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Trump signs sweeping tariffs, defying trade war warnings

13 March 2018

The White House assistant and director of strategic initiatives is tipped to become Trump's top economic adviser. So I think it's only fair that voters who supported him take responsibility for the damage being done to all of us. Shahira Knight, a deputy to Cohn who was crucial to the legislation revamping the tax code, had been the favored candidate of Cohn, some White House officials and several Republican congressional aides.

With Trump, you never know.

As predicted by Cohn and others - including national security officials - other countries have threatened to respond to Trump's tariffs by placing their own tariffs on American good, raising prices on consumers worldwide.

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With his chief ideological rival, Gary Cohn, now headed for the exit, Navarro and his protectionist trade policies are taking center stage as President Donald Trump prepares to impose the steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports that Navarro has long championed.

Cohn's departure has raised concerns about who within the White House will seek to temper Trump's nationalistic instincts.

Since joining the administration in early 2017, Liddell has worked closely with Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, on efforts to streamline and update some government functions. Put differently, who in the community of free-market economic specialists would take the job now? "It makes me feel good that he sees in those people the same thing I see in those people".

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Netanyahu "didn't know a word of English" and described his experience as "bizarre and hard for me". U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the Israeli prime minister did not ask to meet with U.N.

In a tweet claiming that existing trade deals led to shuttered factories and lost manufacturing jobs, Trump cited "bad polices & leadership" by past administration, and said that we "Must WIN again!" Cohn previously indicated that he might resign if Trump followed through with the tariffs. A provision in a 1962 US law allows the president to set emergency tariffs as a security issue. More than one in three top White House officials resigned by the end of Mr. Trump's first year.

The president and the combative Navarro share the same hard-line views on trade that were a centerpiece of Trump's campaign. As a candidate, he campaigned on a promise to bring back American jobs and place American interests first on the worldwide stage, a sharp departure from the policies of his predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

Noting that Gary Cohn was attending his last Cabinet meeting before leaving his position, Trump offered: "He's been terrific". The reaction of financial markets - in either shrugging off Cohn's departure or plunging in fear - will exert its own influence of what Trump does next. The bill slashed taxes for 90 percent of working Americans and reduced the tax burden for businesses across the board. No Democrats voted for the measure.

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Conaway, however, stopped short of saying there was "collusion" between Clinton's campaign and the Russians, something the President has alleged.

"The temporary exemption for our trading partners in Canada and Mexico is a step in the right direction", said Matt Blunt, president of the American Automotive Policy Council.

Trump signs sweeping tariffs, defying trade war warnings