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Does Samsung have a Galaxy S9 Mini in the works?

Both phones match up with 4GB of RAM and 64GB or 128GB storage options, but the Samsung phone also has a 256GB edition, and a memory card slot for adding more. Thanks to the efficient 7nm FinFET architecture, the Galaxy S10 will be able to conserve more battery life, but because of the expensive procedure that will go to making such a thing, it could also be stamped with a bigger price tag. Read More »

Apple poaches Google's AI Chief to make Siri smarter


Giannandrea's departure from his role as Google's AI chief was confirmed Tuesday. In his work heading up Apple's machine learning and AI strategy, Giannandrea will influence products like Core ML for iOS app developers and the dedicated AI chip reportedly under development , as well as the struggling Siri assistant . Read More »

Tinder Loops Video Feature Now In Testing


Tinder is moving into the next big phase of narcissism with its first video-based feature being tested with iOS users in Canada and Sweden. As you may have guessed by the name - " Loops " - the feature isn't focused on traditional video, but rather on a shorter, nearly GIF-like looping video format that's been popularized by apps like Instagram's Boomerang and, before that, Twitter's Vine. Read More »

Mozilla Announces Firefox Reality, a Dedicated Browser for VR and AR Headsets


This isn't the first time Mozilla has jumped into the VR/AR arena; it already supports WebVR , WebAR and A-Frame for experiencing and building web experiences in virtual and augmented reality. As with Mozilla's existing desktop browser, Firefox Reality is open source, making it easier for manufacturers to adapt the browser for their devices. Read More »

Hitman: Definitive Edition Hits PS4, Xbox One in May


IO Interactive has announced that Hitman now has more than 12 million players worldwide. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has officially taken over publishing duties for Hitman , after Square Enix split with developer IO Interactive previous year. Read More »

10000 black holes at Milky Way's core, researchers say


A black hole that isn't eating appears as a single dark dot against an equally dark background, and as such, is nearly totally invisible. Artistic depiction of a black hole "devouring" a star. The problem has been spotting them. "This is just kind of astonishing that you could have a prediction for such a large number of objects and not find any evidence for them", Hailey says. Read More »

5 interesting things you didn't know about the late Maya Angelou


Despite struggling to make ends meet, Dr. Angelou didn't give up on her love of poetry, music, and dance. Lending her voice to President Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993, Angelou was the first poet since Frost to enjoy the honor of the august platform, reading the centuries-spanning epic " On the Pulse of Morning ", which she wrote for the occasion. Read More »

Year 2 Of Ghost Recon Wildlands Support Announced


Finally, for PvE a free themed mission and special challenge is set to arrive with its own exclusive rewards. Ubisoft hasn't revealed much else about the Year 2 content but has stated that some of it will feature user-requested content and that even the campaign will get some new content. Read More »

Zuckerberg fires back at Apple CEO Tim Cook's Facebook criticism

The pages aimed at Russian speakers worldwide and neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan , Uzbekistan and Ukraine . Facebook's team says that it designed these new features rom the feedback that they obtained and input given by a diverse set of people and publishers , including those in the Facebook Journalism Project. Read More »

E-auction for broadcast of India's home games attracts massive bids


In 2012, STAR India won the BCCI media rights till 2018 for Rs 38.51 billion. The initial bid was Rs 4,176 crore before it reached Rs 4201.20 crores. Sony, on the other hand will be more desperate for the India Rights as Indian team's media rights are important for any broadcaster's survival. The e-auction will start at 11 am tomorrow and as per norms, no one save the bidders know who has the top bid with him. Read More »

Google has plans to launch a mid-range Pixel phone

Different from Amazon, Google is understood to be planning a quick full-fledged commercial start of its intelligent speakers in the country and will omit extended betas. For example, while Google Assistant and Alexa both boast thousands of third-party developer integrations, Apple still only allows specific types of apps to integrate with Siri. Read More »

Biggest ever dinosaur footprint discovered in Scotland


They date to the Middle Jurassic period , around 170 million years ago, when Skye was part of a subtropical island near the equator. Upon close examination, a group of experts consisting of researchers from the University of Edinburgh , the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Scotland's Staffin Museum determined that the footprints were indeed traces left by Jurassic dinosaurs. Read More »

