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Mark Zuckerberg Will Not Testify in UK Parliament Despite Arrest Threats

15 May 2018

"It is disappointing that a company with the resources of Facebook chooses not to provide a sufficient level of detail and transparency on various points including on Cambridge Analytica, dark ads, Facebook Connect, the amount spent by Russian Federation on United Kingdom ads on the platform, data collection across the web, budgets for investigations, and that shows general discrepancies between Schroepfer and Zuckerberg's respective testimonies", Collins said in a statement.

The chief executive officer of Paris, France-based Publicis Media, Steve King, believes that Facebook Inc.'s (FB) data scandal isn't scaring away advertisers, according to CNBC.

Facebook has said Mark Zuckerberg has no plans to come to the United Kingdom to give evidence to parliament despite the threat of a formal summons, prompting frustrated MPs inquiring into the Cambridge Analytica data breach to ask if he would appear via video link instead. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook announced that the investigation began in March itself and since then they looked into thousands of apps and suspended 200 of them. In case the company finds any apps that misused data, they will be banned, and users would be informed about this on Facebook's site.

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Facebook's response to the story has led to a promised investigation into the myPersonality quiz and associated apps.

Outside of that key 200 figure, Facebook's revelations leave a lot of important details out.

Facebook has so far refused to name the suspect apps.

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"Cambridge Analytica may remain an organic user on our platform, in accordance with the Twitter Rules", the spokesperson added. Were these 200 apps chosen simply because they requested or acquired user data, or because Facebook already has evidence or suspicion that they held onto and sold the data?

We also don't know what criteria Facebook will use to determine whether a company is in violation of its policies, or how extensive each individual examination will be. Ideally, Facebook's in-person inspections of these hundreds of app-makers will turn up the truth sooner rather than later.

In their audit, the company examined how many third-party apps especially those created before Facebook's data policies were changed in 2014 had widespread access to user information. Facebook took some time to publicize which Facebook users CA had data on, and still hasn't revealed which users had data scraped by Canadian consultancy firm AggregateIQ.

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Mark Zuckerberg Will Not Testify in UK Parliament Despite Arrest Threats