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WhatsApp changes its 'delete for everyone' feature

12 March 2018

We have seen that the extended time for deleting messages working on Android beta, but not on the iOS version of WhatsApp.

The feature is reportedly available for iOS update 2.18.31 on AppStore.

Facebook-owned app-based messaging service firm WhatsApp has recently increased the time limit to delete messages for everyone to 4,096 seconds (or 68 minutes and 16 seconds).

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Even with the limitations, having longer to change your mind about a message has to be a good move for users. Those using modded or unauthorized versions of the app have tricked this notification system to delete old messages.

The company is now testing a new feature called "block revoke request" to prevent people from misusing the "Delete for Everyone" feature.

Business Report earlier this month reported that there is a way to read messages on WhatsApp without the sender knowing.

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The algorithm has been improved to perform the delete operation only if the current date is less than 24 hours of the date of the saved message.

The caveats that have always applied to this feature still apply: short of brainwashing someone, the effectiveness of the feature is limited if your friends have already opened up the message.

Earlier, when a recipient received this particular message containing the revoke request, WhatsApp checked if the ID of the message was present in the database and if the original message was found, it directly deleted it without checking any other important information. The Twitter account said, "In order to stop these bad users, WhatsApp has implemented a "Block revoke request" feature".

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According to the report, the "Block revoke request", ensures that the feature will now check if the message saved in the database, which is to be deleted for everyone, is less than 24 hours old when applying this request. The update is a step to curb exploitation of a feature that was deemed useful by those using the platform.

WhatsApp changes its 'delete for everyone' feature