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$500 Million Deal To Acquire The Weinstein Company Now On 'Life Support'

15 February 2018

Harvey Weinstein's film studio knowingly tolerated his alleged sexual assaults for years, New York's attorney general said Monday, one day after filing a lawsuit against the disgraced Hollywood producer that jeopardised the sale of his company.

The attorney general's office stated that the decision to bring the lawsuit was partly in response to the current sale of the film company.

In his lawsuit, Schneiderman said that in addition to the sexual harassment and alleged assaults that have captured public attention, Weinstein's employees had to endure verbal threats such as, "I will kill you, I will kill your family, and "you don't know what I can do". "Every New Yorker has a right to a workplace free of sexual harassment, intimidation, and fear".

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He denies having non-consensual sex with anyone, and his lawyer said numerous latest allegations would turn out to be unmerited. In addition to the removal of Glasser and other board members, the attorney general called for adequate compensation to the sexual harassment victims and for stronger employee protections moving forward. In October, the New York Times published an expose of how Harvey had sexually harassed or abused actresses and employees for nearly three decades, and his behavior was allegedly faciliated by talent agents, assistants, and executives at the Weinstein Company. Glasser, in particular, was forwarded several complaints from women about Harvey Weinstein's lewd behavior, such as hiring "wing women" to facilitate his sexual conquests, but he didn't fully investigate the claims, according to Schneiderman's office. "If the objective however is to scapegoat Mr Weinstein, he will vigorously defend himself".

"If the objective of the inquiry is to encourage reform throughout the film industry, Mr Weinstein will embrace the investigation". Weinstein was terminated from the company shortly after the allegations came to light.

Schneiderman's suit alleges that Weinstein required executive assistants to arrange his sexual encounters, even directing them to "essentially badger women who refused or expressed reluctance".

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"When an attorney for a purchaser says 'Why should we talk to you?' that tells you all you need to hear", Mr Schneiderman said.

Mr Schneiderman also said he was getting resistance from Weinstein company officials, saying while his investigators have obtained a "form" of Weinstein's personnel file, they were told "the physical personnel file had gone missing, which is another issue of concern for us". He and his brother, Robert, still own a large chunk of the company. The company's board of directors on Sunday made the announcement that Harvey had been fired from the company he co-created.

"The company's management was complicit in this pattern of misconduct", Mr Schneiderman said.

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$500 Million Deal To Acquire The Weinstein Company Now On 'Life Support'