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Employee at Taco Bell Fired following Derogatory Slur on Receipt

23 February 2018

A Taco Bell employee who used a racial slur to describe a customer on their receipt no longer works for the fast food chain, a media representative from the company has confirmed.

In Young Lee, 25, posted this Facebook status after an interaction with a Taco Bell employee who listed his name on the receipt with a racist slur in Philadelphia.

"I was so infuriated that I couldn't help but to confront the cashier", Lee wrote. "When I confronted him, he said that there are three Steve's in the restaurant so he needed to differentiate".

"It made me even more upset that he was protecting his case rather than apologising so I lashed out and told him that it is extremely disrespectful to use such a derogatory slur", Mr Lee wrote. Lee chose to let the case go after hearing his explanation, but things took a turn for the worse when he overheard the cashier and other employees making fun of him.

Lee says he gives "Steve" when cashiers ask his name for food orders because it's easier than his Korean name.

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Taco Bell says the franchisee is retraining staff at the restaurant and management has apologized directly to Lee.

As a potential preventative clause, Lee suggested for Taco Bell to hold mandatory training for their employees and their managers - training that would target "racial consciousness".

When he placed his order, he gave the name "Steve" to the cashier, since his Korean name is hard for Americans to spell. "My friends and I were sitting close to the kitchen so we heard him using the word "chink" again to describe the situation as he laughed with his coworkers (where is your remorse?)". It was only after others in the restaurant started calling out the cashier and manager that they apologized again. "If he was conscious about his action he wouldn't have done what he did", Lee said.

Lee chose to confront the cashier who took his order, but that employee added insult to injury.

'We do not tolerate this behavior.

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Taco Bell released a statement to CBS Philly that condemned any form of discrimination.

Lee said that the manager appeared to be trying to defuse the problem through redirecting the fault to him.

Mr Lee's post was flooded with supportive comments.

Taco Bell fired the employee after Lee posted about his encounter on Facebook.

He told the Daily Pennsylvanian: "I don't think the cashier was necessarily malicious about it". "I want people to be more aware of what they are thinking, what their behaviors are like".

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Employee at Taco Bell Fired following Derogatory Slur on Receipt