the location of the targets or the type of military fire used. In the video that surfaced over the weekend, which appears to be filmed though a set of binoculars, the soldiers can be heard discussing the shot as the sniper takes aim. Read More »

Champions League: Salah sparks Liverpool comeback vs


His organisational and leadership skills - plus a large slice of luck - were part of the reason Liverpool reached the break only one down and then nearly comfortably saw out the second half. Liverpol won the match 2-1. And I said, "Yes, it came from Milner. Now we have a mini Premier League for six games and we are going to try to close it". Read More »

US, Russia clash at UNSC over probing chemical attacks in Syria


In response to Trump's tweet , a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said: "Smart missiles should fly towards terrorists, not legal government". President Trump on Wednesday issued a stern warning to Russian Federation, tweeting that he will direct an air strike at Syria in response to last week's chemical attack and chastising the Kremlin for its support of Syrian President Bashar Assad . Read More »

Facebook Has Begun Notifying Users Whose Data Was Compromised


Zuckerberg confirmed that a paid option is on the table, but suggested that his priority is letting users access Facebook for free . The Facebook boss said he was not familiar with so-called "shadow profiles", which media reports have described as collections of data about users that they have no knowledge of or control over. Read More »

Pruitt's security expenses questioned in internal EPA docs


That source told Politico officials also weren't happy about the report. While the agency did turn over documents last month detailing almost $68,000 in previously undisclosed travel costs for Pruitt during the seven months leading up to February, Gowdy said EPA officials have failed to produce the security waivers that Pruitt used to justify his purchase of premium tickets at taxpayer expense. Read More »

China warns against military action in Syria

Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley as saying. In subsequent tweets on Wednesday, Trump bemoaned the poor state of relations between Washington and Moscow, something he's vowed to fix as president . This is the 12th time Russian Federation has used its veto power at the council to block action targeting Syria . Theresa May has said the United Kingdom and allies are considering any action that is necessary in the wake of the poisoned gas attack in Syria . Read More »

Missing family of 4 may have been swept into river


The Thottapilly family, which includes parents Sandeep and Soumya and their children, 12-year-old Siddhant and 9-year-old Saachi, never made it home from a road trip to Portland, OR. The San Jose Police Department confirmed that a missing persons report was filed on April 8 involving the Indian family. They were last known to be in the "Klamath - Redwood National Park area", the flyer stated. Read More »

Prosecutors review Kevin Spacey sexual assault case


District attorney spokesman Greg Risling confirmed the investigation and said the case was handed to prosecutors on April 5 for review. According to the sheriff's department, detectives began investigating the case on December 11, and it involved an alleged sexual assault of a man in West Hollywood in October 1992. Read More »

Missouri Gov. Greitens initiated unwanted sex acts


Eric Greitens takes questions from the media after signing legislation to make Missouri the 28th "right-to-work" state at the abandoned Amelex warehouse in Springfield, Mo. "This is a political witch hunt", he said. She said she felt "like he was trying to claim" her. Just minutes before the report was released, Greitens called reporters to a news conference, where he took a hit at the pending report and the lawmakers who put it together. Read More »

Syria braces for USA attack, said to evacuate airports and military bases


Russian Federation has been a key backer of Syrian President Bashar Assad, providing air cover for his offensive against the Islamic State group and Syrian rebels. Shamanov emphasized that a retaliatory Russian strike could target US navy ships and aircraft. Vladimir Shamanov, a retired general who heads the defense affairs committee in the lower house of parliament, said in televised remarks Tuesday that a US strike in Syria could hurt Russian servicemen and trigger retaliation. Read More »

India aims to be equipment making hub


Addressing a crowded press conference on the opening day of the four-day biennial mega event, being held on the East Coast Road on the outskirts of Chennai , she said the government this time invited major manufacturers of defence systems, equipment and producers defence related items to showcase their products. Read More »

"Get Ready Russia!" Trump Takes to Twitter to Threaten Strike on Syria

Russian Federation has since aggressively threatened the United States if it were to fire any missiles at Syria in response to the chemical gas attacks. "We stand ready to provide military options if they are appropriate as the President determined", he said. In April 2017 , in response to another chemical attack in Syria, he ordered a strike on an airbase there. Read More »