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Don't believe the hype about the coming solar storm

14 March 2018

Yesterday, the Russians have released the information that a strong magnetic storm will hit the Earth on March 18th.

Though NOAA's Rutledge stressed in his statement that things should be fine on March 18, Newsweek noted that serious geomagnetic storms could indeed cause chaos should they hit our planet. But no, there is no massive solar storm on March 18 that could affect power grids and electrical systems and interfere with Earth's magnetosphere.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is an organization that predicts weather on Earth and space. The weather in the space is quite cool and there is no imminent threat of any type of geomagnetic storm.

Perhaps you've heard; a solar storm is on the way.

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Solar storms often occur when the Sun belches out a flare and a coronal mass ejection (CME). The category rises from G1 to G5 with the increase in the intensity of the geomagnetic storms. says the solar storm will only be rated a G1 class, which is minor.

The charged particles from a solar flare can create "weak power grid fluctuations" and have a "minor impact on satellite operations", the NOAA said. According to NASA, the lights could reach as far south as ME and northern MI.

And if you're far enough north, or perhaps in Antarctica (hi there!), you may get to feast your eyes on the aurora as the charged particles channelled towards the poles by Earth's magnetic field interact with the ionosphere.

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Scientists have warned the storm could wipe out satellites, GPS navigation systems and mobile phone signals and in more serious cases, a surge of particles could lead to higher than normal electricity in power lines, resulting in electrical transformers and power stations blowing out. A similar geomagnetic storm happened in 1989 which caused a 9-hour blackout in Canada.

A report from Tech Times that was published shortly after the series of "sensationalist" articles on the potential geomagnetic storm on March 18 detailed what some of these other reports claimed. Note that there are certain beliefs associated with solar storms that aren't proved yet as per which, these storms can cause headaches, sleeplessness, and dizziness too.

A benefit of solar flares can be enhanced auroras or natural light displays such as the Northern Lights seen in the countries of the Arctic Circle.

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Don't believe the hype about the coming solar storm