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The Lion King: Luke Cage's Alfre Woodard to Voice Sarabi


Rafiki is probably most remembered for his iconic moment holding up Simba to the crowd at Pride Rock in the beginning of the movie, a sequence that we know will be retold faithfully in this version of The Lion King thanks to some footage that was shown at Disney's D23 Expo. Read More »

Partial lunar eclipse to be visible today across India, Asia

Lunar eclipse occur when the moon enters the earth's shadow, which consists of umbra and penumbra. Traditionally, some Native American fishing tribes were aware that sturgeon - a large fish that inhabited the Great Lakes as well as Lake Champlain - were most readily caught around the time of the August full moon, hence it became known as the Full Sturgeon Moon. Read More »

Partial lunar eclipse to grace Israel's skies tonight

The penumbral part of the lunar eclipse, which is hard to discern, began at 9:20 pm, while the partial phase would start at 10:52 pm, she said. "For those who follow Hindu traditions, the eclipse has mythological and religious significance". Read More »

Get ready for partial lunar eclipse on Monday night

The full moon on August 7 is associated with a couple of cool things, namely, it begins the denouement of this moon that will result in the new moon that coincides with the total solar eclipse on August 21. And it doesn't end there, because then the Moon will move on and come to its first quarter phase near the star Antares, another member of the Four Royal Stars. Read More »

A major new Xbox One update overhauls the dashboard with Fluent Design

This makes a bit more sense for the platform - Reveal was about either showing your mouse position or wherever you tapped on a screen, and you just don't have cursor motion when selecting things with a controller. That's exactly what's happening, with a new modular system known as blocks taking up the space under your Home section. Are you ready. for content blocks? As is the case on Windows 10, the Xbox One is a getting a more modern UX courtesy of the Fluent Design System . Read More »

US, Japan, Australia Urge Binding Code for South China Sea


Robespierre L. Bolivar, spokesman of the Philippines' Department of Foreign Affairs, said the foreign ministers "endorsed the framework of the code of conduct for eventual adoption at the ASEAN-China ministerial meeting on August 6". In such a cordial atmosphere, the move of Vietnam is not only against the positive trend in the South China Sea, but is also meant to undermine unity of ASEAN against the will of the people there. Read More »

Ishares MSCI India ETF

Technology Index (the Index). Managing confidence in the markets may play a pivotal role when making tough investing decisions. 3EDGE Asset Management LP now owns 414,500 shares of the company's stock valued at $13,307,000 after buying an additional 66,800 shares during the period. Read More »

3DS Finishes Collection, Switch To Build — Dragon Quest Announcements


A Nintendo of Japan news story has revealed the first screenshots from the recently announced 3DS versions of Dragon Quest , Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line , and Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation . Gameplay was also unveiled, which you can see via the embedded VoD. There are a lot of expectations for " Dragon Quest Builders 2 ". In the meantime, fans can spend the waiting time by playing through the challenges and secrets of " Dragon Quest Builders " in ... Read More »

Total Solar Eclipse, protecting your eyes

In less than two weeks all of North America will be treated to a solar eclipse. The lunar eclipse will start at around 10.52 p m on the night of August 7 and will continue till 00.48 a m IST. In the continental United States, the 70-mile width path of totality begins on the OR coast and passes through portions of Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and SC. Read More »

FX will launch an ad-free streaming service for $6 a month


FX+ isn't a standalone streaming service. The initiative, called FX+, is similar to AMC Networks' $4.99 AMC Premiere, launched in June. The value proposition isn't absolute, though, given that numerous network's shows can also be found on other streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. Read More »

Apple has an official Instagram account showcasing photos shot on iPhone


But take note: Those pictures must be shot on an iPhone. Presumably using that tag may lead Apple to contact you about including your work in one of their upcoming collections. This isn't Apple's first foray into the world of Instagram, though. You can find them on Instagram by reading the captions. The Apple Instagram account is now posting galleries, sets of images taken by various photographers using iOS equipment. Read More »

Mobile Woos Seniors with Two Lines of Unlimited for $60


T-Mobile sees a sweet spot in the mobile plan market: There are the biggest family plans with four or more lines of service, and then there are plans marketed to senior citizens, which are intended for voice-only lines and might lack data service. Read More »

Solar eclipse by zip code

The total eclipse will end near Charleston at 2:48 p.m. EDT. In the continental United States, the 70-mile width path of totality begins on the OR coast and passes through portions of Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and SC. Read More »

Carnivorous sea lice 'eat' teenager's FEET in Australia


Cooling down after a footy match, teenager Sam Kanizay was soaking in waist-deep water at a Melbourne beach on Saturday evening when he began to feel what he thought were pins and needles in his legs. It's the stuff of nightmares - you go in for a quick swim at the beach, and walk out with bites all over your ankles that won't stop bleeding. A large band of sea lice or possibly jellyfish larvae are among the possible suspects in an attack that's left marine experts baffled, according ... Read More »

Nine-year-old applies for Nasa's "alien-fighting" job, gets response


Green told Jack the job is about protecting other planets and moons "from our germs" as the agency explores the Solar System. The person appointed will have a six-figure salary. and conduct exploration of them so as to avoid their harmful contamination and also adverse changes in the environment of the Earth resulting from the introduction of extraterrestrial matter". Read More »

Blackrock Municipal Income Trust (NYSE:BFK) Given Media Sentiment Rating of 0.08

Royal Bank Of Canada reduced their target price on shares of BlackRock LT Municipal Advantage Trust from GBX 425 ($5.54) to GBX 410 ($5.34) and set an "outperform" rating on the stock in a report on Friday, May 12th. As of the end of the quarter First Trust Advisors Lp had acquired a total of 13,364 shares growing its holdings by 45.7%. Advisory Services Network, LLC now controls 500 shares worth $7,000. Read More »

Rainbow Six Siege Passes the 20-Million Registered Players Milestone


Part of Siege's success has been down to Ubisoft's decision to launch a Starter Edition for the game at a heavily discounted price which gives players access to the full game with all content being available, however players earn operators differently to those who purchase the standard edition. Read More »

Former Phillies Catcher Daulton Dies At 55


Daulton is survived by his wife Amanda and four children; Zachary, 27; Summer 17; Savannah, 16 and Darren Jr., 15. "(He) was truly "one of a kind" and we will dearly miss him". 'In addition to being an outstanding clubhouse leader, he was also a fighter. 'I really enjoyed watching him for 14 years in uniform. In 1992, Daulton won a Silver Slugger and led the National League with 109 RBI, becoming just the fourth catcher to win the RBI title. Read More »

Google Pixel And Pixel XL Get Huge Discounts In The US


Typically listed for $649 and up, the "regular" Pixel now starts at $524, while the 5.5-inch Google Pixel XL sets you back $569 with 32GB storage instead of its $769 MSRP. To make things a little sweeter, you can also grab a free Google Daydream VR headset with the purchase by simply just adding it to your cart. Google has provided some valuable information on its official store, and we believe that you should read the fine print before proceeding with your purchase. Read More »

GST Council: SUV & Luxury Car Cess Likely To Be Increased


Cars which are above 4-metre in length with engine displacement above 1500cc falls into the Indian luxury auto segment. The GST Council in its 20th Meeting held on August 5, 2017 noted that the total tax incidence on motor vehicles after GST has come down, it said. Read More »

Owen surges into lead at Barracuda championship


The PGA Tour tournament is known for its use of the Modified Stableford scoring system, with points given for an albatross (eight), eagle (five) and birdie (two) and points subtracted for a bogey (minus one) and double bogey or more (minus three). Read More »