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Woman set ablaze by husband, in-laws in Mah


Footage of the grim punishment was posted online and spread quickly, which then led to the arrest of the woman's husband, Shaudan, and his son, Shravansinh. Police are still on the hunt for the other accused. But he got angry when the victim ran away and used the metal bar to beat her before escaping the crime scene, he said. Read More »

Congress deletes official mobile phone app from Google's Play Store?


As you are an #Indian political party, having your server in #India is probably a good idea'. "We don't collect any personal data through the INC app. Notwithstanding the Congress clarification, Bharatiya Janata Party's IT cell head Amit Malviya attacked the party and its president Rahul Gandhi. "Now he wants data on our children". Read More »

Mew Is Headed to Pokemon Go in New Game Feature


Field Research tasks can be collected by spinning nearby Poketops, and they include a wide range of Pokemon-related activities. There will be specific missions to accomplish such as catching a certain Pokémon or battling one. The completion of Research tasks will also earn players one stamp per day; collect seven of those stamps and you're entitled to a Research Breakthrough and more rewards. Read More »

Chinese Space Station Falling: Tiangong-1 Could Re-enter on Easter

Only one person in history was hit by space debris falling to Earth. The spacecraft was launched by China's National Space Administration (CNSA) in 2011 and it was created to remain in space for two years. But given the spacecraft's inclination, it will re-enter somewhere between 43 degrees north and 43 degrees south latitudes. After the Chinese government told the United Nations they had lost control of the station, back in September of 2016, knowing exactly where the station was in ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 launched in India. Details here


The device, dubbed as the Galaxy J7 Prime 2 comes with some design changes and improved camera. The Samsung J7 Prime 2 has 5.5 inches full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels) TFT display with Corning Gorilla Glass. The device is now sold out and will be available in Black and Gold color options. If you're on a specific carrier in a specific country, your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8 may already have the Android 8.0 Oreo update, but many are still waiting. Read More »

Google Doodle Celebrates 45th Anniversary of Chipko Movement


The floods in 1970, when the Alakananda River broke its banks, led to massive landslides that blocked the river and washed away hundreds of hamlets downstream. By putting their bodies on the line, many trees were saved by the heroics of the women who formed human chains around them. It is also worth noting here that women participants were crucial in spearheading the movement. Read More »

Xbox One is to Receive Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice


Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice follows Senua has she tries to save the soul of his love. After a ratings board leak which suggested Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice would be coming to Xbox One , developer Ninja Theory has now confirmed that to be the case. Read More »

Sea of Thieves Will Be Down for 5 Hours Tomorrow


However, the game has finally sailed out on Windows 10 and the Xbox One this March. That's because most reviewers weren't' able to start properly playing the game until it was officially released to the public on Tuesday. Once in the game, though, it became readily apparent that what Rare had on display was not much different than the beta testing builds we had played already. Read More »

Apple expected to unveil new low-priced iPads targeted for schools


In October previous year, Korean media outlet "The Investor" claimed Apple and LG Display -LG's screen-making subsidiary- are jointly working on the foldable iPhone . The investigation around these screens has the key that the foldable iPhone arrives just in the announced terms. It is not the first time that we talk about a technology in which major phone manufacturers are already beginning to investigate. Read More »

Here's When China's Space Station Will Fall Back to Earth


It will crash down somewhere across the northern hemisphere at some point between March 30 and April 2 . The most accurate details of its expected crash on the earth through the earth's atmosphere is expected to be around April 1 with plus or minus four days as a range. Read More »

Flat-Earther Successfully Blasts Off in Homemade Rocket


As reported by the AP, for maximum thrust, the steam pressure should reach 350 psi and before the launch , it was dropping to 340 psi. Waldo Stakes who helped Hughes noted how he kept trying to tell Mike to continue charging the rocket so it can get hotter. Read More »

Emma Gonzalez brings March for Our Lives rally to an emotional silence

In the private meeting, Kaine told the students what other Democratic lawmakers had said all day: They had already made a difference, advancing efforts to keep people safe from gun violence. And Clinton wrote in a Twitter post: "Listening to the students from Parkland and across the country today is a reminder of what is possible when our future is in the right hands, and when we match inspiration with determination". Read More »

More wintry weather in store?


