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It looks like we won't be getting Monster Hunter XX


The Monster Hunter series has been well known to gamers for many years. What this means for the potential of the 3DS version being localized is unclear. Additionally, the team is targeting a stable 30 frames-per-second on all platforms, it supports both 4K and HDR on PS4 Pro/Xbox One X, World is the next main title in the series, it won't include cross-play, there is no underwater combat, gestures are present, there will be in-game voice chat, you can play offline, and more gameplay will ... Read More »

Cristiano will prove innocence over tax allegations — Real Madrid

In a statement , representatives of the world's highest paid footballer said there had never been concealment, or the slightest intention to hide. "The denunciation implies that everything derives from the participation of a tax haven structure, similar to that of other players", Gestifute said. Read More »

Mobileye NV (MBLY) Surges to 52-Week High, Is Now Top Performer

The company has market cap of $4.65 billion. The stock declined 0.05% or $0.03 reaching $62.79 per share. About 200 shares traded. If you look at the company's income statement over the past years, you will see that the company is constantly posting gross profit: In 2014, MBLY earned gross profit of 106.6 Million, in 2015 179.45 Million gross profit, while in 2016 Mobileye N.V. Read More »

Huge flames and smoke billows from Grenfell Tower after massive blaze

Others escaped on their own power. At least 74 people were injured, of whom 20 are in critical condition. Authorities say the cause of the fire is not yet known and declined to speculate about how it started and spread so quickly. "If it wasn't for all these young Muslim boys round here, helping us, coming from Mosque, people would've [been] dead, more people would've [been] dead", the woman is seen saying. Read More »

E3 2017: Shadow of the Colossus Coming to PlayStation 4 in 2018

The game has been completely remade for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, featuring all new HD graphics, upgraded resolution, and more dynamic animations and environments. It kicked-off with a glimpse at a new Uncharted spin-off title, followed by the reveal of the first expansion for the critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn . Read More »

Tom Holland Accidentally Reveals 'Spider-Man' Will Be a Trilogy

That is until now. Columbia Pictures rebooted the wall-crawler's movie franchise after Raimi left the series, and gave Andrew Garfield a starring role as the titular teenage hero in 2012's "The Amazing Spider-Man". There has been some question of how long he'll stay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though. The upcoming "Spider-Man: Homecoming " marks Holland's second time playing Spider-Man. Read More »

Beyond Good & Evil 2 officially announced

Despite the silence of Ubisoft on the highly anticipated sequel, it turned out that the developer has been working on " Beyond Good and Evil 2 " after all. While we don't know who her replacement might be, we do know a few things about the games Ubisoft is expected to show off. This doesn't completely rule out a Switch release, since the beta might only be running on these three platforms, but this can be taken as pretty concrete proof that BGE2 is going to be on all platforms. Read More »

Ultra-Powerful Xbox One X Unveiled

Exposing what in many cases are children to external influences we have no ability to manage or look after, it's something we have to think about very carefully. All games released for the Xbox One will be playable on the new console as well. Is Xbox One X for owners of vanilla PS4s moving up to a 4K console to hook up to their new 4K TV? Formerly known as Project Scorpio , the Xbox One X promises better graphics for players, whether or not they have a 4K television. Read More »

Microsoft Explains Why Xbox One X Is Worth $100 Premium

But our focus on the briefing, because we only have so much time, was 'Hey listen we want to show this broad variety of games and Xbox One will set a new standard for console performance'. Will parents really opt to purchase Xbox One X over the standard model? Meanwhile, Microsoft's Xbox One S struggles to maintain 1080p and runs more of its titles on 900p. Read More »

Microsoft Creates AI to Achieve Max Score in Ms. Pac-Man


Like most companies, AI development can be best understood through the use of video games to simulate how humans perceive the algorithms. The group achieved the highest possible score of 999,990 using a technique called Hybrid Reward Architecture for Reinforcement Learning . Read More »

E3 2017: Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Coming in 2018

It is the first Uncharted game to not feature Nathan Drake as the headliner. Sony's PlayStation E3 2017 Press Conference live stream starts Monday, June 12, 6pm PDT, 9pm EST, which is actually 2am Tuesday BST for anyone in the UK. Read More »

