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Macron to Erdogan: 'Democracies must respect rule of law'

High on the agenda will also be Turkey's relations with the European Union, which Ankara has sought to join for the la st 50 years in an epic membership saga that appeared to hit the buffers amid bitter rows in 2017. Whilst Amnesty International, whose Turkey head Taner Kilic is now in jail said, said Macron should "strongly remind [Erdogan] that human rights defenders are not terrorists". Read More »

Roy Moore Accuser's House Burns Down in Possible Arson


According to the article, Johnson told she was in Moore's office (who was a judge at the time) to sign over custody of her son to her mother. "A suspect of interest is being spoken to", Barton said. "I am devastated, just devastated", she told the outlet Friday. "But there have been no charges, to my knowledge, related to the fire at this time", she said. Read More »

Nikki Haley: We must not let Syrian horrors to happen in Iran


The Iranian people are telling their government to "stop the support for terrorism, stop giving billions of our money to killers and dictators, stop taking our wealth and spending it on foreign fighters and proxy wars", said Haley. A U.N. Security Council emergency meeting on the protests roiling Iran is putting Tehran on notice that "the world will be watching" what it does, the US ambassador said Friday. Read More »

Senators Refer Dossier Author to DOJ in Criminal Referral


Still, the referral marks an escalation of Republican challenges to the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a special counsel, Robert S. Graham echoed Grassley's point of view. The Judiciary Committee is conducting one of the three congressional investigations into Russian interference, and the controversial dossier has come under scrutiny. Read More »

White House barring personal phones in West Wing

But the Trump administration had considered restricting cell phone use as early as November, and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster wrote a memo calling for more drastic measures to prevent leaks in September (which, of course, leaked). Read More »

Florida Fish & Wildlife Rescue Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles, Manatees During Cold Weather

Yep, when temperatures dipped below 40 degrees Fahrenheit in parts of South Florida on January 4, the chill caused iguanas to become completely immobilized. When water temperatures drop, manatees gather in warm-water habitats such as discharge canals at power plants and natural springs. In 2010, a two-week-long cold snap with temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit killed off many iguanas, along with Burmese pythons and other invasive species that thrive in South Florida's subtropical ... Read More »

Federal Bureau of Investigation documents: Andrew McCabe had no conflict in Hillary Clinton email probe


Investigators are also looking at whether the Clinton charity used tax-exempted funding for improper purposes. Founded in 1997 by former US President Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation has become a multi-billion dollar organisation. Word of the ongoing foundation probe came shortly after Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) suggested in a Washington Examiner column Thursday that it might be time for a new attorney general. Read More »

Lalu Yadav's Party Denies Making Calls To Special CBI Judge


According to the report, in his application, Lalu said that the Birsa Munda jail did not have clean drinking water and this may affect his kidneys. The sentencing which was earlier scheduled for Wednesday was deferred for Thursday due to condolence meeting held in the premises of the court to mourn the death of a lawyer. Read More »

Trump had lawyer urge Sessions against Russian Federation recusal


The Trump administration announced Thursday that it was ending an Obama-era policy to tread lightly on enforcing US marijuana laws. Sessions' policy will let USA attorneys across the country decide what kinds of federal resources to devote to marijuana enforcement based on what they see as priorities in their districts. Read More »

FBI Says Alleged White Supremacist Attempted Terror Attack On Amtrak Train


Wilson, who is believed to have attended the deadly far-right rally in Charlottesville in August, had reportedly joined a neo-Nazi group and had an interest in "killing black people." The incident unfolded October 23 when Wilson allegedly breached a secure area of an Amtrak train as it was passing through a rural area near Oxford, Nebraska , and applied the emergency break, bringing the train to a rapid halt in what authorities said was an attempt to derail and wreck the train. Read More »

Saudi Intercepts Ballistic Missile, Coalition Calls for More Serious Action against Iran


Al Masirah television, controlled by the Houthis, said the second missile was launched against forces loyal to President Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi along the western coast of Yemen. Last month, the Houthis said that one of their missiles hit a military target inside Saudi Arabia, without specifying the location. The Saudi-led coalition has previously accused Iran of helping arm the Houthis, accusing Iran of "flagrant military aggression" and "manufacturing and smuggling [missiles] to the Houthi ... Read More »

Donald Trump's clarity on Pakistan policy is sound


In fact, the source material for Trump's tweet comes from a speech he made in August past year, when the United States announced an expansion of its military presence in Afghanistan . Mr Trump's rough and undiplomatic language has sparked outrage in Pakistan , but it is not clear if the U.S. president was presaging renewed pressure on Pakistan or simply indulging in rhetorical threats that appeal to his isolationist political base at home . Read More »

