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Apple is Working on Augmented Reality Glasses


If Apple is able to meet its goal, the company could announce the product in 2019 and ship it for release in 2020, Bloomberg reported . The team are also building out applications, including messaging, virtual meetings, 360 video and navigation, and there are plans to potentially build out an App Store for the hardware. Read More »

Logitech offers free upgrade to Harmony Link owners after backlash


Given the Harmony Link's age, Logitech is pulling support for it, but beyond that, the company says that the device will no longer work after March 2018. From the look of things, the company seems likes it's going with a more profitable route instead of continuing with the aforementioned license: Get users to switch to the newer Hub rather than keep the older Link alive. Read More »

Researchers Discover You Can Improve Your Wireless Speed With Aluminum Foil


By adding the home homemade contraption to a Wi-Fi router, the scientists say users can funnel the Wi-Fi signal towards an area where it is needed most. The researchers have managed to create exactly that, but one that's made of plastic and a thin layer of metal. It gives enhanced Wi-Fi control by limiting signals to the desired area - a room for instance - and cutting off radio wave transmission to other regions. Read More »

The company behind Pokémon Go are making a Harry Potter AR game


Very few games could hope to dethrone Pokémon GO , but Harry Potter Wizards Unite just might. And luckily, we won't have to wait too long to get virtually ~sorted~ and start turning our smartphones into wands, because the game is tentatively set for a 2018 release, which is right around the corner. Read More »

Rian Johnson Will Write & Direct a Brand New STAR WARS Trilogy


Also on December 13, new locations and vehicles will arrive alongside cinematic content from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the new Crait planetary map. “Star Wars is the greatest modern mythology and we feel very lucky to have contributed to it. And a new Star Wars show isn't the only thing they're working on. Read More »

Apple's Newest iPhone Update Finally Fixes That Annoying Autocorrect Bug


The iOS 11 .1.1 update is now available for your iPhone and iPad with hundreds of new features for the iPhone and iPad . That has now changed with the launch of Apple Pay Cash in public beta on iOS 11 .2 beta 2. When you request money from someone using Apple Pay Cash , the recipient of the message can tap Pay on the message and either change or confirm the amount before making payment. Read More »

IPhone X Is More Lucrative To Apple Than Previously Estimated


It is important for us to highlight the fact that Google's Pixel 2 victory over Apple's iPhone X came with their single 12 MP Shooter itself who was quite underrated and underestimated ever since we got drenched in the portrait season. Smartphone shipments in the USA dipped 2% year-over-year (YoY) in Q3 2017 to 39.5 million units, down from 6% YoY growth and 40 million units in the year-ago quarter, according to Strategy Analytics. Read More »

At SpaceX during the test, the engine blew up

On Saturday, November 4, SpaceX experienced an anomaly during a qualification test set up of a Merlin engine at our rocket development facility in McGregor, Texas. Yet that fix job will take only "two or three days", according to the source, and block-four testing will soon resume. Both bays of the Merlin stand were damaged. Read More »

Bharti Airtel shares fall 6.7%, most in eight months

The sale was effected by Three Pillars Pte , an affiliate of Qatar Foundation Endowment, which sold 19.98 crore shares in Bharti Airtel on the open market sale. Rashed Fahad Al-Noaimi, CEO of investments at Qatar Foundation, is on Bharti Airtel's board. The QFE Group will reinvest the proceeds globally, as we continue to grow and diversify our portfolio. Read More »

Fire Down Below: Mantle Plume Supervolcano Melting Antarctic Ice


The volcano itself is not a new discovery, but the new research suggests it could be aiding global warming and could be why the ice sheet collapsed 11,000 years ago in a previous example of rapid climate change . Seroussi and Erik Ivins of JPL used the Ice Sheet System Model (ISSM), a mathematical depiction of the physics of ice sheets developed by scientists at JPL and the University of California, Irvine. Read More »

Google Chrome going after unwanted redirects to preserve our online sanity


Google is aware that this won't fully solve the problem, however, as some of the more iffy links have clever ways of deceiving the user. The browser will show a toolbar on top to highlight the blocking of the redirect action. Google had previously announced that they will add an ad-blocker in Chrome , referring to it as a "filter" to block certain unwanted ads. The latest development will become available as a part of Chrome 64, which is now available in the Canary and Dev channels, and ... Read More »

