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Microsoft's Xbox One X arriving soon

Yet this momentum slowly died out. Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer has been talking far and wide about Xbox One X this week, this following the console's grand unveiling on Sunday night during Microsoft's press conference. While most sites agree that the 4K performance of the machine compares extremely well with a gaming PC of the same price it's $100 more expensive than the PlayStation 4 Pro when it launched last November. Read More »

A sleek, smooth iPad Pro with more screen space

Meanwhile, the new iPad Pro has only an Apple proprietary Lightning port and a 3.5mm audio jack. When watching a movie filmed at 30 frames per second, for example, the iPad will refresh the screen at a quarter of the standard operating rate. Read More »

Celtics Considered Primary Threat To Sign Blake Griffin Away From Clippers

On a podcast published Wednesday, Wojnarowski broke down the Clippers' complicated situation, which includes the free agency of three starters, Griffin, Chris Paul and J.J. Imagine what the Celtics offense could do with all that frontcourt skill. But most people have assumed that the Jazz are the favorites to re-sign him since they can give him the most money. Read More »

Trump Under Investigation For Obstruction Of Justice By Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) said . Because this question has gotten reasonably complicated. "Thank you for saying that, Sen". Sessions criticized Comey for not raising his concerns with the acting attorney general after the February 14 Oval Office meeting when Trump , according to Comey, asked the FBI to back off its investigation of fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn . Read More »

Will the new iPad Pro replace your laptop?

It's then that we'll find out if this new iPad Pro is truly worth the money, though considering these early reactions, you probably can't go wrong picking one even before iOS 11 drops. In the end, Kovach says the keyboard is the "biggest thing holding the iPad Pro back". The 10.5 inch iPad Pro is available this week online or in-store starting at $650. Read More »

E3 2017: Ubisoft Announces New Game With Nintendo


What was announced at the Ubisoft E3 2016 event? Among other things, it's got Mega Man-style arm cannons, destructible environments, and classic Mario characters played by Rabbids in cosplay. Producer Matthew Rose announced Starlink: Battle for Atlas . One a more toy-centric note, Starlink: Battle for Atlas is set to release in 2018. Ubisoft presented the games in an exciting fashion and capitalized on hyping up the viewer. Read More »

IPad Pro 10.5 teardown reveals a bigger battery

As pleased as I am with this new iPad, I'm smitten with the Leather Sleeve . That tablet and the newly-refreshed 12.9-inch model have both been updated with the Apple A10X Fusion chipset , comprising a six-core CPU and a 12-core GPU. Speaking of battery life , Apple is claiming about 10 hours here, which was about right based on my testing. I don't consider myself a power user by any means. Read More »

11 things to know about iOS 11

Now when a user wants to connect they have to go through the faff of finding the password code before tapping in the complex set of characters. Sure, it's effectively smoothing out the rough edges of watchOS 3, but it makes the Apple Watch much more enjoyable to use. Read More »

Apple Introduced iMac Pro at WWDC 2017

It turns out, the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro is modeled on the older 12.9-inch iPad Pro. We were privileged to get a ringside seat to the unveiling of the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and it seems that Apple is once again taking things to a new level. Read More »

Samsung unveils new Galaxy J Series


The company today launched two new devices - J7 Max and Pro, priced at Rs 17,900 and Rs 20,900, respectively that feature Samsung Pay. It also features AlwaysOn display feature, where users need not have to repeatedly press the power button to see notification or time. Read More »

Get ready for the coming iOS 11 'Appocalypse'

When iOS 11 lands this fall, Forbes reports that Apple will have implemented a solution that will recognize when the phone is on the road and moving and will disable apps that might distract the driver. The conversion of the home screen's Dock from a static tray of apps to a connected part of the app-switching experience - along with a new multitasking view that's reminiscent of the macOS feature Mission Control - lets more advanced users pair up apps, so they can switch between ... Read More »

Are you buying Apple's 10.5-inch iPad Pro?