$445 million at stake for Mega Millions drawing tonight


The Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots continue to rise, creating millions of dollars for the states they are sold in, including Georgia and Florida. If an estimated $418 million would take care of any extra holiday spending, get a Mega Millions ticket. "The excitement surrounding these jackpots is a pleasant diversion from the extreme winter weather we're experiencing", said Michael Sweeney, executive director of the Massachusetts State Lottery . Read More »

Wind Chill Advisory in effect through Friday morning


Expect wind chills to range from 20 below zero to 30 below zero.* WHERE.Most of southeast MI along and north of M-59.* WHEN.Until noon today. To make you feel even colder there is a cold record that could be set on Saturday detailed in the weather video above. Read More »

Strong stance helps spur talks about North Korea

North Korea has announced it will reopen a key cross-border hotline with South Korea for the first time in two years. The ramped-up momentum for inter-Korean dialogue follows a year of missile and nuclear tests by North Korea as well as an exchange of bellicose comments from Trump and Kim, which raised alarm across the world. Read More »

Roy Moore Sued By One Of His Accusers


Corfman said in a statement that the suit seeks "to do what I could not do as a 14-year-old - hold Mr. Moore and those who enable him accountable". "The Judge welcomes the transparency of the courtroom and looks forward to his vindication", Brett Doster, a representative for Moore's Senate campaign, told BuzzFeed News in an email. Read More »

Death toll in terrorist attack in Kabul rises to 20 people


The attack happened on Thursday night in Banaee area of Kabul where a group of police officers were handling a protest, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. In December alone IS claimed three attacks that killed dozens of civilians. In the past few months the Taliban have also stepped up attacks. Security in Kabul has been tightened since May 31 when a massive truck bomb ripped through the diplomatic quarter, killing some 150 people and wounding around 400 others - mostly ... Read More »

North Korea Accidentally Hit Its Own City In Missile Test


USA officials said the Hwasong-12 intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) was initially thought to have disintegrated mid-flight after it was sacked on 28 April previous year. It is thought that the risk of a missile failure is why the two other tests that month were fired from the coastal township of Sinpo, rather than Pukchang Airfield in South Pyongan Province. Read More »

East Coast storm grounds almost 5000 flights


Thanks to Blizzard Brody, 90 percent of flights going in and out of Bradley International Airport on Thursday were canceled . Destinations include New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia. The airport said it's important to check with individual airlines to make sure flights are on time or if it needs to be rebooked. At Newark, flights were still suspended as of 7:30 p.m. Read More »

Hot air balloon crashes in Egypt, killing 1 tourist and injuring 7


The crash was caused by strong winds that led the driver to lose control over the balloon as he was landing, according to the governor's statement. Luxor has suffered a series of hot air balloon accidents. The balloon was carrying 20 people at the time of the accident. The deadliest balloon crash in history occurred in February 2013 in Luxor, when 19 people were killed. Read More »

Starbucks responds to 'latte levy' with 5p cup charge to cut waste


Unlike other items, coffee cups cannot be recycled as they are made from cardboard with a tightly bonded polyethylene liner, which is hard to remove and means they can not be processed through paper mills. The committee heard that less than 1% of coffee cups are recycled because there are only three facilities in the United Kingdom that can split the paper and plastic components. Read More »

Sleeping woman sexually assaulted on Spirit flight to Detroit: complaint


Recounting the events that conspired mid-air, The Washington Post reports that the victim had occupied the window seat, the assaulter sat next to her while his wife sat beside him. He also indicated that he unzipped her trousers part-way, and did put his finger into her trousers. Prabhu was arrested when the plane landed. He claimed that he had done nothing to his co-passenger, but that his wife had told him that Celia was sleeping on his knees. Read More »

Winter Storm Grayson Hates Travel


It's a version of a real weather term that applies to a massive winter storm that pulled together Wednesday off the U.S. Southeast coast. Forecasters have called Winter Storm "Grayson" a " bomb cyclone ", as its steep drop in pressure helped create winds gusting at as high as 50 miles per hour. Read More »

U.S. suspends at least $900 million in security aid to Pakistan

Some estimates put the total amount at $1.15 billion. "Until the Pakistani government takes decisive action against the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani group - we consider them to be a destabilizing the region and targeting USA personnel - the United States will suspend that type of security assistance to Pakistan". Read More »