There's a star in the universe that won't stop shinning, claim astronomers


This star exploded over 50 years ago, survived, and somehow exploded again in 2014. The result is something that looks like a big explosion, but it ultimately leaves the core of the star intact. It's an event that kind of masquerades as a supernova, occurring in stars around 100 times the mass of our Sun. It's hard to estimate the statistical significance of a signal in a digitized image of a photographic plate, Nugent said . Read More »

Pixel 2 XL handsets now affected by display flashes upon unlock


Previous issues with the Pixel 2 XL screen include the display's propensity to suffer from burn-in . Google just can't catch a break with the Pixel 2 XL's screen, or, more accurately, with its bad quality control on this phone. Shut my screen off one time and from there on kept happening. Google is yet to release an official statement on the new issue. With the latest software update, users can choose the saturated mode to put the Pixel 2 XL display back to the same setting as the first ... Read More »

Germans break internet as Twitter switches to 280 characters


The epd press agency, which reports on the behalf of the official Evangelical Church in Germany, sought out an "expert" to dispute the notion that anything of great written value would be found on Twitter at all - either briefly or at the full new length of 280 characters. Read More »

Microsoft starts using Linkedin data to help you get a better job

Microsoft is debuting a new feature for Office 365 subscribers today that's created to help job hunters construct sublime resumes. Although Microsoft and LinkedIn are not talking about this explicitly as an exercise in artificial intelligence, there will be some assistant-like features incorporated into Resume Assistant. Read More »

Name a world contest

On January 1, 2019, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, which flew past Pluto in July of previous year, will fly by MU69. An artist's illustration of New Horizons zooming past its next target on New Year's Day 2019. The campaign will end on December 1 at noon Pacific Time, but the announcement of the winning name will be in early January 2018. The space probe whipped past Pluto in 2015 and is headed to 2014 MU69 for an attempted 2019 flyby of the tiny, icy world on the edge of the solar ... Read More »

Apple augmented reality headset is finally getting serious


The company's CEO Tim Cook has talked up the technology on multiple occasions . Apple is said to be targeting 2019 to get have the technology in place and ready to go. While Gurman claims such a device does actually exist, with the HTC Vive they apparently only exist for testing purposes, as Apple has a stand-alone device in mind running rOS, which stands for Reality OS, and similar to watchOS and tvOS it will be running a variant of iOS. Read More »

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite Both Surpass 20 Million Players


He also took the chance to reassure players that the team at PUBG Corp is hard at work perfecting his vision for the ultimate Battle Royale game. Plus, we have lots more GDC 2018 announcements to make in the coming months. We've had an ongoing relationship with Epic Games throughout PUBG's development as they are the creators of UE4, the engine we licensed for the game. Read More »

Surprise: The iPhone X easily outsold the iPhone 8 at launch


That is largely because the iPhone 8 uses older LCD technology, while the iPhone X uses what is called "Super AMOLED" technology, which allows for more vivid colors and a thinner overall design. Apple Korea did not respond to a request for comment. It looks like this could end up being Apple's most popular iPhone ever. The stainless steel chassis also costs a significantly higher amount higher at $36 or the iPhone X versus $21.50 for the iPhone 8. Read More »

Facebook Wants Your Nude Photos For This Surprising Reason


In a bid to eradicate revenge porn from its pages and give potential victims the upper hand, Facebook is asking users to send in nude photos that could be maliciously shared by someone else. On Facebook's part getting a nude photo from a users, analysing it - hashing it is the technical word - will help the website pre-empt the abuse of users. Read More »

Study shows sheep recognise human faces


Sheep learnt to recognise Barack Obama after being shown his photo a few dozen times, said a study Wednesday which suggested our four-legged friends may be smarter than we think. After training, the sheep were put in the pen again to test their ability to recognise celebrity faces previously associated with food rewards. After training, the sheep were shown two photographs - the celebrity's face and another face. Read More »

Oneplus 5T launch event scheduled for November 16th


Though OnePlus fans and potential users will get the first look of the smartphone on November sixteenth, they will have to wait for at least a week to get their hands on the new smartphone, for the OnePlus 5T Smartphone will go on sale on November twenty first and will be available in OnePlus stores and at counters in partner stores all across North America and Canada. Read More »

Get Watch_Dogs on PC for Free Starting Tomorrow

If you can sneak your way into the site, the PC version of WatchDogs will be available to load onto your UPlay account from November 7th to 13th free of charge. "While it is not the much hoped revolutionary piece of gaming experience, Watch Dogs manages to provide a superb open-world sandbox experience that puts more focus on stealth than any of its peers". Read More »