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'The Walking Dead' Fans Are Worried Maggie Is A Villain

16 April 2018

Tonight is the Season 8 finale of The Walking Dead.

As Negan had planned, Rick's group massacred the decoy Saviors at a road block that had been on Dwight's fake map, but Negan had planted another map on one of the doomed Saviors.

After a season of "All Out War" on "The Walking Dead", the battle between Negan and Rick came to an end on Sunday night's big finale. After Negan counts down from three, the Saviors surround Rick and open fire. It looked as if Rick was going to lose, but he caught Negan off-guard by saying that neither of them had to die, just like Carl wanted, but then he slashed Negan's throat.

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Negan took Father Gabriel along his way to the final battle, and while there he made it clear what his ultimate plan was: Pretty much to kill every single one of them. Siddiq tells Rick that Carl died paying respects to a women he never knew. The Walking Dead is repetitive, and Fear the Walking Dead can't seem to find its footing for a substantial amount of time. Since then, many of her waking thoughts have been fully devoted to Negan's death, however it needed to happen. I really think that Rick has the right idea on building the future. "I hope that they are intrigued with these new characters, that they want to know more about them and they really like the way that they see the OGs interact with Morgan, who is an OG himself, and the new characters".

Earlier in the season, the show included a gauzy flash-forward sequence that depicted a bearded Rick and pointed toward a more harmonious future - one in which Negan, jarringly, still had a place. We knew that was going to be the final masterstroke.

There's a scene in the comics where Maggie, after a failed assassination attempt, publicly executes Gregory; between that and this TV setup, are we about to see Maggie as an antagonist? That technically might not be a problem, since the potential timeline jump could change things up so that Maggie isn't seen as often.

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Rick hasn't been the greatest leader, it's true, but if Gimple and company think the way to win back fans is a survivor mutiny I think there's trouble ahead for more people than Rick. The show removed the moment where Negan admits he never even considered cooperation, but it does keep the result of Negan's distraction: Rick suddenly slashes his throat, wounding him enough to declare victory. Dickens said that as the series has evolved, so has her character and she's become much stronger because she's had so much more to protect and lead.

Carl was also name-checked during Rick's hand-to-hand combat with Negan. But Rick and Michonne, Rick was wrong to do what he did. And I think we bring that out in each other, and certainly the last fight, we kind of kicked the s- out of each other.

That's a wrap on recapping Season 8. AMC does offer free online streaming versions of each The Walking Dead episode shortly after premiere on TV at the official AMC website for a limited time, no cable required.

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Of course, the two biggest obstacles in their way are Rick and Michonne. It's unlikely we'll see that in the show; Daryl threatens Dwight that he'll kill him if he ever returns, and this Dwight's only interest seems to be to find Sherry. Rick was on the ground; Negan was about to brain him with Lucille and Rick asked for a 10-second reprieve "for Carl".

'The Walking Dead' Fans Are Worried Maggie Is A Villain