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Uber Drivers Get Mandated Six-Hour Rest Breaks

15 February 2018

The new feature according to the Washington Post, is aimed to addressing the issue of drowsy driving.

"After 12 hours of driving they will receive a notification in the app asking them to take a six hour break", said Javi Correoso with Uber.

The update is expected to roll out nationally over a two-week period. To that end, in January we reported on the company's decision to institute mandatory six-hour rest breaks for their UK-based drivers, a move Uber made in the interest of ensuring their drivers "don't drive exhausted". Federal law limits truckers to 11 hours of daily driving and requires a break of at least 30 minutes for every eight hours they drive.

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The Uber app will automatically go offline after the driver has worked for 12 hours. For example, someone who has picked up fares in two, six-hour spurts - without taking six hours of rest in between - would have their app disabled after the second leg.

Uber is driven by a desire to improve safety as well as raise awareness of drowsy driving.

In a blog post, the company said it will "strengthen our approach to help keep riders and drivers safe on the road while preserving the flexibility drivers tell us they love".

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The rules will impact less than half of drivers who use the Uber app.

The new feature will count most driving time, which includes being stopped at a light, with the exception of a few things like when you're waiting in an airport parking lot for your customer (s).

Driving time, according to Uber, will be measured by Global Positioning System and telematics in order to detect whether or not the vehicle is moving. Many US cities also regulate the number of hours taxi drivers can work, though those restrictions typically haven't applied to app-based ride services. Instead, Uber will ensure that such passenger gets to his destination first. The company already has a similar policy in place in the United Kingdom.

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Uber is cracking down on dangerously long shifts from its drivers. Rival Lyft offers a similar feature, but lets drivers operate 14 hours before shutting them off and doesn't offer as many notifications.

Uber Drivers Get Mandated Six-Hour Rest Breaks