Manny Pacquiao splits from longtime trainer Freddie Roach


The 39-year-old Filipino senator and army colonel recently announced plans to launch his own cryptocurrency, and has been out of the ring since a controversial defeat to Australian Jeff Horn in Brisbane last summer. The Canadian adviser, however, left the door open for Top Rank and Arum to be involved in Pacquiao's future bouts. Arum earlier told ESPN that a consortium was putting up $15 million (roughly P780 million), including $5 million (P260 million) up front, to bankroll the boxing ... Read More »

LG G7 3D Renders Shows Off Vertical Dual Cameras


Some are suggesting a June reveal but it doesn't really matter when exactly, we're just interested to know more about how this phone will be similar or different from the G6. Other notable things include the vertical dual camera setup, LED flash, USB Type-C port, plus a headphone jack. On the back side with have a dual-lens camera and a fingerprint sensor, both placed centrally. Read More »

Farthest star ever seen captured by astronomers


The astronomy team also used Icarus to test and reject one theory of dark matter - that it consists of numerous primordial black holes lurking inside galaxy clusters - and to probe the make-up of normal matter and dark matter in the galaxy cluster. Read More »

Cloudflare Launched, a Free and Privacy-Focused DNS Service


There, I also explained about DNS servers . DNS resolvers or services are specialised servers created to find the IP address for a given domain name. "I$3 t's been depressing to us to watch all too frequently how DNS can be used as a tool of censorship against numerous groups we protect". The reason for choosing such a suspicious date for releasing this service comes from the fact that has four numbers one, therefore 4/1 was "the date we needed to launch it", according to Matthew ... Read More »

"OnePlus 6" Moniker Confirmed by the WiFi Certification Listing


Besides this, GizmoChina has also obtained a phone case said to be of the OnePlus 6 . Furthermore, the smartphone will ship with 64GB and 128GB of internal storage space which can be expanded up to 256GB. An alleged case of the OnePlus 6 has also been leaked by the same source that revealed the device's supposed price. Another highlight feature that OnePlus 6 will have to offer is its dual-lens camera setup. Read More »

Trump attacks Amazon again over US postal rates


In the 2017 fiscal year, the agency reported a net loss of $2.7 billion; the previous three years, it incurred losses of almost twice that amount. "The Failing N.Y. It has a network of more than 20 "sort centers" where customer packages are sorted by zip code, stacked on pallets and delivered to post offices for the final leg of delivery. Read More »

Tesla Autopilot was turned on when the fatal crash in California occurred


The investigation is particularly interested in the Autopilot system, which allows a certain number of maneuvers without the intervention of the driver. Since Brown's death, Tesla has changed Autopilot with software updates created to keep drivers more engaged. In other Tesla news, VP John Douglas Field sold 1,000 shares of the business's stock in a transaction that occurred on Friday, March 16th. Read More »

This Cannabis-Infused Beer Replaces Alcohol With THC


The new beers will be released through Villa's new company called CERIA , which he co-founded with his wife. These will then be added to traditionally-brewed beer that's had its alcohol removed, much like current commercially sold non-alcoholic beers. Read More »

Google Maps Launch Where's Wally Game


None other than Waldo of the classic Where's Waldo puzzle books has come to the mapping service, inviting users to play a mini game right in the mobile app or desktop browser. Tap on him to start the game. Although, all you need to progress to the next level is Wally... but if you're super competitive, you can stay and find the rest of the crew. Read More »

Passover Quotes to Celebrate the Jewish Holiday


We can't be sure that it was a seder quite like those that are more familiar from recent times because, in fact, odd as it may seem, the stories of the Last Supper are among the oldest evidence we have for anybody celebrating a seder . Read More »

Google URL Shortener Is Shutting Down: What You Must Do


As far as consumers go, they can continue to use all features of the goo.gl console until March 30, 2019. Google is encouraging developers to make use of FDL APIs , which will automatically detect a user's platform and direct other users to any location within an iOS , Android or web app. Read More »