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Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Collects Data on Non-Users

16 April 2018

If Congress does not understand how Facebook works, they can not effectively or efficiently fix it.

Cambridge Analytica, an IT service management company which had harvested the Facebook data of 87 million users without their knowledge, has left users of Facebook baffled all across the globe.

In separate development, the Republican chairman of a powerful senate committee said that he had invited Mr Zuckerberg to testify to a hearing next month "regarding the protection and monitoring of consumer data".

The ripple effects of Facebook's situation reach well beyond the company, according to experts.

I'm just like you and the other 200 million users in the United States who post to Facebook. It seems Facebook knew about the security breach for years.

"It's always been like this unfortunately", said Mr Hardy.

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This isn't only people looking towards the exit doors.

Currently, there are many invasive mobile apps in circulation that put individuals' data at risk, noted Mr Hardy.

The company said it would review all legitimate reports and respond as quickly as possible when a credible threat to user data is identified. "That is really a minimum", she said. They have radios, a camera, a microphone and location tracking.

Finally, we'll remind you which apps you've given access to your information - so you can shut off the ones you don't want anymore. "Now that advertisers are realising they can use this information, they are getting more aggressive about how they use it". It could be argued that contractual obligations may require use of personal data in order to fulfil a contract to provide services, however, consent probably takes priority in this case. It is encouraging that Facebook has made a commitment to do this and it should also apply to data than has been sold on to other organizations.

Criticizing the leadership and policies of Facebook is totally fair game, but under-eye shaming is never cool.

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Goggins said Facebook tracks every move of each user, and that it owns all the data on the platform. How do we consent to our data being shared? It is hard to decide what to make of Mark Zuckerberg's assertion that he will cooperate with the U.S. Congress even if it leads to new regulation.

But not all tech industry professionals expect to see rapid change.

The best news for Facebook the company was that Zuckerberg ably deflected any challenges to the beating heart of its economic model: its hungry data collection and the fine-tuned targeted advertising based on that data. If you are not sure about an account then send a message to the account and see if they reply back to you. It codifies a lot of the things in there are things we have already done for a long time; some other things that I think would be good steps for us to take. My hope is that people will reflect on this and say, 'Whoa! This article was prepared 12 April 2018 with the information we have today, and our view may change.

We all have a duty to reinforce and exemplify high standards for the use and production of information.

However, he adds: "It's a huge responsibility and most don't think that way".

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Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Collects Data on Non-Users