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Lane Johnson calls out "robotic" Patriots organization

15 February 2018

Taking over seven minutes off the clock, the successful drive put the Eagles ahead for good as they triumphed their first Super Bowl in Philadelphia history.

It seems as though Lane Johnson would hate the idea of playing for the New England Patriots, who are viewed by many as the class of the NFL.

Johnson's full quote from Pardon My Take is below.

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It was easily one of the Eagles' worst games on the defensive side of the ball, but they did just enough when it mattered to win. Hell yes, they win.

Nick led the Eagles to their 41-33 win over the Patriots, the first time ever the team has won the Super Bowl. "I had a lot of fun". "I think when you look at a struggle in your life, just know that that's just an opportunity for your character to grow. Hey, stop being a d-khead", Johnson said. But that's two [yards], and even a little bit beyond two. But hey, it is what it is. I know what the league has said, but they would have been a lot more comfortable if they would have called an illegal formation.

No one epitomizes that mindset with as much poignancy as Wentz, the quarterback who became a spectator to Nick Foles' Super Bowl MVP performance. Peppered with expletives, through a hoarse voice that went almost silent in his apoplectic recall of Mike Lombardi's now infamous declaration of Doug Pederson as the NFL's worst coach, Kelce highlighted the cracks that made the Eagles so perfectly imperfect.

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The company would send SWA drivers directly to retailers and warehouses to pick up parcels, cutting out other delivery services. The idea is that third party businesses that sell goods on the company's website will now get in-house delivery services too.

"If you want a relationship and you want to double-date with your coach, go play with those guys", Bruschi quipped.

"Here's the problem: The game's over", he said.

For what it's worth, Johnson's interview actually was taped last Wednesday - just a few days after Johnson and the Eagles defeated the Patriots in Super Bowl LII. "You talk about the other team, you talk about who you beat, you're bringing up other things. I think it's a little more special waking up today knowing you've accomplished something you've set out to achieve in April", said Eagles head coach Doug Pederson in a press conference. "You are world champions, and now you're talking about the Patriots". He called the Patriots a "reality-based" organization that holds players to a championship level.

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Campaigning in the poll-bound Karnataka , Rahul Gandhi visited the Anubhava Mantapa, Basavakalyan in Bidar. Rahul further alleged every ministry had an Officer of Special Duty from the RSS.

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