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The Weeknd Gets Cozy with Justin Bieber's Ex Chantel Jeffries

16 April 2018

Shortly after breaking things off with The Weeknd, Selena, 25, picked up her on-again, off-again romance with her ex Justin Bieber.

There's no word yet on whether The Weeknd and Jeffries are actually dating or casually seeing each other, but we're going to keep our eyes glued to his Instagram for the next week just in case.

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After giving a tearful performance of songs from his latest EP My Dear Melancholy, the 28-year-old artist was seen at an afterparty kissing up on his ex, Bella Hadid.

The Weeknd appeared to have a pretty busy, uhh, weekend performing and enjoying the scene at the first round of the Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival. Another source reported that the exes: "kissed a couple of times", and were "completely all over each other".

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Bella and The Weeknd dated for a little less than two years before they split in November 2016.

However, they are yet to put a label on their relationship, as The Weeknd - real name Tesfaye Abel - has been "playing the field" and "openly dating" following his break up from Selena Gomez in October previous year.

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However, the next evening of the festival The Weeknd spent in the company is another model... The witness noted they "were canoodling and being affectionate as she sat on his lap" claiming "they are 100% back together". Onlookers watched as the two wandered through the VIP area, and at one point the pair were seen hugging, with Jeffries resting her head on his shoulder.

The Weeknd Gets Cozy with Justin Bieber's Ex Chantel Jeffries