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Supermassive projects, Final Fantasy 15 on the way to PlayStation VR


Bravo Team is another PlayStation VR game that is sure to support the new PlayStation Aim controller which was officially launched a few months back with the launch of the impressive Farpoint game. We've gathered up all of the VR games shown at the conference; check them out below! Thankfully, Supermassive Games reformatted the gameplay video to reflect non-VR displays for showing purposes, revealing what looks like a pretty polished VR title. Read More »

Top 5 Games From Microsoft's E3 2017 Conference


The tech giant claims that gaming experience will be much better on the console as it has been designed "around today's cutting-edge engines and the blockbuster titles you already love". The console includes a 4K UHD Blu-ray player, built-in power supply, three USB 3.0 ports (one on the front and two on the back), and infrared blaster. Read More »

Minecraft is now available for cross-play on any device

The Minecraft service known as Minecraft Realms is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this summer, as NoA's Twitter revealed earlier today. "It's confirmed that it won't connect to Nintendo/Windows/Xbox versions of the game", and "Microsoft approached, [Sony] said no". Read More »

PS4 Worldwide Sales Reach 60.4 Million; Software Sales Close to 500 Million


In fact, it's been ages since Microsoft revealed any official Xbox One sales numbers, but the latest reports indicated Microsoft had sold less than 30 million units. Sony also announced at E3 that the cult game " Shadow of the Colossus " will get a high-definition remake for PlayStation 4. House also revealed that Sony is considering expanding its PS4 ecosystem and is looking to broaden its PlayStation VR content collection. Read More »

Blizzard Announces an Overwatch Open Division for Aspiring Professionals


Overwatch players will be soon be going to the moon with the release of the new map, Horizon Lunar Colony. You can check out the developers talking about the map, as well as snippets of the level in the video below. Hit the Quick Play card to begin your training. Learn the basics of team roles and experiment with heroes in unranked play to find your favorites. For playing, you'll get $10.00 of credit in your Blizzard account, with the top players getting bigger rewards for reaching the ... Read More »

Apple iOS 11 Is Incompatible With 32-Bit Apps


Apple says APFS makes common operations such as copying files and directories instantaneous, helps protect data from power outages and system crashes, and keeps files safe and secure with native encryption. This made it hard on occasion to choose the right GIF saved to your Photos app. If you have one of the older iPhone models, you'll either have to live with the bugs and glitches, or update to a newer version of the iPhone that benefits from the safety and software updates. Read More »

San Francisco shooting: Gunman kills 3, then shoots himself


It was not immediately clear how many employees were at the facility, but UPS said the warehouse employs 350 people. Lam appeared to target the three drivers who died, chasing at least one of them out of the building, Cilia said. KCBS Radio reported that the shooter, a male believed to be a UPS driver, was taken into custody and was being transported to the hospital. Chaplin said that although the suspect was wearing a UPS uniform, investigators have yet to confirm whether he was an employee. Read More »

Ubisoft Shows Off New Pirate GameSkull and Bones


In this open-world multiplayer game, you play as a pirate whose business involves gathering loot as you try to become the scourge of the seas. The game is still a ways off, with a Fall 2018 release window. We'd consider Child of Light, Steep, Grow Home and now Skull & Bones to be worthy of that classification, and we really liked every single one of them in one way or another. Read More »

BMW Joins $55 Million Round in Proterra


The latest cash infusion brings to $345 million the total amount that Proterra has raised from investors. "More than ever before, cities are looking for sustainable transportation solutions that can reduce pollution efficiently and effectively", he said in a statement . Read More »

Sony unveils new ''Spider-man'' game at E3 expo

Add in Bethesda's standalone expansion for Dishonored 2, and updates might be more exciting than brand-new games this year. Too many for everyone to get a turn. Sony has a big announcement. But as I mentioned, this thing is never judged on its own. This includes news for the next installment of the " Uncharted " franchise called " Uncharted : The Lost Legacy ". Read More »

E3 2017: Cross-console Minecraft and Super Duper Graphics Pack announced


The game will include all the features from the Windows 10 edition, but it will be a 4K title which means it should look much better than the old Xbox One game. No news yet on how platform specific content such as the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack will be handled. Its Minecraft but not as we know it and it looks simply stunning in the way that only Minecraft can. Read More »

