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Google brings its cloud platform to Sydney


The new region has the following services. Google says they'll be available "shortly". But there's no word on when the full set of Google products will land down under. "Many large organisations have the requirement to be able to store data locally, and partners bring that up a lot as well", he said. Google's cloud data center map is posted below. Read More »

This Reporter's Had Enough Of Sean Spicer's No-Video, No-Audio Updates


The organizers of Warmbier's trip say they will no longer take USA citizens to the country. Pyongyang returned Warmbier to the US on June 13 after reportedly being in a coma for a year . Wambier's parents did not cite a specific cause of death but blamed "awful, torturous mistreatment" by North Korea. But a senior North Korean official declared it is "not afraid" in the face of U.S. Read More »

Trump calls Warmbier death a 'total disgrace'


Relatives have said US envoys told them that North Korean officials said Warmbier contracted botulism after his trial and became comatose after taking a sleeping pill, according to the Washington Post . Senator John McCain went even further. "There had not been any previous detainment in North Korea that has ended with such tragic finality and we have been struggling to process the result", Young Pioneer Tours said in a statement on its website . Read More »

Cuban government says Donald Trump will not weaken 'the revolution'

Harmful changes like these are a prime example of why Congress must act to codify the law and allow open trade and travel with Cuba and the Cuban people. and Cuba. Commercial flights and cruise liners will still be allowed to ferry Americans to the island nation 90 miles south of Florida, but passengers will face the threat of a Treasury audit if they do not have a government-approved reason to be there. Read More »

Microsoft indirectly responses to Kaspersky antitrust complaints, outlines antivirus efforts


Microsoft indirectly responded in a blog post talking about its partnerships with antivirus companies in general. This would appear to address Kaspersky's claim that Microsoft is using its " dominant position " to promote Windows Defender. Lefferts explains that "because AV software can be deeply entwined within the operating system, we doubled down on our efforts to help AV vendors be compatible with the latest updates" and by the time Windows 10 Creators Update launched, "roughly 95 ... Read More »

Crytek Shows Off First Gameplay Footage from Hunt: Showdown

Last month Crytek unveiled a chilling teaser trailer for their newest upcoming title Hunt: Showdown and today the developer released brand new gameplay footage. In the video above, the creative and level design directors for Hunt: Showdown , Magnus Larbrant and Chris Auty , demonstrate the hunt for a monstrous spider in "a dark Louisiana swamp". Read More »

Break the Piggy Bank: Steam Summer Sale Starts June 22nd


While PayPal's tweet below regarding the beginning of Steam's Summer Sale isn't exactly official since Valve has yet to confirm the dates, it's worth noting that last year's sale began roughly around the same time. PayPal has become rather reliable source when it comes to Steam sale dates. It's always a mixed blessing for PC gamers, is the Steam Summer Sale. Read More »

NCRPO probes alleged memo on Maute bomb plot


The National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) on Tuesday appealed to the public to refrain from spreading a memorandum from the Valenzuela police station claiming that Maute Group members are planning to conduct bombing attacks in Metro Manila . Read More »

Hitman's Prologue can be yours for free


To that end, they've taken the prologue from last year's Hitman - the two missions that make use of the ICA training facility - and turned it into a free demo for the game as a whole. Newly independent developer IO Interactive is welcoming all comers to the secret ICA Facility where Agent 47 first proved his chops as a murderous sonuvabitch, and yes, they are technically the "tutorial" stages. Read More »

Kepler finds more planets that could support life

This latest catalog release brings the total number of planet candidates discovered by Kepler up to 4,034, with 2,335 verified as exoplanets . NASA has discovered 10 brand-new planets which it believes are Earth-like, within the habitable zone and so could theoretically support alien life . Read More »

OnePlus 5 pricing details revealed via new leak

That's hardly peanuts, but if OnePlus can keep it around the S$800 mark while offering flagship-level performance, it'll still be able to claim it's the natural choice for bargain hunters. As for the OnePlus 5 specifications , the company has confirmed that the device will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. However, we don't think the pricing factor wouldn't affect the sales of the OnePlus 5 in a negative manner. Read More »

Google promises YouTube crackdown on online extremism


YouTube has announced four new steps it will be taking to combat terrorist videos on its site. To step up its policing efforts, Google will almost double the number of independent experts it uses to flag problematic content and expand its work with counter-extremist groups to help identify content that may be used to radicalize and recruit terrorists. Read More »