Cosby jury well into 3rd day of deliberating, no new questions

They were chosen in Pittsburgh and bused 300 miles to suburban Philadelphia, where they are sequestered until the trial's end. Jurors asked about the phrasing Tuesday morning during their sixth hour of deliberations, but Judge Steven O'Neill said he couldn't define it for them. Read More »

Metroid: Samus Returns Announced For 3DS

There was so much packed into that short little stream, that it's actually hard to unpack it all. At the E3 gaming convention on Tuesday, Nintendo announced several new games for its hit console, the Nintendo Switch , including a new Pokemon game. Read More »

Gene Simmons Files to Trademark 'Devil Horns' Hand Gesture

Gene Simmons , KISS frontman and master capitalist, has filed a trademark application for a hand gesture that looks an terrible lot like the heavy metal horns, the "rock on" hands-whatever you want to call them. But here's another thing: doesn't the sign of the horns require you to bend your thumb in on top of your ring and middle fingers? However, Simmons could face some challenges. Read More »

Kirby is coming to Nintendo Switch

What game are you most excited about? Snakebyte has now announced a new line of add-ons that can help increase battery life, charge the Joy-Con controllers or make it easier to kill time on a road trip. A Pokémon RPG in Development for the Switch: Last week, Nintendo revealed Pokken Tournament DX , a version of the Pokemon fighting game that marks the franchise's debut on Nintendo's new console. Read More »

Bill Cosby sexual assault trial: Jury to deliberate for third straight day

The verdict to be passed from the jury to the judge on the criminal case involving U.S. comedian, Bill Cosby , could depend on the interpretation of one word: knowledge. His defense have stood on the premise that Constand, like many others, desired Cosby for "a relationship", absolving his client of any intent to rape. Read More »

Lego Worlds Coming to Nintendo Switch this Fall


Lego Worlds is an open world sandbox game in which you create the world around you via Lego's. The pack, due to drop in July, will include new quests, characters, builds and vehicles all taken from the LEGO Space themed playsets, including a Space Buggy, Space Cruiser and Mineral Detector. Read More »

Ncondezi Energy Ltd (NCCL.L) Seeing Increased Volatility in Session

Zurcher Kantonalbank Zurich Cantonalbank raised its position in Semtech Corporation by 74.2% in the first quarter. 530,992 shares of the company's stock were exchanged. Identifying market tops and correction levels may be very hard. Its revenue has grown at an average annualized rate of about 2.50% during the past five years. Read More »

French president heading to Morocco for talks with king

It's a unity of objective, having voted to leave the European Union, that their Government gets on with that and makes a success of it, and we are committed to developing a deep and special partnership with the EU. He said, "No negotiation of Brexit has been finalised. Once it's begun, we have to be collectively conscious that it is more hard to go backward". As a singer dressed in uniform and playing a guitar started singing, the pockets of England fans joined in, some with their arms ... Read More »

Monetary concerns are preventing Sony from allowing cross-console play

Minecraft Communication Manager Aubrey Norris piped in with a similar sentiment on Twitter , saying, "we would love to have PlayStation players along with the unified Minecraft , hope that we can". "We would be happy to have the conversation with any publishers or developers who are interested in cross platform play", it said in a statement. "Unfortunately it's a commercial discussion between ourselves and other stakeholders, and I'm not going to get into the detail of that on this ... Read More »

US top court rules for Microsoft in Xbox class action fight (MSFT)

Not to mention, the Xbox one X will work with all existing Xbox one accessories, games, which will run on 4k even though they only ran at a maximum of 1080p on the console predecessor, and backwards compatible Xbox 360 games. Perhaps what aids the console in looking more refined is the switch to a matte black finish and its removal of any unsightly vents, especially the ones that were prominent on the top piece of the Xbox One S. Read More »

Microsoft's Xbox Live Avatars Offer Diversity and Customization


As can be seen from the video announcement below, the new Xbox Live Avatars will be released this Fall and will feature better graphics and a lot of new customization options. guys can now wear dresses and girls can wear a suit). Of particular interest is the new color options which were only teased in the above video. Whether you're pregnant or have a prosthetic leg, Xbox wants you to feel included in their ecosystem. Read More »