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Scientists have warned about the dangers of hand dryers

13 April 2018

The study suggested that fecal bacteria becomes aerosolized when lidless toilets are flushed, and then hand dryers suck up the germy air and spray it around even more.

Peter Setlow, the lead author of the study, revealed that he has stopped using hand dryers after the research was completed.

Now imagine a public restroom with many toilets releasing human waste bacteria into the air. In fact, the company marketed their Airblade hand dryers as reducing the potential risk for electric hand dryers to disperse fecal matter. Unfortunately, the researchers at the University of CT found even air dyers with HEPA filters collected human waste bacteria.

A hand is illuminated.

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The independent study took place at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

What's unclear, they admit, is just why the air-blasted plates showed so many more spores.

Researchers analysed hand dryers from male and female bathrooms in three separate areas.

"Within a large building, potentially pathogenic bacteria including bacterial spores may travel between rooms", the authors wrote in their research paper.

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Into a hand dryer and onto your clean hands, perhaps.

The scientists also explored the effectiveness of using high-efficiency particulate air filters with the hand dryers.

The hand dryers were apparently sucking up the bacteria around the bathroom and blasting them to the hands of people.

For now, Setlow is sticking to paper towels-as is the University of CT, which has added them to all 36 bathrooms surveyed in the study.

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Scientists have warned about the dangers of hand dryers