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Why the Obamas can't attend Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding

13 April 2018

Theresa May have not been invited to the wedding of Prince Harry and U.S. actress Meghan Markle, British media reported on Tuesday. Our uncle who got her the internship, brother, me, best friend of 30 years Nikki Priddy, nephews.

"At issue is not a matter of closeness as more than 1000 complete strangers are invited".

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Prince Harry's fiancee remains close to her father, Thomas Markle, who is expected to receive a personalized coat of arms ahead of the big day, though it remains unclear whether the 73-year-old, who lives a secluded life in Mexico, will walk his daughter down the aisle.

She said Harry and Meghan are the "world's most lovely couple".

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Kensington Palace has published more data on who is waiting at the wedding.

Kensington Palace announced in March that Markle and Prince Harry would be inviting more than 2,600 members of the public to share in their wedding day on May 19. The couple have also announced that guests should consider donations in place of wedding gifts, with Myna Mahila Foundation, an organisation that works with women in Mumbai's slums to provide them with employment opportunities, among the handful of charities chosen for the objective.

She will not be in the country long as she has to return to the UK Sunday evening to be with Prince Harry as they prepare for their royal wedding.

Meghan is due to marry Prince Harry on 19 May, but Samantha is ticked off after she claims she - and other members of the Markle family - was left off of the list of some 600 guests.

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Also invited will be 200 people from various charities associated with the couple, 100 students from two local schools, 610 Windsor Castle community members and 530 Members of The Royal Households and Crown Estate.

This includes Barack and Michelle Obama, Theresa May and Donald Trump.

The decision not to invite political leaders - Mrs May is also not invited - has sidestepped any potential diplomatic headaches.

"Having taken Prince Harry and Ms Markle's engagement photos, it brings me such joy to be able to witness again, the next chapter in this wonderful love story".

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Why the Obamas can't attend Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding