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Sports Al Dente WWE Superstar Shakeup Predictions

17 April 2018

He never actually appears live on Raw. Others, well, did not.

The WWE Superstar Shake-Up begins tonight on Monday Night RAW.

Out of all the WWE Superstars on the current roster, Braun Strowman is the wrestler who has received the biggest praise.

Big fan of WWE? . Or will they? We all know that in the wild WWE landscape, things aren't always what they seem.

What you don't know about how Facebook uses your data
These leaks confirmed the many fears most of us have on what Facebook actually does with the data it collects from users. This is one reason why it sometimes seems like Facebook ads are following you.

Even though both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn lost their opportunities at Raw contracts last week, Stephanie McMahon signed them to Raw anyway. Now, all three former members of 3MB are on Raw.

Finally, there was Drew McIntyre, who exploded back on the scene, leaving an instant mark on the Raw brand and revealing an intriguing partnership with Dolph Ziggler that should be cause for excitement within the fan base. Ziggler's singles shtick was getting exhausted and McIntyre is much improved since his initial run on the main roster when he was the "chosen one", so pairing these two together is something fresh and interesting - which is all we really ask for when it comes to the shakeup.

Singh and Mahal came to the ring and confronted RAW General Manager Kurt Angle and immediately complained about their travel accommodations.

It has been a week since Ember Moon made her debut on Raw and she is in action again to take on Mickie James.

Assistant superintendent for Mandan Public Schools to resign in June
The board will be voting on whether to name Socorro Shiels, the board's favored candidate, to the superintendent's position. Tuesday's meeting was originally scheduled for the district offices, but was moved Monday morning to Altimira.

Who wants to WALK with ELIAS...on Tuesday nights? They fought The Bar later on in the show and beat them in an upset. He isn't doing anything on SmackDown, so there is no reason to keep him away from the cruiserweight division any longer. This could be due to the fact that WWE had several superstars show up just on last week's "Raw" after "WrestleMania 34".

After receiving fashion violations earlier tonight, Sheamus and Cesaro look to fight those tickets in the ring.

Zack Ryder: Someone to help get mid-card talents over, basically. Not only can Sheamus & Cesaro work as a tag team for the immediate future, they add two formidable heels to wrestle singles from time to time. But at this point, what value do they really have anymore?

Last week's episode of Raw was buoyed significantly by two factors: the bevy of call-ups and returns, and the very fact that this was the Raw after 'Mania.

Bodies of Thottapilly family members located in Eel River
The family's maroon SUV was seen falling into the river in northern Mendocino County from a pullout during an April 6 rainstorm. The family was last heard from in Del Norte County and was reported missing by family members in San Jose on April 8.

In addition to all of that, Angle announces that Daniel Bryan wants Miz back on Smackdown. Given the extensive history between the two, we now have the formula in place for what could unquestionably be the best feud of the summer, and quite possibly the year.

Sports Al Dente WWE Superstar Shakeup Predictions