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"We Were Not Given Advance Notice" Of YouTube's SXSW Announcement — Wikipedia

15 March 2018

Wikipedia, as most of us know, is a crowdsourced encyclopedia written by volunteers and that too can boast inaccurate information.

Wikipedia acknowledged that it is not 100% reliable and even published a list of hoaxes that Wikipedia editors had believed to be true.

"When there are videos that are focused around something that's a conspiracy, we will show as a companion unit next to the video information from Wikipedia", said Wojcicki.

Nigeria's President Negotiating the Release Of 100 Abducted Schoolgirls
Dozens of the Chibok school girls were freed in exchange for the release of Boko Haram prisoners. President Buhari was in Dapchi to meet with the Parents of the abducted Girls of the GGSTC.

Academic research into how YouTube aids the spread of conspiracies, hoaxes and disinformation shows the problem is very real, and hard to combat. Wojcicki used the moon landing as an example of an event that's been questioned by conspiracy theorists; hypothetically a link to historical context will debunk misinformation, but what about conspiracy videos that are recommended by YouTube's algorithm? The update, she said, would be rolling out in the coming months. This week, as reported by Buzzfeed, a search for "Austin explosions" while in incognito mode brought up a video claiming "Antifa" was responsible.

YouTube's game of content moderation whack-a-mole highlights the impossible task it faces.

Speaking at SXSW, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that the new system would not prevent such videos from being seen, but would provide an alternative view and extra details.

Microsoft to set up two data centres in the UAE
Also starting March 14, existing Office 365 customers from France and French territories will be able to opt-in to be moved to the local cloud regions in France.

The company recently said it would be hiring thousands of new moderators to monitor the platform for content that violates its guidelines and at SXSW Wojcicki announced that these part-time moderators would be limited to viewing disturbing content for four hours per day. The links will appear in every video having the moon landing topic, be it a documentary or a conspiracy theory. In theory, YouTube viewers already have access to all the information they need to inform themselves; YouTube allows them to avoid doing so because its algorithm pushes them toward extremist ideologies in a bid to keep them engaged and generate ad revenue.

Being an online destination where just about anyone can upload a video, Youtube is hotbed for both legitimate and and not so legitimate videos. "The lack of a good way to encourage mass defacing of Wikipedia articles at scale". Meanwhile, the underlying issues on both platforms persist, resisting all attempts at eradication.

Why Youtube bothers with conspiracy at all?

Saudi Arabia Signals Commitment to Oil-Production Cuts
This week, the API reported a smaller build for crude oil , and another draw for gasoline. USA crude futures fell 0.8% to $60.23 a barrel, with Brent crude down 0.8% at $64.15.