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Hundreds rally in Damascus in support of Assad's army

17 April 2018

Jens Stoltenberg said the strikes were a "clear message" to Syrian President Bashar Assad, to Russian Federation and Iran that the use of chemical weapons is not acceptable and that the allies would not stand by and watch.

Pentagon officials and President Donald Trump on Saturday praised USA airstrikes in Syria, but some locals are saying America hasn't gone far enough.

The US has said it is "locked and loaded" for further strikes if the Syrian regime uses poisonous gas again.

Macron added that the Russians are "accomplices" of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime because they blocked the UN Security Council. Their arrival coincided with a Syrian military announcement that it had "purified" the region of eastern Ghouta, of which Douma is a part, after a two-month campaign that has killed almost 2,000 civilians, following years of siege.

"In particular, it seems far from clear to me that there was overwhelming evidence widely accepted by the global community that this had to happen so urgently and also that there was no practical alternative - even when the chemical weapons inspectors were on their way into Syria".

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"The team has not yet deployed to Douma", Ahmet Uzumcu, director-general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), said on April 16. The other two facilities targeted in the strikes are located west of the city of Homs (see map).

The Syrian government has denied responsibility and Russian Federation has suggested Israel or Britain was to blame, the latter to justify increased western intervention into the war-ravaged country.

BOMBING Syria was in Britain's national interest and has had strong worldwide support, Theresa May will insist as she tells Parliament why she ordered the attack.

But Johnson stressed the "overwhelming purpose" of the mission was a response to a series of chemical attacks in recent years. The target, a Syrian air base, was back operating a day later and Mr Assad has launched several suspected chemical attacks since then.

Theresa May: Syria airstrikes sends warning about use of chemical weapons
One last point, she again claims that she "didn't take the decision lightly". The SNP has told Sky News it would support the act.

US warns more airstrikes on Syria are possible. Aided by Iran and Russia, Mr Assad has been winning for some time. "The morning of resilience", read the caption beneath.

He said the mission was "so perfectly carried out, with such prescion, that the only way the Fake News Media could demean was by my use of the term 'Mission Accomplished'".

While Germany did not take part in the action against Syria, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday she supported steps taken by the allies. Russia, in turn, threatened to respond.

"As far as I understand what is hampering a speedy resolution of this problem is the consequences of the illegal, unlawful military action that Great Britain and other countries conducted on Saturday", said Ryabkov. But neither Russian Federation nor Iran appears to have lost men or military kit in the strike. And while Trump's people say he wants a withdrawal "as quickly as possible", it's highly likely that it will not be very quick at all. "They are crimes of a monster instead". His forces have been making steady gains, knocking-out opposition fighters wherever they can.

"The American (military) knows well that going towards a wide confrontation and a big operation against the regime and the army and the allied forces in Syria could not end, and any such confrontation would inflame the entire region", Nasrallah said.

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Hundreds rally in Damascus in support of Assad's army