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Google updates Pixel Buds with support for new gestures

16 May 2018

But that's not all Google has in store, as even after the event they're still coming out with announcements. Otherwise, you could put the Pixel Buds back in their case and restart the pairing process any time you wanted to listen to a music on a new device - say your laptop and your headphones.

Last year Google launched the Pixel Buds, the company's answer to the increasingly popular style of wireless headphones (or earbuds to be more accurate). This is a long-awaited feature for heavy music listeners as speaking to Assistant was previously the only way to jump to the next song.

US imposes sanctions against Iran central bank governor
Sometimes, when the USA punishes people with sanctions, it prohibits Individuals or US firms from doing enterprise with them. Those funds were then used to "enrich and support the violent and radical agenda of "Hezbollah"," Treasury said.

Triple tap: Pixel Buds can now be manually turned on or off by triple-tapping on the right earbud.

Google Pixel Buds let you do a lot with just a quick touch. You can still use a voice command to skip tracks, even with this new gesture enabled. That'll no longer be an issue with today's update: You can set a double tap on the right earbud to skip tracks. You can turn them back on with the same gesture.

Improved Block 5 Falcon 9 rocket debuts
During last week's mission , it carried into space the Bangabandhu, Bangladesh's first communications satellite. In the prelaunch conference, Elon Musk said that his company has the plan to reuse Block 5 within 24 hours.

Another feature that Google added was the ease of Bluetooth switching.

One easy switch: To switch your Pixel Buds connection between your phone and computer, select your Pixel Buds from the Bluetooth menu of the desired device.

WhatsApp Revamps Group Chats With New Tools
You'll now be able to find anyone in a group (especially in those large groups) by searching for them on the group info page. Admin controls: WhatsApp has been rumoured to be working on admin controls for improving Groups experience for a long time.

The update is starting its rollout today and should be available for everyone by early next week assuming everything goes well.

Google updates Pixel Buds with support for new gestures