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Indianapolis Colts ready to dominate the 2018 NFL Draft

20 March 2018

You don't trade three premium picks (two 2018 second-rounders and a 2019 second-rounder) to select a running back (Saquon Barkley).

While that has been their previous mode of operations, the front office under their new general manager may operate differently.

Despite moving back three spots, there is a chance the Colts can still grab some of the top players in the draft. In many ways, Nelson may be the cleanest player in the draft, a dominant guard who could play 10 years in the NFL. "There's other guys that we didn't get that we looked into". They're getting the quarterback, though the Browns still have to correctly evaluate these prospects and make that pick.

After declaring all options were on the table at quarterback, the Jets landed a 25-year-old who showed a lot of promise early in his career. Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen and Baker Mayfield could all be top-five picks. Darnold, Rosen, and Allen.

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The Seattle Seahawks continue to fly under the radar in free agency, making a flurry of minor moves on Friday. Now, the ball is in New York's court.

The flurry of activity comes as the Jets look to improve on two straight 5-11 seasons and try to end a seven-year playoff drought.

Clearly not in the market for a quarterback with franchise signal caller Andrew Luck returning from injury, Indianapolis was in prime position to move down from the No. 3 spot. Although the devoted Jets fans that read this site are probably already aware of the details, let's briefly review the trade. With the notable exception of the Browns, no team in the National Football League is in greater need of a franchise player under centre than the New York Jets.

As every day passes, the Giants seem to increase their value at No. 2; significantly after the Colts traded the No. 3 pick to the Jets.

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With this deal, NY has a chance to find its new face of the franchise.

This move is one that many would have expected the Browns to make considering their history.

The immediate reaction to the trade is that the Jets will likely take a quarterback with the third overall pick. The Browns are poised to select Saquon Barkley with the top pick and the Giants may select a quarterback, but why should they?

I get that the draft is a gamble, but what the Jets just did was throw nearly two seasons away for a player they may have gotten with their initial pick. The Colts also need improvements on defense after finishing 30th overall and 31st in sacks. And the Colts were a very willing trade back partner. The Browns have the fourth pick, and that may have been used for a defensive player, especially after Hue Jackson named Tyrod Taylor as their starter for the 2018 season. Instead he is able to land a would-be franchise quarterback for the No. 6 pick and two second-round picks this year, and a second rounder next year. That is, if the Colts don't do some more wheeling and dealing before the April 26-28 draft with their plethora of picks.

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"We're still open. You know, we'll still be open if an opportunity - the right opportunity - presents itself at (No.) 6 to move down".

Indianapolis Colts ready to dominate the 2018 NFL Draft