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North Korea denies torturing Otto Warmbier during detention

Hundreds of people lined up for the service in OH, which was open to the public but closed to the press, according to ABC. North Korea's foreign ministry spokesman said Mr Warmbier was "a victim of the policy of strategic patience" of former US President Barack Obama whose government never requested his release, according to comments carried by the official KCNA agency. Read More »

Arizonans Share Perspectives On New Senate Health Bill

The Senate GOP says it wants to vote on the bill next week. "Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this bill, they're the death party", Clinton tweeted on Friday, linking to a Harvard study that claimed the GOP Senate healtcare bill could result in 18,000 to 28,000 deaths by 2026. Read More »

Trump takes a Twitter victory lap, taunts Democrats for losing special elections


Even with the loud calls for new leadership, CBS News made a decision to omit them from their reporting Wednesday evening. "This phony NBC television network", he went on to say . Tim Ryan criticized his party's brand, their outreach to voters and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. That colleague is Representative Tim Ryan from OH, but he is not the only one in the Democratic Party who feels this way about Pelosi. Read More »

CNN dumps Reza Aslan after he called Trump a 'piece of s---'


The Iranian-American scholar blasted Trump for promoting his travel ban and criticizing London Mayor Sadiq Khan in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on London Bridge last weekend. CNN , being non-partisan, is trying to maintain a middle-of-the-road stance to its viewers. Be proactive - Use the "Flag as Inappropriate" link at the upper right corner of each comment to let us know of abusive posts. Read More »

Jamie Foxx admits it's not easy dating at 49


Describing a group of girls pulling up to a club and yelling his name, Foxx said he reacted by saying, "Hey, what's up?'" Speaking to Norton, he said: 'We were in LA driving to an event and we spotted one of the tour buses that go around pointing out who lives where and my wife thought it would be amusing if I wound down the window and said hi to the tourists. Read More »

Lawyers Deliver Closing Arguments In Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Trial

Cosby, 79 , arrived at court on Monday accompanied by his wife and business manager, Camille Cosby , who had not previously made an appearance at the trial. He has repeatedly denied wrongdoing and described his encounter with Constand as consensual. The big-money mouthpiece said Constand , 44, a Toronto massage therapist, called Cosby dozens of times after the alleged assault. Read More »

Deliberations begin in Cosby sexual assault trial

Cosby testified over a decade ago as part of that lawsuit, eventually settling with her for an undisclosed sum. It was read to them by the judge. Constand, 44, testified last week that Cosby gave her three blue pills and then penetrated her with his fingers against her will as she lay paralyzed and half-conscious. Read More »

US on track to supply India with 22 Guardian drones


Richard Rossow of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, who tracks India's economic reforms more closely in Washington than most through an interactive website, said that Modi is "clearly an economic reformer even if the jobs numbers remain weak and there remain questions over India's economic data". Read More »

'The Grand Tour' host Richard Hammond injured in auto crash


Even more incredible is the fact that Hammond managed to climb out of the auto wreckage on his own accord. The Grand Tour co-host, who is now waiting to undergo an operation on his knee, apologised to his family following the accident. He also observed that the British presenter is rather lucid. Hammond managed to escape the vehicle before the fire started, but suffered a fracture to his knee. Read More »

Senate's version of health care plan is bad

He said along with support from President Donald Trump , "I think we're going to get this thing done, put it in conference and hopefully by the August recess really have Obamacare repealed and replaced ". Heller expressed particular concerns about the bill's impact on Medicaid, and especially on states, such as Nevada, that expanded Medicaid under Obamacare. Read More »

Bill Cosby to hold town halls on sex assault

Cosby still faces several civil cases from a few of the almost 60 women who have come forward in recent years, accusing him of decades-old sexual assault. But the juror who spoke to CNN said that would just be a "waste of money" because he thought another jury would have the same problem coming to a conclusion as well. Read More »

Israel Begins Work on First New Settlement in 20 Years


Jared Kushner's return to Israel this week ramps up White House efforts to broker a peace deal, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gauges what he needs to give Palestinians to bring ties with the broader Arab world out of the shadows, diplomats and Israeli government aides said. Read More »

