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Steve Kerr Let Warriors Players Coach Against the Suns

14 February 2018

And, what will Terry Stotts do? What otherwise would have been a completely unremarkable 129-83 rout of a horrendous Suns team by the Warriors instead featured a drastic step Kerr took to try to get his team's attention after several weeks of lagging performances.

Kerr added he didn't think the tactic was a big deal but that "it's the world we live in so everyone is going to debate it and whether it's a controversy or not it has to become one I guess". As coaches, our job is to nudge them in the right direction, guide them, but we don't control them. I thought about a play and then I forgot the second option and had two guys in the wrong place on the board.

A good night-that's one way to put it.

And despite some backlash, Kerr insists he didn't mean any disrespect.

Kerr's explanation certainly makes sense. I like where our team is. "But tonight they needed a new voice". I think just having to count on each other and not hearing my voice, which sort of sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher at this point - that is what I sound like to them. I had not reached them for the last month. He considered last night a teachable moment.

Phoenix guard Devin Booker may have had the best read on the subject.

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- No, I don't think he is. Kerr didn't wait until the Warriors were up by 40 points either.

Damian Lillard said he would welcome such an opportunity with the Blazers.

"I've always tried to maintain. But it just means that I inherited a hell of a team with an incredible, talented group of players". "He was just trying to bring his team together and rightfully so". My mind is already working that way. As far as I'm concerned, let it rain L's! I want that #1 overall pick!

- And has Phoenix earned said respect? Coaches do different things with their teams. Booker is at just 38.1%, but at 21 years of age he has time to continue developing his stroke.

Steve Kerr used Monday's game against the Suns as a learning and teaching experience for the Warriors.

The Suns came into Monday's game tied with the third-worst winning percentage in the National Basketball Association. Three seasons ago this team exploded into the national consciousness and won its first title.

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In fact, such talk began on social media even before Monday night's game had finished. Both changed the Warriors' and Celtics' culture and on-court mentality, in the process making each team elite in a very short time span. "It would be great to go into the (All-Star) break with a win against the defending champs, especially with how the standings are shaking out right now".

"Well, he really never got the jump shot and so that part of the game really needs to grow and grow consistently", Elhassan said. "It's going to be exciting, it's going to be loud, and it's going to be really competitive". It's their team and they have to take ownership of it. The one thing that remains is how explosive they are.

The past three years, the Warriors have had something to motivate them from the jump.

It's like back in high school when you're playing the worst team in the league, and you don't even take them seriously.

By trusting your team's gut, you give them room to experiment and grow-and your people gain confidence.

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Steve Kerr Let Warriors Players Coach Against the Suns