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Sessions Avoids Senate Intel Committee Questions Without Legal Reasons - Senator


Sessions insisted he stepped aside from the Russian Federation investigation because he was a principal adviser to the Trump campaign , not because he did something wrong or was a subject of the probe. Wyden plied Sessions on whether his signing a letter recommending Comey's firing violated his recusal. Sessions also said he did not know if the president has tapes of his meetings, including those with Mr. Read More »

At hearing, attorney general denies improper Russia contacts


Wyden, I am not stonewalling ", Sessions said. Testifying last week before the same committee, Comey recalled that Trump had asked him to "let go" of a probe into onetime national security advisor Michael Flynn - exposing the president to accusations of obstruction of justice, a potentially impeachable offense. Read More »

Cigarettes "Potentially as Harmful as Tobacco Cigarettes"


Chemists at the University of CT found that e-cigs loaded with a nicotine-based liquid could be as harmful as unfiltered cigarettes when it comes to causing DNA damage. Each well is pre-loaded with reactive human metabolic enzymes and DNA. But the research into the health implications, and dangers, of electronic cigarettes, are still much debated by medical scientists. Read More »

Sessions appears at high-stakes Senate hearing on Russia, Comey


In his opening remarks, the attorney general addressed media reports that he had had several undisclosed contacts with Russian officials while working as a Trump campaign surrogate during the presidential race. Sessions refused to say whether he had ever discussed the Russian Federation investigation with Trump, arguing that he could not disclose private communications with the president. Read More »

Chuck Schumer mocks Trump cabinet meeting in tweet


An unusual "tribute session" was witnessed at the first meeting of President Donald Trump's full Cabinet , as heads of his executive branch agencies showered praises on the first five months of Trump's administration, while the President basked in the pouring admiration. Read More »

Trump makes case for apprenticeships to fill jobs gap

And now for some rare kind words about members of Congress: Overall, the senators questioning Comey behaved in a manner that could be described by such last-century terms as "bipartisan" and "patriotic". Prosecutors (which Comey once was) will tell you that's because he was telling the truth. "I would be fine with issuing a subpoena", Collins said. Comey seemed to suggest during his testimony that Sessions had an undisclosed Russian Federation issue that would have led to his eventual ... Read More »

Mother, adult daughters found dead at OH home


Police have ruled out a murder-suicide, Loeding said. Maier said police do not think that the mother and daughters had any connection to the Johns. Brinkman was taken into custody after a almost 9 hour standoff in Brunswick that ended around 5:30 a.m. Shots weren't fired, according to reports, although Brinkman was armed with a handgun during the tense, eight-hour standoff . Read More »

Suspected N. Korean drone snapped THAAD photos - S. Korean officials


The drone was believed to have crashed because it ran short of fuel while returning to North Korea . South Korea is hoping to ease regional tensions with a joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup with North Korea, China and Japan. Pyongyang operates over 300 drones for military purposes and if the origin of the new device is confirmed, it would be a demonstration of North's progress in espionage. Read More »

US President Donald Trump willing to respond under oath

The issue of the Trump election campaign's relationship with Russian Federation has dogged Trump's first months in office and distracted from his policy goals such as overhauling the U.S. He is a good guy. Stating that Trump had never tried to pressure Comey into ending the probe into Flynn's behavior, Kasowitz added , "The president also never told Mr. Read More »

Firefighters battle massive blaze in London high-rise


The apartment block was built in 1974. Tim Downie, who lives not far away, told Britain's Press Association that he feared the block could collapse. There's a smell of acrid smoke and flaming debris is spiralling from the building. There is no confirmation on what exactly caused the fire, though a resident reportedly said that an explosion was heard. Read More »

Protests against Sharia law across the country; Milwaukee Muslims offer alternative

Sharia law doesn't exist the United States, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming a political issue. "The idea that there are Muslims in America trying to impose Shariah law is absurd". The other was arrested by city police. Counter-protesters said the rally was stoking unfounded fears and stirring racism. Demonstrators gathered to protest against Islamic law take part in a rally Saturday, June 10, 2017 , in NY. Read More »

