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Amazon Makes It Easier To Give Follow-Up Commands To Alexa

12 March 2018

After purchasing an Amazon Alexa-enabled device, you may have found yourself saying the wake word "Alexa" more times in a given day than you're comfortable with. For example, "Alexa, call mum" and she will oblige, or you can ask Alexa to drop in on a relative or a Echo Show in the nursery to check on your child. It's a true annoyance in this first-world we live in.

Several reports emerged online of Alexa-enabled devices emitting a ghostly cackle.

German green energy segment Innogy divvied up
Uwe Tigges, chief executive officer at innogy, said it would be commenting on announcements from RWE and E.On "in due course". EON has spun off its fossil fuel operations and invested heavily in renewables, while RWE remains the biggest power producer.

The new feature is called Follow-Up Mode, and it has to be enabled by users before it can be used.

To indicate that Alexa is listening after completing her utterance, the blue light will be displayed for a few seconds. Those circumstances include when Alexa is playing some sort of audio (like music or audiobooks), you deliberately end the conversation by saying "stop", "cancel", "go to sleep", or "thank you", and if Alexa wakes up and isn't "confident you're speaking to [her]". Alexa will not respond to follow-up requests "if she detects that speech was background noise or that the intent of the speech was not clear", Amazon wrote.

WhatsApp changes its 'delete for everyone' feature
We have seen that the extended time for deleting messages working on Android beta, but not on the iOS version of WhatsApp . The Twitter account said, "In order to stop these bad users, WhatsApp has implemented a "Block revoke request" feature".

It'll be interesting to see how well this works.

You can use Alexa calling on tablets to phone landline numbers, providing they're connected to an Amazon Echo Connect accessory hub, and you can call anyone in your contacts list for free, just as long as they also have the Alexa app installed on their smartphone or tablet.

PAOK Salonika president enters the pitch with gun after disallowed goal
The match was officially abandoned two hours later but it was reported that the referee had reversed his decision . PAOK's owner, businessman Ivan Savvidis , came on the field twice and was accompanied by bodyguards.

This past holiday season, Amazon's Echo Dot was the top-selling Amazon device, as well as the top-selling product available from any manufacturer across all categories on, with millions sold.

Amazon Makes It Easier To Give Follow-Up Commands To Alexa