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North Korea Accuses the United Kingdom of an 'Act of War'

17 April 2018

South Korean media reports that the two sides had been discussing plans for a permanent end to the war at the North-South summit, citing an unidentified Seoul official.

The U.S. president and North Korean leader are poised to hold talks in late May or June, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

The peninsula remains bisected in a perpetual stalemate, with the US -backed South Korean military lined up against more than a million North Korean troops.

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In pictures released by state media from a ballet performance late on Monday, Kim and his wife, Ri Sol Ju, were seen applauding, posing with dancers, and laughing with the head of the Chinese Communist Party's worldwide liaison department, Song Tao.

Xi's planned trip to Pyongyang appeared to have been on the agenda of a weekend meeting between Kim and a senior Chinese official in Pyongyang, it said.

The recent thaw between Seoul and Pyongyang follows months of soaring tensions as the North conducted its most powerful nuclear test and launched more than 20 missiles - including two intermediate-range weapons that flew over Japan and another long-range missile that experts say puts the whole of the United States in striking distance.

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The move was part of a joint Russian-U.S. deal that averted military action threatened by then-president Barack Obama. Johnson said: "The world is united in its disgust for any use of chemical weapons, but especially against civilians".

South Korea has listed 3 main issues to be discussed at its summit with North Korea next week.

But in late March, Kim made a visit to Beijing, his first known journey overseas since he took power in 2011.

On 27 April, Kim is scheduled to make history when he meets South Korean President Moon Jae-in at a summit just inside South Korean territory on the fortified border that divides the two countries.

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It remains unclear at this time whether or not such an ambitious agenda can be achieved given the uncertainty of North Korean demands, which could potentially include the removal of strategic American military assets from South Korea, halting the deployment of nuclear or strategic assets during joint military exercises with South Korea, assurances that the USA will not conduct a conventional or nuclear attack, the conversion of the armistice agreement into a peace treaty, and normalized diplomatic relations between Washington and Pyongyang.

North Korea Accuses the United Kingdom of an 'Act of War'