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Apple Has Over 50 Self-Driving Cars On Public Roads Now

15 May 2018

Apple has 83 safety drivers taking part in this project who will be supervising the vehicles.

It's important to note that companies like Waymo and Uber used to have more self-driving cars in California.

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One important thing to note here is that Apple has yet to apply for a separate driverless testing permit, which would allow the company to test autonomous vehicles without a person in the auto.

The company's fleet is growing faster than a hipster's beard; from three in April 2017 to 45 in March this year, and now 55 (which we assume are programmed to constantly remind their flannel-shirted occupants how cool, hip and trendy they're being). Waymo, for example, used to have over 100 self-driving cars in the state before moving part of its fleet to Arizona and MI, where additional testing is now taking place. The DMV has now approved a resounding 53 companies for self-driving auto permits, resulting in 409 autonomous vehicles with 1,573 safety drivers.

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But before a company can acquire the required permit, it has to test its cars in a controlled setting. MacReports first reported some of the new details of Apple's fleet. But building an entire self-driving auto fleet from the ground up proved too hard.

This indicates a margin of error that's worth considering before rushing into fully self-driving trials; before the public can accept autonomous cars as a reliable alternative, companies need to gain its trust.

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Said to be codenamed Project Titan, Apple's self-driving programme's fleet is reportedly made up of Lexus RX450h SUVs, each of which is fitted with huge racks of LIDAR and radar sensors as well as cameras.

Apple Has Over 50 Self-Driving Cars On Public Roads Now