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Attorney General Jeff Sessions to testify publicly before Senate on Tuesday

The Department of Justice, however, issued a statement standing by the original explanation that Sessions recused himself due to his participation in Trump's campaign. "Totally illegal - very cowardly". "The only two people who know what happened in those meetings are the president and James Comey ", Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Fox. Read More »

Attorney General Jeff Sessions to testify in public on Tuesday


In addition to the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation on Russia, special counsel Robert Mueller is leading an independent inquiry into Russia's election meddling and potential links between Russians and the Trump campaign. "Two meetings, one very brief after a speech", Sessions said. The next day, Mr Comey said, he implored Mr Sessions never to leave him alone again with the President, but Mr Sessions did not reply. Read More »

Oddball musical Dear Evan Hansen wins six Tony awards

Broadway enjoyed a record-breaking season this year thanks to last year's Tony victor and pop culture juggernauts " Hamilton ", and musicals like "Sunset Boulevard", starring Glenn Close, and " Hello Dolly ", with Bette Milder. Jones spoke of her many lean years in the business, and thanked her "Nana" for selling her engagement ring so she could come to NY and pursue her dreams. Read More »

Why Cameron Diaz waited so long to get married


On Saturday, the actress popped up to support Gwyneth Paltrow at the Goop Wellness Summit in Culver City, California, and even sat on a panel alongside sister-in-law Nicole Richie , Tory Burch , and Miranda Kerr . Far be it from me to hate on someone who is happy and fulfilled, so I'll keep the snark to myself. 'Talk about two very different people! We are so different from one another, but we share the same values. Read More »

Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Vandalized During LA Pride


Dodgers symbol sewn into its crown. Pendleton said the stickers provided by the march weren't meant to be put on Trump's star, but the act was more humorous than harmful. In July, a small wall topped with razor wire was built around it as a message against Trump's plan for a US/Mexican border wall. Last October, Los Angeles man James Otis, dressing as a construction worker, took a pickax to the star and destroyed it. Read More »

The Mummy takes dismal start at box office, Wonder Woman still dominates

Universal's "The Mummy " looked its age, selling a relatively feeble $32.2 million in tickets in its debut weekend. The remake does contain a small Fraser easter egg , said Kurtzman: "We wanted to tip our hat to [Fraser], and there are two moments that do that in the film [including the Book of Amun-Ra, which Fraser's character use to defeat Imhotep in 1999's The Mummy ]". Read More »

US Box Office Had Worst Memorial Day Weekend Since 1999


The fifth Pirates of the Caribbean franchise movie earned $77 million over the four-day weekend. The rip-roaring adventure finds down-on-his-luck Captain Jack feeling the winds of ill-fortune blowing strongly his way when deadly ghost sailors, led by the terrifying Captain Salazar ( Javier Bardem ), escape from the Devil's Triangle bent on killing every pirate at sea - notably Jack. Read More »

Another Federal Appeals Court Says Trump's Travel Ban Should Remain On Hold


Hawaii points to comments President Donald Trump made last week on Twitter to underscore its argument that the policy is a " thinly veiled Muslim ban ". Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall said the travel ban is well within the president's broad authority to secure the nation's borders, an assertion that drew skeptical questioning from the judges, all appointees of President Bill Clinton . Read More »

John Cena To Work Both Raw And SmackDown When He Returns?

According to PWInsider .com, there has been a pitch made in WWE creative for Cena to be a "free agent" when he returns, which would allow him to freely appear on both Raw and Smackdown . He has won the WWE Championship on nine occasions and the World Heavyweight Championship four times. The Universal Championship seems to be firmly in the hands of Brock Lesnar until WrestleMania next year, meaning Cena would have to stay on SmackDown Live to go after the World Championship. Read More »

Donald Trump invited to testify over James Comey, Russian meddling


At least, until the next Russia-related hearing. That's coming sooner than you think-Tuesday to be exact. During a discussion of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, Comey disclosed that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, an Obama administration appointee, instructed him to refer to the issue as a "matter", not an "investigation". Read More »

Trump strikes back, says Comey lied

By referring to "total and complete vindication", the president was likely thinking of Comey's confirmation Thursday that, as NPR's Jessica Taylor reports , "there was no counterintelligence nor criminal investigation of Trump individually and that the president was not personally under investigation". Read More »