More than 100 customers were without power near Eggleston late Saturday afternoon and 900 in Bluefield, West Virginia. Temperatures will slowly start to warm up next week with highs in the 50s Tuesday and Wednesday then 60s THURSDAY! Snow totals can be impressive in spots, with anywhere from 2-6 inches possible. Read More »

Facebook Harvested Call Logs and SMS Data for Years on Android Phones


Since you can't turn back time and prevent yourself from welcoming Facebook into your phone's contacts section, best you can do is delete your contacts' data and hope for the best. This comes amid fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. But even if users didn't give that permission to Messenger, they may have given it inadvertently for years through Facebook's mobile apps-because of the way Android has handled permissions for accessing call logs in the past. Read More »

United Kingdom watchdog assessing evidence from Cambridge Analytica raid

The London offices of Cambridge Analytica have been searched by enforcement officers from the UK's information commissioner. More than a dozen investigators from the Information Commissioner's Office entered the data firm's central London office late Friday, shortly after a High Court judge granted a warrant. Read More »

TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'PUBG Mobile'


The massively popular battle royale title recently passed 30 million in sales but reports suggest that the active player count is dropping as rival title Fortnite Battle Royale continues to draw ahead in just about every measurable way . Read More »

We were ready for criticism: Ahmed Khan on 'Ek Do Teen'


I did not attend any rehearsal of the song, I did not show my power of being the director when the song was choreographed. There's no question of which version is better as the new song is a tribute to the original team of " Ek Do Teen ". "So, any recreated version of these kind of songs serves two purposes - revisiting the memory of the old song and connecting to the young generation with an upgraded version of the song", he added. Read More »

Messenger Group Chats now has optional admin privileges


It'll also be easier to add people to group chats as the update also features joinable links. However the good news for Facebook Messenger users is that it looks like that platform is gaining new group admin tools . In a video or audio chat, simply tap the screen and select the "add person" icon, and then choose who you want to join. Join links can be created by anyone in the group, and can be shared to their contacts through Messenger or using any other app. Read More »

Norway's wealth fund opposed Tesla chief's stock option plan


About 4.76 million shares traded. As we've discussed before, the performance-based compensation plan promises the Tesla CEO nothing just for working, but it provides a pathway towards a payout worth ~$2.6 billion - presuming that some difficult-to-achieve goals are met (which would greatly benefit shareholders). Read More »

Some Galaxy S9+ phones reported to have touch screen issues


The company is said to be making a final decision on the technology so the delay we've been hearing before may no longer happen. Hence, a "final decision" might be due "by this month", with no less than "three or four solutions" now in preparation and consideration at Samsung Display for possible fingerprint sensor integration into the next "Infinity" screen. Read More »

OnePlus 6 specs leaked, shows 6.28-inch display and Snapdragon 845 SoC


This closely mirrors the Oppo R15's notched screen, not a surprise given the similarities between the OnePlus 5T and Oppo R11s. Apparently, North American demand for the 5T was stronger than OnePlus had anticipated. Other details include the presence of Android 8.1 Oreo with OxygenOS most probably running on top of the global variant. The battery is expected to receive a slight enhancement, switching from the older 3,300 mAh to a new 3,450 mAh one. Read More »

Nissan targets one million electric vehicle sales a year by 2022


It claims more than 129,000 Note e-Power models were sold in Japan in its first year, with more than two-thirds of Note customers opting for the e-Power models compared to the baseline model. This new affordable EV will be jointly developed by the Alliance and Dongfeng on an A-segment SUV platform. The tally will get a boost from the introduction of Nissan's new e-Power setup, a range-extender hybrid system it is already selling in Japan and will next bring to other markets. Read More »

5.85-inch OLED iPhone will be cheaper to make then iPhone X


While that business model has worked for them in the past, rumors surrounding the company claim that Apple is now interested in developing its own parts, so that they can get the upper hand in the competition. The analyst further believes that owing to the reduction in manufacturing costs, Apple could position the 5.85-inch OLED iPhone as the "cheapest model of all three next-generation iPhone models". Read More »