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Scottish Parliament REJECTS crucial Brexit legislation sparking fears of a constitutional crisis

16 May 2018

Such a move would not prevent the UK Government from introducing the legislation - but it would be the first time Westminster has pushed through laws against the wishes of the Scottish Parliament.

Talks between the Scottish Government and Cabinet Office ministers Damian Green and David Lidington have been going on for months to reach a resolution on devolved powers.

The SNP said after the vote that the Conservative government at Westminster should make changes to the EU Withdrawal Bill to address the concerns of the Scottish parliament.

But Scottish Brexit minister Michael Russell said parliament needed "to unite to protect the powers of devolution". However, the United Kingdom maintains that it will hold consultations with the Scottish government on any changes in these domains, whereas Scotland demands to be given veto power to block any decision it disagrees with.

He said the plan, which could see some powers kept by the Westminster Parliament for up to seven years, "rides roughshod over devolution".

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"My party does not propose or support using the euro, so the options the commission has been looking at: sterling in a currency union, sterling outwith a currency union, or a process that would lead to a distinctive Scottish currency over time", she said.

Lawmakers in the devolved Edinburgh assembly voted by 93 to 30 to refuse "legislative consent" for the highly-contested European Union (Withdrawal) Bill now being debated by the British parliament.

The Scottish Tories have issued a last-ditch appeal for the other Unionist parties to think again about siding with Nicola Sturgeon and withholding consent for the Government's Brexit Bill at a key vote at Holyrood today. Welsh finance secretary Mark Drakeford said "this is a deal we can work with which has required compromise on both sides", and the Welsh Assembly is expected to approve the agreement today.

"The blame for that lies entirely with the SNP".

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon cautioned on Monday that the United Kingdom could be heading towards a no deal Brexit that would have catastrophic consequences. "It's not in Scotland's interests that the SNP prefers picking fights to making a deal".

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MSPs at Holyrood have formally refused to grant consent to the EU Withdrawal Bill by 93 votes to 30.

Meanwhile, Scottish Liberal Democrat Europe spokesman Tavish Scott said: "The Brexit process has been chaotic and the treatment of the devolved administrations has been shoddy".

Scotland's SNP government wants such powers to be under Scottish control, while the Conservative British government argues they should reside in London, at least initially.

"Those changes mean that, when we leave the European Union, power will be held closer to people and communities across the UK".

"Obviously, there'll be an opportunity for further debate and discussion in parliament but also I hope there'll be the opportunity for debate and discussion between the two governments".

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Scottish Parliament REJECTS crucial Brexit legislation sparking fears of a constitutional crisis