Matt Davidson's slam powers White Sox over Orioles, 6-1


The rookie definitely was in the zone on Tuesday night. "It was natural", Davidson said. His 409-foot shot to right-center field set the tone as Chicago held on for a 10-7 win over the Baltimore Orioles . "But let's get the (heck) out of NY, let's go to Chicago, redeem ourselves and just flip the script". Shaw, who was reinstated from a family medical emergency before the doubleheader, went 2-for-5 in the second game and drove in two runs. Read More »

Schumer invites Trump to testify before Senate

The tweet also raised eyebrows in the West Wing, with at least two senior White House aides expressing surprise Friday morning at the president's missive slamming Comey. In his first response to Comey's blunt remarks, Trump offered a window into how the White House may try to contain the controversy that has dogged his administration for months - accusations that his campaign team colluded with Moscow to tilt the 2016 election in his favor. Read More »

Cosby jurors beginning day two of deliberations


Cosby is charged with drugging and molesting Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. The seven men and five women from Allegheny County went back to their hotel Monday night after deliberating for four hours without reaching a verdict. Read More »

Sessions Calls Notion He Colluded With Russia 'Detestable Lie'

Sen. As Sessions testified, Trump, who traveled to Wisconsin to discuss a workforce development initiative, declined to answer a reporter's question about whether he had confidence in his attorney general. He is set to testify hours after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appeared in the Senate and said he's seen no basis for firing Robert Mueller , the former FBI director he appointed as special counsel to oversee the Russian Federation investigation. Read More »

North Korea releases U.S. student held for 17 months


USA officials did not confirm those details. The North Korean court held that Warmbier had committed a crime "pursuant to the USA government's hostile policy toward (the North), in a bid to impair the unity of its people after entering it as a tourist". Read More »

DOJ Argues That Sessions Was In His Right To Not Answer Questions

A series of Washington power-players had pushed back Tuesday against the idea of firing Mueller. House Speaker Paul Ryan, the top Republican in Congress, said Tuesday he has "confidence" in the special counsel. "That would be a violation of the communications rule that I have". A Trump confidant, Chris Ruddy, told "PBS NewsHour" on Monday the president was weighing whether to fire Mueller. Read More »

Trump pleased with Sessions testimony

He answered more than twenty questions with some version of " I don't recall ", "I don't recollect", or "I don't remember". The problem with that explanation is that it assumes that Russian Federation had nothing to do with Comey's firing. Read More »

Sessions vigorously denies improper Russia contacts


Though I do recall several conversations that I had during that free speech reception, I do not have any recollection of meeting or talking to the Russian ambassador or any other Russian officials. "I believe the American people have had it with stonewalling". Faced with statements by President Trump that he fired Comey in part because of the Russian Federation probe, Sessions stood by his argument that Comey had earned negative reviews due to the "stunning" way he handled the Hillary ... Read More »

President Trump: James Comey Leak Was 'Very Cowardly'

I hardly know the man". "I will tell you about it over a very short period of time ". He said he would be happy to speak to special counsel Robert Mueller , who is investigating allegations that Russian Federation interfered with the election and colluded with Trump's campaign. Read More »

Ralph Northam wins Democratic nomination for governor

Attorney General Mark Herring, a Democrat , will take on Republican John Adams in November. "It is time for us to get back on offense and stop playing so many defenses", he said, the AP reported . Interestingly, though, neither Northam nor Perriello is as true-blue Democrat as the campaign might have led voters to believe. Voters also will choose candidates for the Republican-controlled House of Delegates. Read More »

Kirsten Powers shuts down Trump aide who called Kamala Harris 'hysterical'

While he initially dodged the question, he later said he would commit to submitting to the committee records of what he deemed "appropriate" after a conversation with the lawyers. One of her questions, she tweeted, would be, "Did Sessions violate the terms of his recusal from the Russian Federation investigation by being involved in the firing of James Comey?" Powers tries to clarify which aspects of Harris's succinct and straightforward line of questioning diverted so dramatically from ... Read More »