Minecraft 4K Graphics Pack On The Way

This update also looks like it will significantly upgrade the look of Minecraft's lighting. Nearly all editions will finally be unified beneath a single version, and assumedly updated at the same time with the same content. We exclusively reported that Microsoft is bringing Minecraft's Windows 10 edition to the Xbox One for the new Xbox One X . Today at E3, Microsoft officially announced that it's bringing Minecraft to the Xbox One X as a native 4K title. Read More »

Sony's preventing cross-platform play on Rocket League too

Whenever cross-platform play has come up in the past, Microsoft has insisted that the ball was in Sony's court, and it appears that is true: Speaking with Eurogamer , PlayStation global sales and marketing head Jim Ryan said Sony's reasoning for holding out was about money. Read More »

Tom Holland confirms Spider-Man trilogy for Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ever since his debut in Captain America: Civil War , people have been in love with Tom Holland's portrayal of everyone's favorite webhead. When asked to clarify what he meant by "couple of movies", Holland let the cat out of the bag: "There will be a Spider-Man 2 and 3..." He's the third actor to portray the web-slinger in a live action movie. Read More »

Mojang Bring Crossplay and 4K to Minecraft on Xbox One

With the new " Better Together Update ", the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One console versions, the mobile versions and the Windows 10 and Virtual Reality versions of Minecraft will all be based on Microsoft is calling the "bedrock engine" built in the C++ development language. Read More »

Sony unveils new 'Spider-man' game

So, expect Sony to announce whatever else it has up its sleeve December 9-10 during PSX 2017 . Sony says the game will arrive on the PlayStation 4 on early 2018. They're after an ancient relic, which us Indians can relate to, the Tusk of Ganesha. A couple of other PS VR games were also revealed during the Sony E3 2017 conference. Read More »

Company not making money on Xbox One X at $500


Now that the console and its details are official the time has arrived to make a decision - whether to upgrade to the Xbox One X when it arrives on 07 November. "Look at something like Forza that is delivering that native 4K, 60 frames per second". It will also use super sampling to ensure that games look great even on TV's that don't support 4K. Read More »

Is Xbox One X Worth $100 More Than The PS4 Pro?

Just to be clear, this is not what you'd call a "next-gen" console. And since these devices are about far more than just playing Blu-ray videos -'s a gaming device with tons of computing power and storage space - it's no wonder there won't be any profit coming from Xbox One X sales. Read More »

Sony Has A Weak Excuse For Not Allowing Cross-Platform Play

His reasoning is. not that sound. Same goes for Rocket League , which Psyonix said this morning would support cross-play between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch , but not PS4. Over the summer, the game will offer you an update automatically as long as you own it. That's what I'm getting at, really. "If you have a realm that you've created on the PC and you want to get to it on the Switch, we have to have an identity system and we just use Xbox Live". Read More »

Five big changes coming to your iPhone and iPad this fall


As with any new Apple product announcements, it won't be complete without its accompanying accessories and the new iPad Pro is no different. Your new age tablet is a productivity tool. And more than a year later, here we are at the beta version of iOS 11 . In addition to boosting the software of the iPad Pro with iOS 11, Apple made some display, camera and processor improvements. Read More »

Shadow of the Colossus Remake Announced For PS4

Uncharted: Lost Legacy and Horizon: Zero Dawn's " The Frozen Wilds " were also highlighted, though it's hard to get too excited about DLC expansions, and the Shadow of the Colossus remake/remaster is good news if nothing jaw-dropping. Monster Hunter is Coming To Consoles And PC. . Maybe I didn't get the memo, but I was legitimately surprised to find out Bluepoint Games was making a remastered version of Shadow of the Colossus for PS4. Read More »

Sony's Jim Ryan defends position on cross-platform play

Mojang CEO Jonas Märtensson spoke with the Norwegian site PressFire (translated via Gaf ) on Minecraft hitting the Nintendo Switch and revealed a number of things, including how badly they want Sony to join in on the cross-play and how Xbox Live will be used in the game. Read More »