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Google's Gmail is Being Redesigned

14 April 2018

The new feature will likely be announced alongside Gmail's redesign for the web, which is expected to take place during Google's upcoming I/O developers conference starting May 8. The "Compact" view will remain the closest to the current Gmail design, while displaying the most messages on screen. You'll soon be able to send expiring emails. The publication's report notes that email services have to be compatible with multiple email providers and email clients.

"This is perhaps the most useful part of the redesign that makes it easier to schedule meetings, or see when you're free when replying to an email", adds The Verge. It's less dramatic - and it's due to a security feature Google will test out on the new Gmail.

Gmail is set to get a fresh new look.

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The redesign also adds icons to the left of the various sections of Gmail, listed on the lefthand side of the page.

To activate this feature, it looks like users will simply need to tap the small lock symbol located in the bottom portion of Gmail's "compose email" window. The recipient had to log into their Google account once again to view the content.

It'll also be possible to ask recipients to confirm their identities with a text-based passcode. "Unfortunately users can't always decide on the type of device they have or the kind of connection they are on", explains Mzamo Masito, Google Africa's CMO.

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As of now, it's unknown whether the feature is going to be compatible with non-Gmail users. When someone receives an email sent with Confidential Mode, it will contain an embedded link that will allow them to view the secure content.

For instance, when a ProtonMail user sends an expiring message to another ProtonMail user, it looks like a regular email in the inbox.

Google did not say when its update to Gmail may go live.

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Additionally, when viewing a confidential email, Google reportedly disables the ability to copy or print anything in the email - though as the images in TechCrunch's story prove, there's nothing stopping someone from taking a screenshot or even a picture with a nearby smartphone.

Google's Gmail is Being Redesigned