The 2017 Tony Awards get political

Colbert joked that the current production was scheduled to run for four years, but early reviews have been so rough that it could be closing early - a line that drew cheers from the crowd at Radio City Music Hall Sunday night. While accepting a Tony for his work in " Present Laughter ", Kevin Kline thanked the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities, two organizations under fire in Mr. Read More »

Jeff Sessions to Offer Public Testimony on Tuesday

After Trump had cleared the room, Comey said Chief of Staff "Reince Priebus leaned in through the door by the grandfather clock and I could see a group of people waiting behind him". Comey was leading that probe. There is a great deal we don't know about the potential Trump campaign contacts with Russian officials, such as who may have directed them and who, if anyone, knew of Putin's intentions to interfere with the electoral outcome. Read More »

Bill Cosby's Fate Now Rests in the Hands of the Jury

His lawyers said they were in a romantic relationship and what happened was consensual. Victims' right groups have said Constand is a flashpoint for a larger cause but that it does not diminish her case. Prosecutors will deliver their closing statements next, which will be followed by instructions to the jury . "We're talking about all the man's tomorrows", he said. Read More »

"'Oslo" Takes Tony Award For Best New Play

Having recently won the Oscar for La La Land , the songwriting team (previously nominated for A Christmas Story The Musical ) picked up their first Tony Award for writing the pop-driven score to Dear Evan Hansen . It earned Christopher Ashley the Tony for best direction of a musical . "We hoped to write a show where people who were looking for a home would find one". Read More »

Bill Cosby jury to hear more of his deposition testimony

Not so fast: As reported by Jezebel , defense attorney Brian McMonagle was just saving all the pyrotechnics for his closing argument, a greatest-hits set of victim blaming and rape apology created to shift the blame onto Constand . The defense case consisted of a six-minute appearance by a detective, seemingly created to remind jurors that Andrea Constand had visited with Cosby at an out-of-state casino and that police knew he had vision problems even then. Read More »

Alison Brie: They said, 'Can you take your top off now?'


Alison Brie is here with your weekly reminder of how slimy and degrading the Hollywood audition process can be. 'Or like shorts and the tiniest shorts. Let's just hope that after the success of Wonder Woman, things start taking a turn. HBO did not respond to a request for comment. Euston, who was also on the panel along with GLOW co-creator Liz Flahive , later tweeted , "Makes me sick there are producers who abuse their power & if there was a Casting Director present, they did ... Read More »

Intimate, wrenching 'Evan Hansen' takes top honors at Tonys

The show's writer, Steven Levenson, won for best book of a musical , and Alex Lacamoire earned one for best orchestrations (after winning a year ago for Hamilton .) And Rachel Bay Jones won her first Tony - featured actress - for her heartbreaking portrayal of a mother who struggles to understand and help her son, Evan, as he gets caught in a awful lie that he can not control. Read More »

Cosby's accuser denies they were romantically involved

An attorney defending Bill Cosby tried to undermine the actor's accuser by suggesting that she had started a romantic relationship with him before he allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted her . Agrusa seized on the seeming contradiction: "You were going to confront the man you say assaulted you and you're bringing him bath salts?" She says she made it clear she didn't welcome the behavior. Read More »

Here's how to react with "pride" on Facebook


Officials raised the new flag at City Hall and it is featured on the city's LGBTQ Affairs website . June is National L-G-B-T-Q Pride Month, and health-care advocates in OH are promoting the importance of both pride and prevention within the L-G-B-T-Q community. Read More »

Jury may soon hear from Cosby, even if he doesn't take stand


The lawyer focused on about half a dozen calls of varying duration to Cosby's home in NY over a particular 24-hour period. At the same time, Constand said, she was taking Cosby a gift from a mutual acquaintance. Steele. Feden said that Constand stopped calling Cosby after leaving her job at Temple. Why she waited a year later to report it to authorities? "She did very well", Allred said. Read More »

Ex-FBI Director James Comey visits hometown, dad

Comey admitted in testimony before the Senate intelligence committee that after Trump fired him on May 9 he asked a friend to leak his documentation of a meeting with the president to the press in the hope of prompting the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Russian election interference. Read More »

'The Mummy' Rises in Asia, Not US

The film has far exceeded industry expectations and it is on par with the 2013 release of Man of Steel , in terms of box office success. This makes " The Mummy " Tom Cruise's biggest worldwide opening weekend ever as it tops the opening of 167.4 million dollars of " War of the Worlds " in 2005. Read More »