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Nassar survivor, mother speak out about private meeting with Engler

15 April 2018

But to her surprise, Engler shifted the conversation to what it would take to settle the civil lawsuit that she and other Nassar victims have filed against the university in federal court. I am sorry if anything said during the meeting was misunderstood.

Kaylee Lorincz's attorney, John Manly, said Friday that Lorcinz and her mother called him and told him about the meeting the day after it happened. "It was a discussion about the civil litigation and how it was going on".

In January, USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for committing sexual assault over the span of decades. It was like a 45 minute, hour-long meeting (I had with Engler) and he probably brought up money like 12 times.

"Then President Engler started saying it was sad that hundreds of good osteopathic doctors at MSU are being judged by one - one bad doctor".

Kaylee claims that she later spoke with her friend about the claims made in that meeting and 'it turns out that Rachael has never met with Mr. Engler and more specifically, never gave him a dollar amount'. Interim Michigan State University President John Engler said Friday that he regrets the school's response to a woman filing a federal rape lawsuit against the university.

She said she expressed an interest in working with the university to try to improve the way it has handled sexual assault cases on campus.

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"Mr. Engler then looked directly at me and asked, 'Right now if I wrote you a check for $250,000 would you take it?'" the younger Lorincz said in her statement.

Lorincz also said that Engler told her that he met Rachael Denhollander, another victim of Nassar's abuse, and that "she gave him a number".

Engler did not directly respond to Lorincz during her speech except to say Lorincz's characterization of Viventi as his attorney was incorrect. I said again, it's not about money.

"It's MSU for ya, I guess", Lorincz told reporters after the trustee's meeting. "What are you afraid of that she's going to say?"

The meeting allegedly went downhill from there, particularly after Kaylee's mother, Lisa, broached the subject of the recent arrest of Nassar's boss at the school, Dean William Strampel, for allegedly groping and propositioning medical students and collecting nude pictures of students on his work computer.

"I don't remember him saying that", she said.

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"President Engler rolled his eyes and attempted to fluff it off and said, 'Oh that was no big deal, it was only just a slap on the butt, '" Lorincz told the trustees.

Said trustee Brian Mosallam: "If Kaylee Lorincz's story is correct, I am beyond disturbed". "My jaw dropped, and I said 'Just a slap on the butt?"

Lyons said he had not yet discussed the matter with Engler.

Also during Friday's meeting, Engler said he regrets that the university issued a statement with an "unnecessary amount of detail" - which some perceived as violating student privacy - in response to the Title IX lawsuit targeting the university's counseling center.

That lawsuit claims that Michigan State has "fostered a culture in which female victims are discouraged from reporting sexual assaults when those assaults are perpetrated by male athletes, thus protecting the university, the male athletics programs, and the male athletes at the expense of the female victims".

The provision is, in part, a response to the evolving scandal at Michigan State University.

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Nassar survivor, mother speak out about private meeting with Engler