KC Chiefs part ways with GM John Dorsey


The contract will be worth $125 million, according to a person familiar with the deal who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because terms were not released. Of course, that won't keep people from speculating that Reid found a way to make it known in conjunction with his willingness to sign an extension that he wanted to see a change made. Read More »

Spicer expected to address Senate health care plan

Heller faces a hard re-election fight next year. The bill would slash Medicaid and rescind the Obamacare requirement that most Americans have health insurance . Republicans face a daunting public-relations campaign to sell the legislation, which is expected to reduce or eliminate insurance coverage for millions of Americans. Read More »

5th day of deliberations begins at Cosby's sex assault trial


Comedian #Bill Cosby is on trial in Pennsylvania for allegations of sexual misconduct against college basketball star Andrea Constand . We will bring you more as this story develops. Earlier, the jury reported that they were deadlocked and could not reach a verdict, but the judge had them continue deliberating. Three questions pertained to a review of parts of Cosby's account to authorities, and two were requests to rehear Constand's account and testimony. Read More »

Nevada senator becomes fifth Republican to oppose healthcare bill

Sullivan wrote Wednesday that "TV news is particularly culpable" for the fact that, according to one recent poll, 76% of Americans say they haven't heard enough about the Senate GOP's health care plans. The Senate measure maintains much of the structure of the House bill, but differs in several key ways. "She has met with and heard the concerns of many Mainers about their health care challenges, and she will continue to do so as she studies the impact of this legislation on ME and the nation". Read More »

Cosby spokesman: Deadlock shows jury has doubts


As of May of this year, the Washington Post notes , Cosby has been accused of "sexual misdeeds" by at least 60 different women. These allegations have led to three counts of aggravated indecent assault , all stemming from this one incident in 2004. Read More »

Trump orders clampdown on Cuba travel and trade


The Castro government said in a statement that Trump's speech "reminded the times of open confrontation with our country, announced the policy of his government towards Cuba which reverts the progress achieved in the past two years". Read More »

World's Ugliest Dog Contest awards underdogs' inner beauty


She was rescued when she was almost blind, but after several surgeries can see again, according to her handler Shirley Zindler. The homeliest misfit even gets to fly to NY with a human in tow for a media appearance. He has lost his hearing and sight but his sense of smell is strong and he was enjoying all the smells the fairground offered - including funnel cakes and other fried goodies. Read More »

Cent has a crush on Helen Mirren


She's been married to director Taylor Hackford for 20 years. Speaking to The Sun's weird columnist Dan Wootton, Sheeran confessed: "I always loved Helen Mirren [.] me and Helen could do a love scene". Ryan Reynolds - who starred with the acclaimed actress in the 2015 film, Woman in Gold - told Vulture that she's irresistible. "I don't care who you are - guy, girl, fat, skinny, tall, short, gay, straight - everybody flirts with Helen Mirren ". Read More »

Why Democrats can't quit Nancy Pelosi

President Trump himself weighed in over Twitter Thursday morning with digs at Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY. Here's a huge reason Nancy Pelosi maintains her iron grip on House Democrats , even after another bruising - and in many party circles embarrassing - election loss: Her ability to raise lots and lots of money. Read More »

Five GOP senators now oppose health bill _ enough to sink it

While there's not yet a Congressional Budget Office score for the Senate bill , the House bill would end up with 23 million fewer people with insurance, including 12 million Medicaid recipients by 2026. "I can not support a piece of legislation that takes insurance away from tens of millions of Americans and tens of thousands of Nevadans", Heller said. Read More »

Hospital: Rep. Scalise, wounded in Va. shooting, in fair condition


The update on Scalise's condition comes just hours after the FBI gave an update on the investigation into the shooting that left six people injured. House Speaker Paul Ryan said he visited Scalise in the hospital Friday and saw him breathing on his own, talking and sending text messages. Read More »

Lamar Odom fires back at Stephen A. for 'crack' comment


This past Thursday, ESPN " First Take " co-host Stephen A. Smith went on a tirade against New York Knicks team President Phil Jackson for destroying the franchise with his questionable moves. Odom's work with the addiction community comes after he was found unconscious as the result of an apparent overdose in Nevada on October 13, 2015. Read More »