The basic 64GB model is priced at little over 600 dollars, while the premium, top-tier 512GB iPad Pro 10 .5-inch cost over 1,000 dollars. No, the new sweet spot is 10.5 inches. The bulk of the iPad's upgrade comes from the improvements of the screen. Well, it's a big question. Display cables are arranged in the center of the iPad-away from the edges where prying tools could snip them while opening the device - and Phillips screws now hold down the display cable bracket instead of the ... Read More »

IPad Pro Is the Fastest Tablet Ever

IPad Pro 10 .5 Geekbench scores. If you're happy with your current iPad, the boost to specs alone is probably not going to be enough to convince you to upgrade. But now you need to step away for a moment, and this presents a conundrum: There's nowhere to put your Apple Pencil. Apple began accepting iPad Pro orders just after the WWDC keynote event. Read More »

Sessions: Russia link claims a detestable lie


We now know Sessions did meet with the Russian ambassador. Prior to the speech, I attended a reception with my staff that included at least two dozen people and President Trump . At a separate hearing Tuesday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said he saw no reason to sack Mueller, whom he appointed as special counsel after Comey was fired. Read More »

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 is Apple's best tablet

Apple also added a new processor and a better screen to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro , and launched a brand new 10.5-inch iPad Pro that replaces last year's 9.7-inch iPad Pro model . Scrolling through a page feels less floaty, with a less noticeable blur in text as you race by and a more immediate clarity when you stop. As it is a direct connection and draws power from the iPad, you do not need to charge it or pair it using Bluetooth. Read More »

Warriors' NBA championship victory parade set for Thursday in Oakland

Wanda Durant had her son at just 21. Wanda raised Kevin and Tony, his older brother, as a young single mother in Maryland. James said he had no reason to feel sorry for himself. "He was incredible all season long". Attendance in a rather ho-hum regular season many thought was just a prelude to the Warriors-Cavs championship series, was at all-time high levels. Read More »

Cleveland Cavaliers not giving up against Golden State Warriors, says LeBron James

Kerr's Warriors own a 3-0 lead over Lue's defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers in the best-of-seven series that could end with a Golden State sweep Friday in Cleveland . Cleveland had looked like they might prevail when they led by six points with three minutes to play but Durant led the Warriors on an impressive 11-0 run to close out the game. Read More »

NORC poll: Most in US think Trump meddled in Russia probe


Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., asked whether Trump had expressed any frustration with Sessions about his decision to recuse himself from the Russian Federation investigation. Senator Angus King, an independent, questioned Sessions' legal basis for refusing to answer questions after Sessions said Trump had not invoked executive privilege regarding the conversations. Read More »

Sony unveils new VR PS4 games at E3

The PlayStation 4 grew a wide sales lead over Xbox One, and Microsoft has refocused its efforts on the game side of its console since. I wondered, though, if the fact that games must be created to run on any Xbox One console - whether the original Xbox One released in 2013, the current Xbox One S or the upcoming Xbox One X - might limit the potential of the new console's incredible raw horsepower. Read More »

Zero Recall: Sessions Punts Questions On Trump, Comey, Russia Probe

Addressing allegations that he had unreported meetings with Russian officials while he advised the Trump campaign, Sessions said he had already acknowledged two meetings a year ago with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. After his confirmation hearing in January, Sessions was skewered for saying, "I did not have communications with the Russians". ". or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process, is an appalling and detestable lie ", Sessions said, slamming shut his sentence with ... Read More »

Tesla in talks with Indian govt to reduce import duty: Elon Musk


Now, however, it seems that Tesla is rethinking its plans and might be planning on entering India soon. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has posted on Twitter that the company is in discussion with the Indian government over exemption of import duties, restrictions until they get their own factory in the country. Read More »

Microsoft unveils Xbox One X at E3 2017 show

PS4 consoles from the outset could power virtual reality, and Sony sells headgear for those experiences. 2017 was one of those years. Xbox One S also has 4K support at least for its streaming and disc drive. Indie games were - as our friends at Polygon pointed out - weirdly absent. There has been a lot of talk about Microsoft new Project Scorpio console since the E3 2016 but today, we have all the final details, including the price, launch date, specifications and the list of ... Read More »

Londoners help fire survivors with food, clothes

May faced further delays in forming her new government after a failed election gamble when her would-be allies said their agreement would be put back following the blaze. Paul Fuller, chairman of the Fire Sector Federation trade body, said a sprinkler system could have helped lessen the impact of the fire. The NSW government began looking at the issue of what exteriors have been used on buildings in this state following a big fire at the Lacrosse building in Melbourne's Docklands in 2014, ... Read More »