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Husband pays tribute to wife found dead in Worthing house

16 April 2018

Her husband of 15 years, Giedrius (pictured with his wife), said she was a "wonderful mother to their two children, who are nine and 12, and that they were a very happy family".

Mr Moharana said Manasi Swain (35) the victim delivered a stillborn child after she was rushed to the district head quarter hospital in critical condition soon after the incident. Inspector Wilfred Ferufino said that the motive for the murder is unknown.

The Ministry of Social Care and the Child Care Board have stepped in to provide assistance to the young children of 36-year-old nail technician Onica King who was fatally stabbed while at work at #41 Mandela Mall, Swan Street yesterday. She said that Downs is the fifth grandchild she has lost since 2015, and three of those deaths were caused by gun violence.

Team Kenya finishes 14th overall at Commonwealth games
Instead, Seven shared footage shot earlier on Sunday night of the athletes in the stadium, including Fearnley. Koch was particularly scathing about Jack Morton Events as "not even being part of the Commonwealth".

Deputies said Mathis had taken the victim's cell phone and other property as well.

Lundstedt allowed the Mills officer into her home, where another highly intoxicated woman was found in the living room. She related that at this point, Downs got up and went to close the gate. The woman in her complaint told police that she had come in contact with her neighbour and they became friends a year ago.

Charging papers say the principal of the child's school called Casper police shortly after 5 p.m. Friday to report a child had not been picked up from school. She said that Downs never complained or reported that she had been threatened.

This is how NASA's TESS will hunt for alien planets
The survey, also known as Tess, is NASA's next step in the search for exoplanets, including those that could support life. TESS's mission is to monitor and catalogue over 200,000 stars in space for signs of other existing planets.

Officials with Burlington Loss and Prevention said Roberts had been there and was seen stuffing clothing into her trousers and they wanted to prosecute.

However, they were met with stiff resistance from Manasi who was expecting.

Salah hits 40 goal mark as Liverpool beat Bournemouth in Premier League
The score also gave Salah 40 in all competitions and 30 in the Premier League this season. The benchmark for Liverpool performances was set 30 years ago.

Husband pays tribute to wife found dead in Worthing house