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Allocation Plan Encourages Dealers To Sell At MSRP


Dodge wants to ensure its customers aren't getting ripped off due to the demand for the auto so it will be placing Demons sold at or below the $86,090 MSRP on a priority production list. For your extra dollar, you'll get the Demon race crate, which features these customized goodies, created to deliver the advertised 9-second timeslips. Read More »

North America Electric Control Cabinet Market (2017-2022) - Sales Revenue, Grow Pricing


The report, like all reports added to the website , is an all-inclusive and descriptive view of the Global Medical Document Management Systems Market . Capric Acid Market report provides key statistics on the market status of the Capric Acid Manufacturers and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the Capric Acid Industry . Read More »

How to Sign Up for the iOS 11 Public Beta

Once done, your Apple ID, settings , iCloud Keychain passwords and more are securely imported to the new device. It should be common knowledge by now that Apple introduced the initial iOS 11 beta shortly after the opening keynote of this year's Worldwide Developers Conference. Read More »

Wi-Fi facility at 1000 public places in Hyderabad launched


Telangana government plans to extend the project to 2,000 more locations (or hotspots) in the next three months, taking the total count to 3,000 hotspots. "We will settle it first in Hyderabad and in light of how it is functioning, we will stretch out it to three various districts", he told columnists on the sidelines of the occasion. Read More »

Iran Brands as Crushing and Successful Attack on IS in Syria


Iran's recent strike on the Islamic State was also a signal to the USA that the country's missile program will not be deterred by sanctions, according to Iranian parliamentarians. Now it appears that the only message the Islamic regime in Iran actually sent out was, was that they flopped. He also accused Iran of providing support for the Assad government, funding militias and foreign fighters in Iraq and Yemen, and arming "terrorist" organizations like Hezbollah, which threaten Washington's ... Read More »

Costa Rica's President accidentally swallows wasp on live TV!


After Solís seems to realize there was something in his mouth , he stops talking, seemingly taking a second to chew and swallow the creature before announcing in disbelief, "I ate it". "Pure protein!" the President joked as he laughed with reporters , adding that the video was going to be sent to CNN, implying his unusual snack would feature on global news. Read More »

Authorities face questions over handling of London mosque attack


In remarks outside Downing Street on Monday, Prime Minister Theresa May said, "It is a reminder that terrorism, extremism and hatred take many forms; and our determination to tackle them must be the same whoever is responsible". Security Minister Ben Wallace told BBC radio that the suspect was "not known to us". He told reporters: "It wasn't me alone, there were a group of brothers". Read More »

Secretary Ben Carson Breaks Rank On The Russia Investigation

A White House official said the senior aide and son-in-law to President Donald Trump will arrive on Wednesday for meetings in Jerusalem and Ramallah. Sekulow sidestepped Cuomo's charge, returning to his claim that the president's reasons for firing Comey could not be investigated given that the Federal Bureau of Investigation director serves at the pleasure of the president. Read More »

Donald Trump criticises federal government technology as outdated

Plans for the meeting were announced earlier in the month and this all part of the efforts being made by the Trump administration to modernize the government with the help of tech companies and tech leaders. Facebook was the only one of the top five tech companies that didn't attend. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was invited but could not attend because of a conflict, the company said. Read More »

How a Referendum on Trump Became Most Expensive House Race Ever


NY [U.S.], June 20:U.S. President Donald Trump has urged voters to vote for Republican Karen Handel , who is fighting a close race against Democratic newcomer Jon Ossoff in a highly anticipated District 6 race of Georgia on Tuesday. Unprecedented sums of money has poured into the candidates campaigns. We won't be able to truly answer why until this race is long over and we've tested these above hypotheses in the 2018 midterm elections . Read More »

Tropical storm warnings issued in Louisiana


A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect from High Island, TX, to the mouth of Pearl River. A tropical storm watch is in effect from west of Intracoastal City to High Island, Texas , according to the Miami Herald . At 11 a.m., the potential tropical cyclone was about 325 miles south southeast of Trinidad and 405 miles southeast of Grenada and moving toward the west near 25 miles per hour. Read More »

Indian-American selected by NASA among 12 new astronauts


Pence said the White House planned to form a council to advise President Donald Trump on space policy and strategy, relaunching a body that has been inactive for more than 25 years. Jessica Watkins: She is now a postdoctoral fellow at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), where she collaborates on NASA's Mars Science Laboratory for the Curiosity rover. Read More »